Token Sale FAQ and investor update

First of all we want to thank YOU for setting trust in us and making the first 24 hours of our tokensale a huge success by raising more than 20,000,000 USD already. We are very aware, that the start of the sale was a bit bumpy — but tokens are 100% secured for you if your payment was made!

Dec 16, 2017 · Unlisted

1 Your KYC is still pending?

Logout, relax, and come back when the traffic has subsided and there is less stress on the KYC provider. In the meantime, we are implementing some changes that will speed things up on the user side. Just relax.

2 You can not access the envion dashboard?

Try our ‘forgot your password’ function and don’t forget to check your spam folder for the email. You can also check if your browser maybe saved the login info? Maybe the wrong login information?

If nothing works send us an email to and we’ll get back to you. You can make another account and in case you don’t want to miss out on the pre-sale discounts. We will still have the tokens for you from the first account if it succeeded, and it won’t matter if there is an unused account if the transaction did not.

3 You can not see your tokens at the envion dashboard?

If you were one of the smart people that paid with ETH, then you should already have tokens in your wallet. Tokens bought with ETH will not always show up on the dashboard but we are working on an update (might come every minute) so that if you have metamask activated with the wallet where your tokens are we will be able to show it to you in the dashboard. If you don’t see the tokens appear in your wallet, you can check here and see that we have the record of them:

You can also check your transaction just in case it takes a while to transfer to your wallet or you feel you’ve received the wrong amount of EVN for ETH.

You can find your credit card and BTC payments on the dashboard page. However, they will not be transferred to your wallet for a few days.

4 You can not see / add the tokens to your MyEtherWallet / MetaMask?

We just wrote a little guide on how to custom add your tokens to both of these wallets:

5 You want to check the balance of your EVN tokens?

If purchased using Ether, then please acces your dashboard or use this link:

If purchased using BTC, then please use this link: dashboard
If purchased using Credit Card, then please use this link: dashboard

Tokens will be delivered until the 15th of January. Many might get them earlier.

6 What if my payment went through, but I can not locate my tokens anywhere?

Check ETH Transaction:

Check BTC Transaction:

7 What if my payment went through, but I have problems performing KYC?
See #1

8 What if my payment went through, but my KYC is still pending?

See #1

9 I keep getting an error, that my ETH payment has not gone through. What am I doing wrong?

Explanation of how and in which wallet i can add the string to get the payment through is needed here!

10 Why is my credit card being declined all the time? What can I do about it?

Part of conducting a securities-compliant ICO means there are VERY high security requirements from our credit card provider.

If you would like to make an investment over $5000, please contact us directly at

If you are still having trouble paying with credit card, please try and call your bank and ask them to approve your payment for Envion. If that does not help, please try using another one of your credit cards. If none of that works it might be faster to purchase ETH via Coinbase ( or Shapeshift ( and transfer that to your MetaMask wallet ( prior to purchasing.



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The Swiss Cantonal Court of Zug has dissolved envion AG and ordered its liquidation. Official information can be found on

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