What ? Well, its insurance. Insuring your online business in terms of your equipment, yourself and your income could be the difference between having a business one day and not the next. We’ll run through some of the covers you can consider for your online business in this article.

It’s very important to take out cover to a level that adequately protects you from the risks. This article is not legal advice and you need to talk to a professional insurance advisor before making any insurance commitments.

Types of Insurance:

General Liability

This cover includes bodily injury to someone else, property damage to…

In this article I'll discuss the components of a well set up home office to maximise your business time without interruptions and as a nice place to be productive and creative in. Remember; you will be spending a lot of time in this room, so make it a great place to be.

I say the room because ideally you will have a separate room you can set aside for the workplace; somewhere where you can shut yourself away and focus when you need to. …

We often hear about how online business development is a real grind. Lots of long days grinding away to make a success of your business. Now, I’m not saying that its not hard and doesn't take work, because it does. But you have options to manage this process.

Firstly, working from home doesn’t mean working 24/7. Treat it like a normal job and set up a schedule to ensure you have a good work/life balance. That means working 8hrs per day, not 16!

Take weekends off. You need to ensure that you get some ‘switch off’ time and also are…

New business ventures can cost money, a lot of money. So, where to get funds? I will discuss some common methods below for you to see what suits your situation and business plans.

Ways to fund your business can depend on your situation — in this article I will focus on the basis of loaning funds to pay for your business. Please note that you should always seek legal advice on any loan or loan agreement before committing to it.

This could be for funding the purchase of an existing business, to pay for the set up of a new…

If you’re starting a new online business and considering a domain name then read on for what to do and what not to do.

When starting out, you’re probably considering your branding. This is the time you should also be looking at available domains. Domain name searching is a balance between brand and domain availability. You may have a brand name all sorted out and then find the domain name is already taken. So its certainly worth looking into the domain when you are deciding on your brand/business name.

Avoid trademark infringements — The first place to go for possible…

Freelancers are a relatively new concept, or access to them is. Contractors have been around for a long time, but the recent explosion of their use can be put down to the easy access via the internet, mainly through channels like Upwork and Fiverr.

So, why use a freelancer. Well, there are many reasons. Flexibility is a good one — you choose who, how long and for how much rather than having to employ someone under a fixed contract. You get to select from a database of freelancers around the world so the choice and experience is immense. …

When you start out online building a website business, the fun can quickly dissolve and be filled with a lonely situation with no one to support or answer your questions.

This is why its super important from the outset to build a TEAM around you to fill that gap.

A support team can all do different roles but are important to allow you to focus on growing the business and use their expertise to review your work, someone to hold you to account and to provide feedback on your progress.

Who do you include in the team?

Well, this can…

If you’re looking to sell a product online via a website, Amazon or any other platform then finding the right product to sell can be the hardest hurdle to overcome.

With the ever increasing popularity of online selling, there have been more and more people looking to venture into the space. Amazon alone reports over 1 million new sellers joining its platform per year!

What this means is that there is a lot of competition for sales and its becoming harder to find a niche which isn't saturated.

So, how to find your niche without it turning into a lolly…

What is it to reverse engineer something? Well, when we know the end result of a process and know its successful then we can assume that the journey to get that result was a sound method and one that can be duplicated.

So, by starting at the end and working back to the start of any successful process should give us a roadmap to the success. …

Written by Blair Quane

Before reading this article, be sure to firstly read the article I wrote on the initial steps you should consider when looking at a business to buy — read it here. This article follows on from that article and provides a second tier, more detailed analysis of the business so only do these steps below if you have covered the initial ones first.

The key thing in detailed due diligence is to question everything. Question the figures, question the seller, question the broker, question everything. …

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