No More Trickle Down Civic Tech

Civic technology is changing the way government & society works.

The question is: For whom?

Spending last week

That’s the vision,

Civic technology can’t exist in a vacuum.

In other words: Transformative civic technology needs to be built “with, not for” a community.

If social transformation is the goal of civic tech, it’s time to shake things up.

In my talk

CHALLENGE #1: Get literal.

We’re not doing civic technology right if we are not stepping out of our own contexts and into the contexts of the communities that we work for.

CHALLENGE #2: Build with, not for.

“Civic tech” has matured.

I believe

Systemic change or bust. #BuildWith Founder, Trainer, and Strategist.! Art-maker. Metal af. Pronouns: they/them and he/him.

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