I despise money. Absolutely hate it.

The only reason I collect it is because it's required to live. At least, according to our government. Not like food grows on trees or something. Jeez.

I'm pretty pissed off with our society. It seems most are mindlessly doing what they're told, day in and day out, without a single original thought to themselves. Our normal is not normal.

How much have we slowed the evolution of man because of garbage like the media? Money? Who thought this was a good idea? Well the people who wanted control, of course! They've created a nation of slaves, and nobody even questions it!

How does something have value when it has no value? When you tell people it does, and they’re just dumb enough to follow along. Oh look, a green piece of paper that’s worthless, but people are willing to do literally anything to get it. Including immoral behaviors such as murder. But money isn’t a problem, right?

How does one own anything? That house you bought, you gonna take that with you to your grave? Didn't think so. All those cars? That $300,000 RV? How does one own a piece of earth? Last time I checked, we didn't create it and we can't own it. It was here long before our greedy asses and it'll be here long after.

Where we’re screwing up is we’re so caught up on owning more material things, because the TV tells us we need that new Escalade. The internet says I should buy a home. The radio told me to pay for water. Yes, water, that thing that kind of covers the earth? Yeah. Go out and buy it. Because I said to.

What's next, we going to be forced to purchase the air we breathe?

This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever experienced. Having to have worthless green paper to purchase things that HAVE ALREADY EXISTED LONG BEFORE US.

And the best part is, if you don’t have the funny green paper, you’re screwed. You will not get shelter. Or food. Or water. Or basic living needs. You will become "homeless" and people will treat you like a piece of trash. All because — no pretty paper.

Have we all lost our damn humanity? Are we seriously okay with this system and how it works? Why should there be people starving? With no where to rest their heads at night when all they want are the same things we want. Comfort. Survival. Love. Happiness. But we deny them. We say, sorry, no green, no life.

If you cannot be a perfect little slave for our society, then you are expendable. You don't deserve anything, they say. They told me, "no one owes you anything."

So wanting to live is being owed???

God, I am so disappointed in what we have become. We could have been so much greater. More wiser. More aware. I’m angry that I have to suffer through this unfair life, not only because it’s hard for me, but because I see everyone else too. My daily bus route to work shows me how unfair our society is.

Out my window, at the stop light, I see a group of homeless people sitting in a doorway trying to stay warm. Matted hair, dirty faces and disgusting blankets. That's their life. Every day.

Next to them is a Starbucks, across the street. A bustle of worker bees spending way too much of that flimsy paper on a cup of coffee. I'll have a grande double mocha latte! Oh, that's $7? Okay!

Money to spare, who cares.

I wonder how long its been since those homeless people had the comfort of a warm coffee? Let alone a nice place to hang out. Nah, we just shoo them away from OUR hangouts. They're definitely not for homeless people!!!

When people have to fight and beg for food stamps/ebt just to feed their kids because working two jobs ain't cutting it anymore and the cost of living keeps going up while the money we earn stays stagnant.

The government tells us, you make too much for food LOL. GO DIE NOW.

When even the homeless shelters are packed and turn women and children and men away every night. And even when they do get to stay, they force them out by 6am. Out to the streets again, where people can ignore them and pretend a problem doesn't exist.

I'd be happy with a nuclear fallout or a zombie apocalypse right about now.

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