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All internet tutorials on TextInputLayout miss this!

If you would like to create a Material Like EditText with proper Floating Label as Hint, Error message etc, like in this example, you could use TextInputLayout.

So probably the best way to use is to Google for it’s Tutorial

Not counting site, you’ll see numerous renown Android Tutorial on TextInputLayout as below

And there are others I believe…

At the point of writing, all of them miss this out… which is a very important piece that should go along with TextInputLayout.

What’s Missing?

It’s the simple rule of thumb.

TextInputLayout should wrap TextInputEditText instead of the normal EditText

You should get the below warning if you wrap EditText instead.

EditText added is not a TextInputEditText. Please switch to using that class instead

So What’s the Big Deal?

If you wrap EditText, in Landscape Mode, you’ll get a big box, but the hint is missing.

The example app from Material Login, but replace TextInputEditText with EditText

Instead if you use TextInputEditText, it will look like below

he example app from Material Login

Apparently it’s from a bug reported and fixed…

You could also get some info of this from

Well… enough said. Just be a good netizen, I’ll drop a note to some of the tutorial site to inform them of this issue. Hopefully they could be corrected.