About 1700-1900 years ago, a book was written by several authors of the same race. That book contained tales and documentaries -though wildly inaccurate- on the origin of man and the world, the multiple destruction of the world and how a savior was born by the virgin Mary.

That book is what we call the Holy Bible today.

One thing that always struck me as absurd from the bible, however, was the lack of representation in it. Now I'm not saying all books have to have representation for all kinds of people, but you'd think that a book as important…

Dear Toxic Friends by Elishama
Dear Toxic Friends by Elishama

I’m a dreamer — both day and night, I dream. I dream about myself, the things I’ve read or watched, an Instagram post, a concert or an event. I dream a lot about my future and the people I know now, and how important they are to my future. My family and friends make constant appearances in these dreams, that’s because I value them and consider them important enough to be with me ten or twenty years from now.

Dreams are mere figments of our subconscious. Our dreams are formed by the various elements and events that go on in…


20. Occasional writer

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