EOS Cafe Block Launches a Guild on WAX

EOS Cafe Block
Jul 4, 2019 · 4 min read

EOS Cafe Block is happy to announce our plans to join the WAX network as a Guild. We’ve already created wax.bloks.io for the network, and we are happy to share our technical expertise and bring our dedicate team to WAX.

Official WAX Guild Candidate Name

WAX Cafe Block

Location of Company Headquarters

Calgary, Canada

Expected Location of Servers

Canada, Korea, Hong Kong

Type of Servers


Telegram and Node Names for Community Testnet Participation

Telegram: https://t.me/eoscafeblock

Voting ID: waxcafeblock

Our Team

Syed Jafri — CEO

Syed is our chief blockchain architect and head developer. His years of experience developing smart contracts on Ethereum have positioned him to be on the cutting edge of EOS development. Syed has a collaborative attitude and is always on the lookout for new partnerships and opportunities in the EOS ecosystem.

Swandoyo Hartono — CTO

Swandoyo is the primary systems engineer and architect of our BP’s infrastructure. He has extensive past experience in running high-performance computing servers and is right at home in his role ensuring smooth and consistent block production on the EOS network.

Haley Thomson — CFO

Haley leads business development & strategy and helps manage the team’s financial and legal departments. Before joining the BP team Haley was a successful energy trader and is no stranger to working in a high paced industry or making decisions in the face of uncertainty.

Maria Cho — BD Manager

Maria handles business development and project management on the team. With a background in Economics and Risk Management, Maria previously worked with the government under various departments. Maria is new to the blockchain industry and thrilled to be a part of the ever-growing technology and the EOS network.

About Us

EOS Cafe Block infrastructure will utilize cloud-based Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) from Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud providing cloud redundancy. The block producer and public endpoints infrastructure will be located in the North America regions. By using established cloud providers, EOS Cafe Block will be able to provide redundancy with high uptime and also be able to leverage the security posture of leading cloud providers to our benefits. A hybrid of bare-metal/on-premise and cloud infrastructure is on our roadmap for the near future and it is part of our hardware scaling plan.

While our IT infrastructure leverages some of the redundancies provided by IaaS providers such as power and networking, internally we are continuously building other redundancies such as geographic colocation, backup and through continuous monitoring to ensure that we can recover quickly in case of downtime. Our main goals in providing IT infrastructure for WAX network is to reliably produce blocks, to provide quick response time and to continue meeting the public demands of reliable endpoints. The following are the available hardware that we intend to provide:

Primary and Secondary Node

CPU: 2x Intel Xeon 4 GHz

Cores: 2 X 24 = 48 cores

RAM: 2 x 192 GB = 384 GB

Storage: 2 x 250 GB SSD

Network: 10 Gbps

Public Endpoints

CPU: 2x Intel Xeon 4 GHz

Cores: 2 X 4 = 8 cores

RAM: 2 x 32 GB = 32 GB

Storage: 2 x 500 GB SSD

Network: 10 Gbps

Beside leveraging security posture of IaaS providers, we are continuously building toolings to provide visibility into our infrastructure network. In addition, we always review our security best practices internally beyond just IT infrastructure. We apply best practices to secure our private keys and to guard our devices against various attacks e.g. phishing, man-in-the-middle, etc.

EOS Cafe Block currently runs wax.bloks.io as a community project/tool for the WAX community to access a block explorer with extensive functionality. As we become more involved with WAX as a guild, we plan to share our technical expertise and build more community projects.

Twitter — @eoscafeblock
Medium — @eoscafeblock
Steemit — @eoscafeblock
Website — www.eoscafeblock.com

For any comments or questions, please reach out to us on Telegram: https://t.me/eoscafeblock

EOS Cafe Block

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Leading Block Producer for the EOS blockchain. Our goal is to make blockchain technology simple and easy to use.

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