There are only 6 days left for the biggest release in our history. And we are so excited to bring you some information about what you should expect!

In this Dev Diary:


We are a platform, and platforms are built on top of the infrastructure, and we aim to cover all the areas of the user experience. But overall the areas we want to cover, there are two that we especially looked for.


We entered into a service-providing agreement to start integrating their awesome service into our platform, so people can start building monitoring alerts and receive them straight…

Author: Jorge de los Santos

It’s been 15 days since we started development. And we achieved a lot. Even though we are still in BETA, you can see daily improvements in the App, Team, Marketing, and other company areas, like the tokenomics.

Today’s topics:

  • Financial Roadmap
  • Team update
  • Platform statuss

Financial Roadmap

It’s been 15 days since our presale closed. We raised in total: 1050BNB.

From those, only 450BNB were aimed at our account. And from those 450, I paid around 80BNB (at 360US$) to the people that worked on the launch: UX, Marketing, Content, Etc.

Immediately after that, we started hiring…

Author: Jorge de los Santos

My background is in the off-chain world, and with that, I carry a lot of knowledge on transactions. Having worked for one of the largest companies in the world, I learned about what it truly means to transact.

What most people are unaware of in the blockchain realm, especially among the average user, is that wallets don’t actually exist. Shocking, huh?.

Wallet is a term used by wallet providers, and it only references the subset of transactions that have the same address either as origin, or as destination. The wallet, as we know it, is just the mechanism of signing…

I’ll split this entry into both technical and the rest of the topics, coming later today.

A lot happened since our last development diary! Let’s review it all piece by piece so you know what’s been up since then.


Site outage on Friday:

AWS sent me a thank you letter for crushing our development account limits. Last Friday you all blasted the application with over 8.000 requests in an hour. That’s an impressive amount of traffic for a beta application. We already scaled up, and we are diverting traffic to bigger infrastructure, we should be good to go from now on.

UX/UI Improvements:

We introduced an…

This article has been written by Javier B, an economist with +10 years of experience in product management and a specialist in the management of token and in-game economies. He has worked for companies such as TakeTwo Interactive and Vivendi, among others, and is the Chief Operating Officer at Euler.Tools.

It has been a week since Euler was released on PancakeSwap. Since then there has been a lot of movement in both the amount of swaps and the value of the token.
So I feel it’s worth sharing my insights about its tokenomics, its current situation, and what we can expect next.

Ultimately, my point after analyzing the tokenomics and fundamentals of the token, is that now it’s a great moment to buy EULER before the MVP version of the tool (tool getting out of beta) is released and the price increases. …


The blockchain processing keeps going on in the backend and we created a lot of queries to be included in the frontend. Like get the token balance of a wallet or how many whales a token has. Very interesting to find out how the calculations works inside of bsc for bep20 transfers.

The frontend is also catching up and we are working in some of the critical parts of the explorer: wallets, transactions and tokens.

By having all this data processed and stored into a humongous warehouse we will complete the Datalake part which is composed by an ElasticSearch cluster…

I’m planning to work on this development diary from now on. I’ll start with what we achieved, and I’ll then proceed with what’s next, so you are all aware of whats going on.

In today’s dev diary:
- Development
- Social
- Tokenomics


The work to migrate the site from the static html to the react app has started, this will settle our technology stack around React, and will allow us to move faster and improve the experience as we will unify the sites.

What you should expect is to go to and find a giant link…

OnChain and OffChain doesn’t work well together without oracles. Chainlink did an awesome job bringing interoperability to both worlds. They have price feeds that’s the most demanded features in smart contracts. How much is the data the provide worth?

The problem

AFAIK, Chainlink price feeds are just a lot of workers checking prices in exchanges (Binance, Huobi, Kucoin, …), calculating the weighted average, and exposing that as the asset price. As you can imagine, this introduces a bayesian distortion that’s not adding value to the transaction.

The only security measure is to check this values with other oracles and create a consensus…

We are now a public project, which means, this is as yours as it’s ours, and for that I have to thank you all. You all valued our project, and invested on it to access our exclusive features, which I will explain tomorrow after recovering from the last weeks.

We wen’t from 0 to beta in 3 weeks, we built an application, api’s, we created a lot of functionality that will be polished next days, and I’ll keep working to honor the confidence you gave me. You should expect awesome features coming over, and institutional partnerships starting soon. Conversations are…

Euler.Tools is going to reshape the way people interact with the blockchain, and in order to do so, we need all our customers and supporters to be involved. We created a utility token that can also be safely used as investment asset.

We are focusing on creating an awesome product, that’s why we relied in Wault.Finance to help us determine the best way to allow our early investors to receive rewards, while creating the functionalities that will enable our token to become useful for our customers and users.

The PreSale will be publically accessible on Wault.Finance Launchpad on April 5th…

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