Written by Blair Quane

Before reading this article, be sure to firstly read the article I wrote on the initial steps you should consider when looking at a business to buy — read it here. This article follows on from that article and provides a second tier, more detailed analysis of the business so only do these steps below if you have covered the initial ones first.

The key thing in detailed due diligence is to question everything. Question the figures, question the seller, question the broker, question everything. …

What are Shiny Objects?

Well, they’re anything which takes you away from your business, its direction, its goals and strategy. These ‘opportunities’ are distracting and remove your focus from what you should be working on.

Why is this a problem? When you start a business, you should be laser focussed on that business alone and strive to make it great, successful, profitable and fulfilling. When you constantly look at shiny objects, then your focus is reduced and spread thin over a number of opportunities, businesses, websites etc.

An example of a shiny object syndrome, would be owning an apparel Shopify…

When you own an online business, you might think that financial management to do with your website isn't that important.

You sell a product, money comes in, you pay the hosting, advertising and keep the rest right? Wrong!

Often an online business is more technical financially, than a traditional bricks and mortar business. This is because a lot of accounting services, systems and rules are set up for offline business, so its very important to ensure that you set up your online business in a way that the accounting can be done.

A lot of people don’t like doing their…

Why is planning your day important?

Well, it means that you are going to be consistent and when you are consistent, then you are productive.

Productivity is super important in business, whether you’re just starting out or have an established business already.

A key thing to consider, when creating your plan, is to work out when you are at your best. So, are you a morning person who jumps out of bed ready to rip into the day? Or, are you a night owl, who sleeps in and stays up late? This is important because the time of day when…

When you work from home or for yourself in business, then its really important to create a routine for your workday. Creating a routine means that you can stay focussed on the task at hand, not get distracted, be consistent and make the most of the hours in the day. Without routine, it can be too easy to get distracted from your work by other things and then your business suffers.

When you start out working for yourself on your online business, there is a lot of discipline required to change from working for someone, to working for yourself. …

Written by Blair Quane

If you're looking at a website or online business to buy, then there are a number of things you should do at the beginning of your due diligence process. These checks are not meant to be full and final, but simply a few initial questions to ask to then decide whether to proceed with a deeper dive into the purchase.

Are you working with a Business Broker? If so, then ask them how many other people are currently looking at the business you are considering purchasing. This will give you a fell for the demand/popularity of…

Written by Blair Quane

If you’re looking to buy and existing online business, no matter what, seeking some legal advice is critical to ensure that you don’t buy a dud or get yourself into a sticky situation without knowing it.

Lawyers know the important elements and checks that need to be done to ensure that the business you’re looking at buying, is a valid proposition and worth the price its being sold for.

When choosing a lawyer, we suggest choosing a specialist online or business lawyer as they know the specifics of this legal niche of which general lawyers may…


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