Look how crazy you went


He was cleaning

You said, "he's doing it to leave without a guilty conscience."

I believed you, mind

He said, "no babe, I'm just trying to be nice."

I didn't believe him

Because of you

He was on Facebook

You said, "he's telling his family to come get him. That you're crazy, and abusive, and he wants to escape."

I believed you again

It hurt

Despicably I spied…

I learned that you lied


I'm coming to see now

A little better at least

That I'm not crazy, not at all


I see your tricks. It's not completely clear, more like seeing through a foggy window.

But I'm beginning to make out the shapes, mind

I can see the vague outline of your bullshit

Sooner or later I'll reach the window

I'll wipe it clean, shine it up, and watch diligently

Stand guard with my heart and soul

Instead of listening to you anymore. You don't control me, not really.

I tell you what to do now,


Now fuck off.

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