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Now, when I’m an adult, I have much different dreams than five years ago. I dream of acquaintances that tell me, “I need your body”, or “come and love me,” and instead of ravishing them, I turn away and sit with myself; or I bring them to the group and toss a ball around through the bright blue sky or make stories up about the plants that surround us. …

In July 2018, Forbes ran a story titled, “Amazon Should Replace Local Libraries to Save Taxpayers Money”. Written by Panos Mourdoukoutas, an economics professor at LIU, the story argued for privatization of libraries under the pretense that private businesses such as Starbucks, Netflix, and Amazon offer citizens the same services that libraries do — space to study or work, media to watch, and books to read — all at a lower cost to the taxpayer.

Mourdoukoutas, a frequent contributor to Forbes, states that “there’s no shortage of places to hold community events” and that “technology has turned physical books into…

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Handling patient records can be a sensitive and time-consuming experience, especially with regard to HIPAA compliance and securing protected health information (PHI). We at Compass PHS understand and respect that nuance, and take the time every day to ensure your privacy and personal information are kept in good hands while connecting you with efficient and cost-effective healthcare.

In healthcare this week, Amazon has made a foray into interpreting patient records through machine learning, a technology which teaches itself to better recognize medical data through repetition. …

my friend has a ranking of 1536 in chess after only 3 months of playing.

Every day, I meet people who gave up on their dreams to win or create in order to go with the flow of life—bankers, accountants, former athletes or musicians who couldn’t find a way to make their passions pay. In my career, I remind people every day that their passions are who they are and to drop them is to forget their identity. Some of my clients wanted a condensed checklist to work off of, so I borrowed their ideas and put them together:

Step 1. Choose one thing (only one! don’t hedge your bets because it makes everything worse)…

Take notes; you’re going to need them.

Recently, a few of my friends and I were studying for the GRE together—a totally acceptable use of the weekend in your late 20’s—and while reviewing our practice questions over coffee, we had a voila! moment:

We realized that there were a few pernicious tricks that appeared over and over again in the answer blanks.

Determined to not get caught by a sneak attack, we put together a list of the sixteen biggest mistakes (that’s how many we could find) that you could make on the verbal section:

1. Sly Synonyms

In sentence equivalence questions, you have to choose two correct answers to…

It’s been a while since college.

So you’ve just decided to apply for that graduate degree you’ve always wanted. Congratulations to you! Only thing is, the deadline for applications is two months away and time is of the essence. Not only do you have to get three recommendation letters and your transcripts sent over, but you have to take the GRE and get your scores sent over before December ends.

So, you need a quick way to get test-ready in one month. That’s where these five quick tips to scoring above 152 come into play. Ready? Let’s go.

1. Learn the format of the test.

First, realize this test is basically the…

I need to buy groceries. But should I buy them at Trader Joe’s near work and wait in line for 5 hours or go to the Asian bodega and overpay for a bag of gai-lan and some bulgogi meat? Yeah, probably the bodega.

Why do watermelons get so big? I’m sure a fetus-sized watermelon would be just as effective at… doing what watermelons do.

Brad Leone is so funny. How is he so funny just doing the things he does? …

Navigate your midlife crisis with a horn in your hand.

Jimmy Baikovicius // Flickr

So you’ve just gotten a saxophone. Maybe it’s a loaner. Maybe it’s a garage sale find, or your dad’s old horn that you always admired but never got to touch. Whatever the case, you want to try it out and get more than a few notes out of it.

But how do you get started? And how can you get good enough to join your friends’ Allman Brothers cover band?

Get your Horn in Working Order

Ethan Wu

backyard philosopher // practicing thought

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