The way B2B buyers make purchasing decisions today is much more different than the way B2B buyers made decisions in the early 2000s and 90s. The entire buying process has changed thanks to a few key things:

  • Better technology for sales professionals
  • The rise of inside sales and demise of the travelling sales pro
  • Information becoming more readily available to buyers
  • Social media opening new channels of communication
  • More sophisticated buyers who can see through hacks and tricks
  • The rise of account based decisions and account based marketing

The best data-driven marketers recognize this change and have already begun to…

Send more emails.
Send more emails.
Send more emails.

That’s the strategy that most SaaS companies embrace when it comes to nurturing their leads.

But your leads can quickly burn out if you hammer them with emails, and the only metrics that tends to increase substantially when you do this is your unsubscribes. That’s not good for anyone.

In this post, I’m going to share with you three simple techniques that can be leveraged to increase the likelihood that your leads are nurtured appropriately and effectively. …

Don’t you hate going to conferences and being inundated with spam before hand?

Sales reps (they’re just doing their job) pleading for back-to-back coffee meetings from hundreds of prospected attendees. (Thought experiment: what if everyone said yes? Zinggg!)

But also, what if no one says yes? Conferences are expensive (time out, money spent, expense bill). How can this definitely drive a return if you don’t do the outreach beforehand?

So going to SaaStock in Dublin this year, I wanted to figure out a smarter way of booking meetings. …

Combine your customer profiles and actions, then sync it across all your tools with Hull + Intercom

This is a guest post by Intercom Platform Partner Hull.

Hull’s Intercom integration comes after many of our own customers and leads have asked for an Intercom connector. The idea is to share data from Intercom to other tools, and use data elsewhere to upgrade Intercom profiles and segments.

In short, we take the data that sales, marketing and customer-facing people need, and put it in the tools they use. Natively. Quickly. No code required.

The Perfect Partner for Intercom

Intercom is one of those few MarTech products that can totally unite teams around the same set of data. With the various products like Acquire…

Tomorrow, the United Kingdom heads to the polls. The BBC found the economy to be the top issue (of 3, with the NHS and immigration) amongst voters.

Nobel Prize winning Economist Paul Krugman published The Austerity Delusion in The Guardian last week, with similar commentaries “going viral” .

In this two minute takedown, here’s the counterargument — the policies they’re not discussing.

The basic question in this is what type of expansionary fiscal policy to go for (both cost the taxpayer, now or later) — more government spending or lower taxation. …

One of the things that struck me about the recent TV debates around the Scottish referendum is the audiences’ lack of awareness of economic issues. Yet, everyone cares about how wealthy they are — that’s an easy way to make decisions.

You can bamboozle each other about the currency, ‘monetary union without fiscal union’ and pulling numbers out how things can’t or can be afforded. “Scotland is one of the wealthiest countries in the world” isn’t a useful argument — rather, will Scottish people be wealthier or poorer?

Studying Economics at University, I feel it’s worth a crack trying to…

Ed Fry

Growth @hull (former @inboundorg employee #1). Marketing geek in London and Paris.

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