HEALTHY KIDS HEROES 2018: Speaking Up for Safety

1937 Texas School Explosion

Every year, to mark the anniversary of the 1937 Texas School Explosion, I salute inspirational leaders who demonstrate an extraordinary sense of responsibility and commitment to the safety of children and their communities.

The Healthy Kids Hero Award was created as an annual opportunity to remember the 1937 tragedy — a gas explosion that killed more than 300
people, mostly students, in their new state-of-the-art public school where no expense had been spared except when it came to safety.

One lesson of the 1937 tragedy is that a safe quality environment depends on champions dedicated to making safety and health a priority.

For 2018, there are three heroes. Each is known for effective advocacy and professionalism, the ability to inspire others, and especially for being compassionate, genuine and kind.

Their work illustrates the power of allies who share a sense of
personal responsibility and purpose. They each contribute countless
hours of professional and personal time as resources and mentors to
their communities and colleagues.

The 2018 Healthy Kids Heroes are:

Dr. Curt Nordgaard
Kathy Murray
John Obremski


Advocate for healthy children, safe schools and sustainable communities.

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