ETH.TOWN / Heading to the launch on Aug 2!

Friends, at last we are so close to the global launch!

It was a very long path for us: over 9 months of development, several schedule reworks, catching up with emerging tech, gas crises, and so on. But now we finally are doing the launch! On August 2nd ETH.TOWN opens the gates for everyone!

What exactly are we going to see on August 2nd? Quite a lot actually:


A lot of ETH.TOWN is based on your heroes, it’s your minions who trade for you, fight for you, and merge for you!

The ETH.TOWN heroes are an ERC-721 Ethereum token (this code stays for non-fungible tokens, that is each hero is unique, your ownership and the properties of the hero are recorded on the blockchain, and you can transfer and trade it on platforms that support the standard).

There are even super-customized heroes with their appearance made after their owners, which people could acquire as a bonus during our pre-sale event earlier this year. More details on that here:

Hero merging

Just like in real life, the heroes merge and create offsprings, which are better than the originals. It takes a boy-hero and a girl-hero hero to make a new baby-hero, and the new one will have a mix of the parents’ genes, stats, and looks. The parents retire right after merging, and leave the town. You start with level-0 heroes and can reach levels up to level-15 (you get a Super Hero).

Customized heroes don’t change their appearance (just make sure not to merge two heroes, both of which are custom). Merging takes time and ETIT, and you can speed up the process by spending more tokens. We will be adjusting the prices and settings as we go, to balance the rates at which ETITs are minted and burned.

There’s a chance that children will inherit the parents’ genes (more chance if both parents have the same gene), and there’s always a chance to get twins or even triplets!

The genes heroes can have are:
Dice gene — a very rare gene that entitles the hero owner for a share of the profit from the ETH.TOWN Dice game.
Instant breed — just what the name implies.
Fast breed — not as cool as instant, but it’s fast, and fastest if both parents have it.
Fast cooldown — have the hero rest less before tasks.
Twins likely — high chance to have twins. Guaranteed twins if both parents have it. Increased chance (which is normally tiny) of triplets.
Born to invest — additional investor power (higher returns from property deals).
Tough — reduced damage received in games involving hitting others with stuff.
More crits — exactly what the name implies, higher chance to crit when hitting others with stuff!

Hero transfer anywhere

You can use the UI to transfer a hero to another player. We don’t have our own marketplace for Heroes yet, but hey we’ve got OpenSea covering us! It’s a great Hero marketplace until we have our own one.

Hero giveaway

New heroes arrive in ETH.TOWN all the time. You can get them at a price of some ETIT tokens, or even for free! Every 15 minutes a new team of fresh level-0 heroes arrives to town, and they are available for hire at a price. If nobody hires (buys) the heroes, the price goes down, and it goes down all way to just zero (get them for free) eventually!

We will be tweaking the balance so that there are both enough heroes for everyone, and enough ETITs are burned.

Hero fights at the Titans Arena

Your heroes can fight against other heroes in battles getting Gems, XP, Battle Points (more on that below). The fighting mechanics are pretty simple, it’s based on the good old rock-paper-scissors game. When the hit chance and damage are calculated, the game takes into account hero stats (including the effects from equipment) and genes (crits, toughness). You just send a hero to the arena, they find a suitable opponent, and they fight!

Battle Points are used to rank heroes by their skill. If a hero wins a fight, the battle score rises, and reduces if they lose. Winning a fight with a stronger opponent gives more points, losing to a weaker opponent makes the reduction more dramatic. The idea is that heroes are matched by their merits and not just level. It’s the fair way.

After fighting, heroes need to rest. The fast cooldown gene greatly reduces the resting period.


Send your heroes for an epic adventure and get some loot! It’s very simple: pick an adventure, choose a hero to send, wait until the hero returns, and claim the goodies! Gems for you, XP for the hero, and equipment items for both!

The chances for better items, and time it takes to complete each adventure depends on the hero’s stats and equipment.

Gem pot.

By fighting and adventuring you can win Gems. So far there are two ways to spend Gems:
• buy equipment to improve your heroes’ stats in fights and adventures;
• send them to the Gem Pot!

The Gem Pot is a kind of pot that gives away Ether in exchange for deposited gems. Every 3 days, the gem pot distributes 10% of its contents among those who sent gems to it during the interval. For example, if the gem pot has 10 ETH in it, 1 ETH is distributed each time. The amount of Ether the participants get is proportional to how many gems they’ve put in it.

Gem Pot gets filled by the Hero Equipment Store selling items for Ether. Every time someone buys an item for Ether, 50% goes to the Gem Pot, and the other 50% goes to the ETIT Pool.

Equipment Store

Here you can buy equipment for your heroes. It can be a weapon, a costume, or an amulet.

Equipment doesn’t normally last forever, each fight or adventure decreases the condition of the items the hero is wielding. The items you buy in the shop last longer than those you get in loot. And some items are even good forever.

Equipment items are ERC-721 (non-fungible) tokens, just like heroes. You can equip and un-equip items from heroes at any time, trade items in your inventory, and do anything else you’d do with a non-fungible token.

If you transfer a hero, the hero is transferred with all their equipment. When merging, equipment is lost (but our system will make sure to warn you about that and suggest to un-equip it first).

ETIT Holders’ Corner

It’s a special place for those who have some ETIT. Here you can see the system stats, how many ETIT have been burned, how many were minted, how much Ether got into the ETIT pool, and how much of the pool is yours.

You can claim your portion at any time. Here you can also see the leaderboards of ETIT holders. The leaderboard is split into tiers, and each tier has a special bonus percent compared to the last tier. The bigger the bonus, the bigger share from the ETIT pool the players receive. To get higher bonus percent, climb to the higher tier by accumulating more ETIT.

Infernal Cauldrons

This game has been available for everyone to play on the ETH.TOWN website for a while already. Not many know that it was located in the Crypto Tower’s lowest level all this time though.

It’s a social game involving risks, where players can drop Ether or ETIT to a shared cauldron, and wait until the cauldron finishes brewing and sends its content to three selected winners (or a single extremely lucky winner). The chance to be the winner is directly proportional to the share contributed to the cauldron.

The cauldrons are made completely fair by using the hash of a block on the Ethereum blockchain for determining the winner. Our system applies some relatively simple math to the hash and publishes the detailed report for each draw. You can read more about the game here.

The Cauldrons game uses Heroes’ Investor Power. Higher power means higher payouts (less is sent to the ETIT pool in case of Ether or burned in case of ETIT cauldrons). Each game either adds Ether to the ETIT pool, or burns some ETIT thus reducing the overall circulation: both are beneficial to ETIT holders.

The game owner is Infernal Horse — one of the super star heroes sold during presale — whose owner gets a little bit from each game.

Moon Factory

This game was launched before global launch, and attracted over 200 Ether. It’s an idle game with time management mechanics and a global economy model. You run your own factory, which uses raw products and produces penguin piloted space rockets. There’s a relatively complex tiered production chain involved, where goods of each following tier are more valuable, and the finished rocket is the most valuable asset.

This is the first 3rd party game developed using ETH.TOWN as an Ethereum gaming platform. If you are a blockchain game developer and want to have your game in ETH.TOWN as well, write us!

You can start playing today, and if your strategy is good, you can pretty easily catch up with the opponents, the game is balanced in a way that ensures it’s always possible and very realistic. More details here.

Dice game

This is a provably fair dice game using the ETH.TOWN DAppChain powered by Loom. Using the sidechain allows extremely fast confirmation times (it takes much much longer to play the animation than to complete the round on the blockchain, which consists of three sequential transactions). Apart from its elegant technical implementation, it’s also hands down the best looking dice game in crypto!

The ETH.TOWN universe has 4 heroes who have the Dice gene: three of the genes were drawn during the pre-sale event, and the 4th gene belongs to the Satoshi Super Hero auctioned off during the pre-sale. Owners of these heroes get a portion of the house’s 1.5% edge on the Dice game, the rest of the profit is sent to the ETIT pool.


Yes, we’ve got achievements, and fulfilling the objectives can earn you Gems, ETIT, and soon will earn you hero equipment!

The achievements come in collections. Completing all achievements in a collection earns you an even larger prize: a rare hero equipment item!

And the last but not the least important: Crypto Tower floors!

The floors is a large part of the game, and a great opportunity to earn a lot by making the right choices. Every time you buy out a floor or a share in the floor, you also get some ETIT (2 ETIT per Ether sent).

There are two kinds of floors in the Tower: personal and crowdsale floors. The difference is that the former can be bought out in its entirety by a single person, and the latter can only bought out by a group of players.

When a floor is bought out (by a single purchase for simple floors, or when there are enough new purchases for crowdsale floors), the previous owner or owners get their revenue from the price difference, and the floor gets the new owner or owners. Another portion of the profit goes directly to the ETIT pool. It’s simple: if you think the floor is good and someone will buy it out from you, buy a share. Plain and simple.

If nobody buys out the floor from its owners within certain time, the owners get a huge amount of ETIT (400 ETIT per each Ether spent), and this way they can get way more bigger share in the ETIT pool than before.

If you were a part of a group of players who failed to collect the whole amount to buy out a crowdsale floor from the previous owners in time, you get 80% of the amount refunded (the other 20% go to the ETIT pool).

Keep your eyes open. If you want instant profit, buy the floors you think will be bought out from you. If you want ETIT though, buy what you think nobody will buy out from you.

The floor price and max share limit is growing all the time. The level of the hero you send to close the deal on the floor defines the amount of profit you get after the floor is bought out from you.

Initially the game will have 10+ floors on sale, each with its own parameters and rules.

The BTTF and the Hacker floors pre-sold during the pre-sale will be slightly different: if you got a share of them, you’ll need to claim your profit manually after it’s sold. This is done because some people had their addressed changed or stolen/compromised, and we want to ensure everyone gets their Ether by managing the return process semi-manually.

Please remember that ETH.TOWN is a computer game, the property “investments” and other purchases made in the game are not real investments. Don’t send more Ether than you can afford to lose.

All in all, ETH.TOWN is a sustainable ecosystem where you can play with the heroes, evolve them, send them to mini-games and adventures, improve with equipment, trade floors, getting profit from each small thing you do, all the time. If you are a lucky ETIT owner, then you are getting ETH from other player’s actions, too. If you don’t have ETIT yet, you’ll start getting some when you start playing.

The game is to be permanently improved, filled with more and more content, mini-games, improved versions of the existing games, organizing special events on a regular basis.

ETH.TOWN is huge and packed with features. Nonetheless there are some items we didn’t make in time for the launch, so we’ll add them to the live game:
• Lottery: buy your lucky tickets and win a portion of the prize fund, ETIT, equipment, Gems. Most of the tickets win something.
• Co-op mass fights. This just doesn’t work with Ethereum gas issues, we’ll be building it on our Loom-powered sidechain.
• Hero customization pills. Red or blue?
• Hero leaderboards: Battle Points, XP.
• Stocks game.

We’ll get back to this backlog after we successfully complete the launch and are able to switch back to normal development pace.

See you in ETH.TOWN!

Hype?… Hype!!!


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