About the Midterms.

In this midterm election, one of the people I was really rooting for, lost.

Who that person is, is not important.

The important thing is that despite this, I’m still going to vote in the next election. Why? Because I have to. Because even though I lost in this one, doesn’t automatically mean I’ll lose the next one. Because in other races around the country, I did see other people I like win. Because if I give up, and stop trying to support people and policies that mean something to me, then I know I’ll never win.

Life isn’t always fair. But it isn’t always unfair either. You have to deal with the bad times; otherwise you’ll never be able to have the good times.

It sucks.

Life sucks.

But you still gonna try.

I’m gonna try. That’s all I can do.

Have a good night.