Snowboarding A-Basin Post Covid-19

2 min readMay 29, 2020

I’ll keep this short and let the video do the talking.

It was awesome! Hardly anyone was there due to the limited reservation spots each day. There were no lines and it was super chill. It’s amazing how you can still hit it from the very top even in super late May.

Arapahoe basin is the only Ski resort in Colorado that opens Early as October and stays open as late as the 4th of July. It’s the only resort to ride that has reopened their lifts this season after Covid-19 got in the way.

I was very lucky my girl won the reservation lottery as I still have not the last few days I’ve entered. Everybody wants to ride A-basin right now so it’s a matter of luck at this point.

I hit my first ever pond skim! That’s where the snow melts and leaves a nice puddle for you to ride as fast as you can right through it. See the video to witness it.

I went snowboarding in a T-shirt, it was such a nice day. I actually felt hot a few times except for when I fell straight into the slushy snow which was somewhat refreshing.

I was even able to hit Loveland Pass on the way home which is totally public land that does not get groomed or taken care of. I had to get dropped off and picked up at the bottom. So worth it as always.

Thanks for checking out my post and video I made. I hope your chance of riding this spring is high!

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