The World’s Most Minimalist Exchange — OnePageX!


It takes Genius to make a Thing Simple

“A genius is someone who can take something really complex, and make it very simple” these are the words of world-renowned Physicist, Albert Einstein. To further buttress this fact, I will share an experience I had while learning how to trade cryptocurrency. It was day-2 during a 300 dollar cryptocurrency trading master-class lecture, and we were being taught “Market Psychology” one of my favourite course during the course of the week-long training. During the lecture, we had a guest, the CEO of a certain token, let’s call it Token X. The CEO being friends with the organizers of the masterclass was given the opportunity to speak to the class, which he did. The conversation was quite engaging and he decides to give the class an insider secret, I don’t know if this is legal or not, but he told the class to purchase a decent amount of Token X, at a given time of that day, and hold for a day or two, before selling.”

Now, as you can guess Token X is a classic shitcoin, and there was going to be a pump that night, and we were privileged to have that information. What they failed to educate us was that, like all shitcoins, they are usually listed on weird exchanges; and all our demo sessions have been on Bittrex and Binance, there were no demos on how to use TradeSatoshi. So, I got home, converted funds I had to BTC, and sent it down to TradeSatoshi, and the appointed time came. I opened TradeSatoshi, there I got lost, unlike Bittrex and Binance that had intuitive UI, TradeSatoshi has one of the worst UI imaginable.

The exchange looked like something only a NASA scientist can operate, and there I was looking at what was meant to be an exchange; breaths away from executing my first trade. I couldn’t do anything, I called my instructors for help, but they were far away, and explaining something that complicated to a newbie didn’t seem possible. I had to accept defeat and back out of the trade, and Token X went from 650 satoshi values to 4200 satoshis. I cried!

The Problem

With the emergence of bitcoin reaching the mainstream media, a lot of attention has greeted the crypto ecosystem, as there are more players in the market than ever before. With a market valuation of over $400 billion, it comes as no surprise why the ecosystem is receiving so much attention.


With this attention and the diverse nature of new players making an entrance into the scene, there will be people of different skill set level. The crypto veterans will be there, the beginners and the amateurs, are there, and lastly, there are the newbies, who just want their own slices of the crypto pie. So, therefore, it becomes very crucial to:

· Private adequate education to successfully onboard these new entrants

· Create intuitive products that are easy to use and work with

And this is where OnePagex comes in to play a vital role, which is creating an intuitive exchange that has a simple and easy to understand user interface that consists of only one page! Hence the name — OnePageX, meaning One Page Exchange.

So, apart from the problem with a complicated user interface and experience, that makes navigating a typical exchange very difficult, there is the problem of mobile friend exchanges as well. Globally, the user of mobile devices grew from 57–63% and this growth are set to grow as cheaper devices flood the market, and the internet becomes cheaper, especially in the developing world. All this indicates that exchanges have to high mobile friendly, which cannot be said of many existing exchanges today.

What is OnePagex?


OnePagex is a highly intuitive, simple cryptocurrency exchange, with an enormous selection of cryptocurrencies. It is a highly scalable, user-friendly exchange that comprises just one page, and also serves as a converter between cryptocurrency pairs. OnePageExchange, also known as OnePagex has created a cryptocurrency platform that leverages on simplistic processes in order for traders to carry out trading activities in an easy and effective manner.

The OnePagex platform which functions as a cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency converter recently launched its beta platform, it promises to provide an alternative simply and exciting platform, which is different to what the cryptocurrency community has gotten accustomed to. The OnePagex has the largest collection of crypto tokens on the internet, and they aim to keep expanding their offerings.

OnePagex Unique Features

OnePagex is the simplest crypto exchange platform on the internet as we speak, because of the minimalistic nature of the interface. Not only is OnePagex simple and minimalistic, it has a host of other unique features, features we will take a look at.

No Sign-up/Registration

The most unique feature that OnePagex has is the no registration or sign-up functionality, most exchanges not only require users to sign-up to their platforms, they go the extra mile by implementing the KYC(Know Your Customer) protocol, which is there in defence, is security measure to identify users on their exchanges. This, on the other hand, endangers users on such platforms because when these exchanges get hacked (which they always do) users can have their sensitive information also stolen from these exchanges, putting them in greater risks.

On the OnePagex platform, when a user generates a transaction, the URL is included as part of the data of that session. Which can serve as a reference point, and when a user bookmarks or saves the link, it can be revisited later in the future. The URL can be utilized indefinitely, and can be used to monitor pending transactions, and can even serve as a historical reference point, later in time.

Vast Selection of Cryptocurrencies

OnePagex is currently holding the title as the simplest exchange that houses the most cryptocurrencies on the web right now. For an exchange that has all of its process on one page, and can still house over 150 different cryptocurrencies, that has to remarkable. OnePagex has more digital asset than any other cryptocurrency converter on the web.

All you need to get started is simply visit the site, pick your cryptocurrency pair, and start buying! It’s that simple!

Simple Interface

This is one of OnePagex strongest selling points, possessing an interface that minimalistic, simple yet gets the job done. Having a clear flow of processes is made evident with an outstanding interface which the developers behind OnePagex has successfully achieved. Utilizing the right fonts, images, and icons make the interface of OnePagex a wonderful sight to behold.

Successfully fitting all the complexities needed for a functional exchange, into a one-page website is a wonderful achievement, not to mention the fact that it also converts cryptocurrency pairs.

OneBox Widget Integration

OnePagex possess a widget called OneBox that crypto website, products or other projects can integrate into their platforms. OneBox is an API that when integrated into a website, can help visitors to any given website, convert and exchange cryptocurrency. It is a very helpful plugin that can be implemented into CMS websites.


E-commerce websites can also utilize it as an alternative payment feature. Also, in order to reduce bounce rates on blogging websites, this is an intuitive way to keep visitors on websites a bit longer.

Interacting with OnePagex

OnePagex process flow is the simplest existing cryptocurrency exchange known. WIth only four steps, you can complete a transaction

1. Select the asset pairs you wish to convert

2. Provide a withdrawal address

3. Start Exchange

4. A card will display a deposit address. What is left is to deposit to the furnished address. The End!

OnePagex works with several other exchanges, finding the best prices for any given cryptocurrency. And there is a large array of cryptocurrency to choose from.

OnePagex recently launched its beta product, and it plans to unveil a lot of features that will enable users to convert more cryptocurrencies. Upon the launch of the product, Bitcoin is the predominant token with which you can convert to other tokens. The team plan to add other digital assets that will make the OnePagex platform more robust.

Newly created transaction card

OnePagex major goal is to maintain this framework to having a platform that trades cryptocurrencies, from a simple, single paged platform. The existing platform allows multiple transactions from its single paged platform. These transactions appear in card forms, and users can always revisit in the future, by using the URL link of their existing transactions.

Use Cases

Case 1

Tola runs a local business over the counter (OTC) exchange for a rural community in China. His job basically is to sell cryptocurrency tokens to his customers in his locality, who pay with cash. As you can imagine, Tola handles a lot of transactions on a daily basis. Initially, he uses the popular exchanges to but cryptocurrencies, which he resells to his local customers, and whenever he needs buy large volumes of cryptocurrency, the exchange compels him to carry out a KYC procedure, where he will need to present his real-life identity.

Tola is not too happy about this, as he will like to remain anonymous, as you don’t know what can happen to his details once it gets into the wrong hands. Luckily for Tola, he finds out about OnePageX where he won’t need to register in order to carry out a transaction. Plus, the transaction fees are very low when compared to other exchanges.

Case 2

Obinna is a budding crypto blogger, and he has an audience which he has been growing for about 7 months. He engages his audience by creating YouTube videos and creating blog contents, where he reviews cryptocurrency projects, as well as gives his insight on a given project. Sometimes his predictions come right, other times they don’t, his audience understands this, after all, he is not God.

On one given day, Obinna correctly predicts that a coin will moon within a said period of time, and that coin actually mooned, just as Obinna had predicted. He became an overnight success, his platform saw an astronomical growth in followership, and the views on his videos grew as well. Obinna realised that he now has the audience that values his voice and what he has to say, and he devised a means to cash in on that.

Obinna adds the OneBox plugin into his website, which enabled people to carry out exchanges on his blog, without the need to go to third-party platforms to carry out exchanges. And also, if people spend more time using the plugin on his website, it is going to reflect positively on his analytics.


The first thing that I personally love about this project is the fact that all transactions are anonymous, the blockchain that we have come to know is far from being anonymous. And with the improvement and advancement of the latest technology, projects that were deemed private or confidential, are truly not as private, as the team promised it to be. But the very nature of OnePageX, that you don’t need to register in order to carry out a transaction, means that the platform truly works

It will be interesting to see how well this project does later in the future, but it is a promising project that is solving an important problem.

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