3 Things You Need To Know About Nuls : 3. Part of Chongqing Government Effort in Accelerating The Blockchain Industry

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Chongqing City : Is it just another ching-chong?

As a matter of fact, Chongqing is an important city of commerce in China, alongside Beijing, Shanghai & Tianjin as the four National Central City (国家中心城市). Chongqing is the latest Chinese project out of 2 other government to government initiatives with Singapore, a pro financial technology nation. The first project created was the Suzhou industrial park and the second project was the Tianjin Eco-city. The third and latest project is the Chongqing Connectivity Initiative. The joint project aims to improve transport links between Chongqing and the rest of Asia. Chongqing is also an integral piece of the Chinese national government project, the One Belt One Road Initiative. Trades will boom when details are ironed out and the efficiency desired are achieved.

The Chongqing local government desires to innovate the Chinese blockchain industry by providing infrastructural and other forms of support. According to an article by 8BTC, the Chongqing Economic and Information Technology Commission released instructions to improve and accelerate growth in the blockchain industry.

It is proposed that by 2020, Chongqing municipality will build 2–5 blockchain industrial bases, introduce and nurture more than 10 leading enterprises in the blockchain sector in the country with more than 50 core blockchain enterprises with core technology or in growth. Introducing and nurturing more than 500 middle and high-level talents in the blockchain and endeavouring to build Chongqing into an important area in China Blockchain industry heights and innovative application base.

Inchain is currently sitting in one of the blockchain bases, working on both its own business solution and developing Nuls. It is amazing to see how Inchain, Nuls and the Chinese government are working together alongside other blockchain projects in achieving excellence in the industry.