The best NFT projects and Tokens to Buy for 2022

This hand-picked list of the best NFT projects to invest for 2022, is chosen based on certain criteria’s. At the bottom of this article are present all the factors we considered for choosing them.

1. Keys to the Metaverse

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This collection of 10K generative art NFTs have many interesting things to it. For starters, they will be launching on the top 10 blockchains. The team behind the project aims to launch 1000 on each of the blockchains ( Ethereum, Solana, BSC, Tron, ICP etc.). Named ‘Keys to the Metaverse’ the project has some uniquely satisfying features. Each of the machine generated artwork portray a KEY that has an animal head on end & a set of unique traits on the other end. The vision of the project is to make all the 10K unique NFTs cross-chain. Also the entire collection will be having an open secure API layer so any application or game can integrate the NFTs in their project as per their innovation.

This is one of the best NFT projects to buy for 2022, for the following reasons:

Best NFT tokens to buy
Best NFT tokens to buy
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2. Decentraland

( get it HERE )

This is a very famous project with already millions of users using it actively. It is a virtual world entirely on the Blockchain. People get to choose their avatars and roam about freely in this Metaverse. You can buy land inside Decentraland and build anything there. Many build houses, estates, exhibition centers etc. in the land they own inside. The Land ( parcels ) you own in DCL is an NFT. This NFT can be traded outside DCL on any marketplace.

All the land in DCL is already taken and is rising rapidly in price. Infact many people from countries like South Korea, Thailand etc. are already planning a future with the land they own here. The land you own in DCL earns you revenue in the following ways: Rental income, Sale income as the land appreciates in value, promoting your products and other NFTs to the visitors that come to your building on the land. DCL land parcels are selling hot in marketplaces like Opensea. It is one of the best NFT projects and Tokens to Buy for 2022.

Best NFT projects to Buy 2022
Best NFT projects to Buy 2022
img source: OpenSea DCL land listings

3. Axie Infinity

( get it HERE )

This is a famous blockchain game already played by millions globally. Infact many people play this game as a full time job to earn a living. Playing Axie Infinity one can earn 3 types of items. One the games governance tokens AXS, which is already selling at $140 at the time of updating this article. The company has also recently launched a feature to stake these tokens. The second item is SLP ( Smooth Love Potion ) that users purchase inside the game to feed the little monsters. The price of SLP has also trading at $0.093 per token. Third item is the NFT collectible ie. the Axies. These NFTs are actively traded on NFT marketplaces like Opensea. There are 283.8K items listed in Opensea at the time of updating this article.

These can be one of the best NFT projects to buy and invest in 2022. Simply because these NFTs have a purpose behind it ie. can be used to play and earn. Also in future the company can innovate on top of these NFTs which will only increase the price in the coming days. Like how the Krypto kitties was hot in 2017, the Axie infinity collectables are for sure going to stay for long. MOre than just being a piece of art, these NFTs are more dynamic in nature which makes them stand out from the rest.

Best NFT projects to Buy
Best NFT projects to Buy
img source: Opensea listing of Axie Infinity

4. Enjin

Ok, this is not an NFT exactly. The Enjin project aims to provide a cross-chain blockchain platform for developers to develop and deploy their E2P games on. The platform also makes it easy for developers to convert their in-game assets into NFTs. The Enjin coin backs the NFT’s so they can be sold and traded out in the real world or on any exchange. Whenever an NFT is minted here, it is infused with certain amount of Enjin tokens, which are then burnt from circulation. The most interesting feature we noticed is the ‘melting’ functionality, wherein the NFT owners can any point of time destroy their assets and retrieve the equal value in Enjin coins.

Enjin token can be one of the best NFT projects to Buy for 2022, as it derives its value from all the NFTs it backs inside its platform. So investing in this token equates to collectively investing in all the Non-fungible tokens created on the entire ecosystem.

img source: From Enjin website

5. Rouge Sharks

( get it HERE )

We have reserved this spot for NFTs that are pure fun with a purpose. Also the ones that have just launched and kicking. Rouge Sharks is a collection 5000 random generative art 3D NFTs. The team backing it has been on fire even before launch. They have built a vibrant community around the concept on social media. The entire collection is minted on the Solana blockchain. At the time of writing this, around 1500 of the total NFTs have been listed on Solana ART marketplace that has been traded for ~60K SOL. Very impressive viral growth the project has achieved. In this momentum, the project easily become like the next BAYC collection on Solana blockchain. So it is one of the best NFTs to Buy for 2022.

Owners of the NFT’s will get exclusive access to the ‘Rouge Sharks’ club. Also they will be able to participate in the ‘Treasure Chest’ lotteries.

img source: SolanaArt listing page

6. The Shiboshis

( get it HERE )

If you are into Crypto, you might have hard about the Shiba Inu token already. It has taken the world by storm and created several millionaires in a very quick time span. So much is the popularity of this incredible Meme coin. Not to mention that it has already become the 11th most popular crypto. This phenomenal growth is entirely due to the strong community that is behind. The #shibarmy is already in millions and are ready to walk through any wall to increase the price of the coin. The NFT collection launched on Opensea was sold out very quick. It already has 3600+ owners with a floor price of 1.18 ETH. With such a strong community backing, these NFTs looks very promising and can shoot up in value quickly. It can be one of the best NFTs to invest in 2022.

Best NFT to buy 2022
Best NFT to buy 2022
img source: Opensea listing of Shiboshis

Before diving into the specifics of the best NFT projects to invest for 2022, lets take a minute to understand on what basis we have selected the following projects:

Future plans: While most of the NFT tokens concentrate more on the engineering and pictorial values, we look forward for the roadmap in the project. Beyond the obvious things each Non-fungible token has, the future plans play an important role to choose the best NFTs to Buy of 2022.

Industry News:

In an interesting news the ‘Spice DAO’ group bought the original copy of the Dune by Sci-Fi writer Frank Herbert for an approx Us$ 3 Million. But, seems the purchase would not give them the copyright to reproduce at will. While the DAO team get things clarified with the lawyers, lets hope they did everything correct. Pushing the NFT market to the next level is the news of a new marketplace getting funded with US$ 170 Million. The platform is called ‘Autograph’ and it is co-founded by the NFL star Tom Brady. The investors were a16z Andreessen Horowitz and Kleiner Perkins. And the platform already features celebrity NFTs from stars like Tiger woods, Tony Hawk etc. In another news, Ms. Randy Zukerberg has shown her support for Crypto and believes that NFTs are the gateway for women to break into crypto. While the NFT market keeps booming, so is the gas fee on the Ethereum network. The continuos increase in the gas fee has turned many users away from the protocol to cheaper and faster ones like Solana. In fact stats say the market share has dropped from 95% to 80%. Gucci the well known luxury brand has recently partnered with superplastic ( a digital character brand ) to launch an NFT collection that goes by the name SuperGucci. In another news the retail giant Walmart has revealed its plans on launching its own NFT collection on the Metaverse. And along with it the Walmart tokens. In the trademarks filing, infact Walmart has mentioned that it will have its own NFT marketplace as well. Such corporates entering the Non-fungible token space will only boost the demand sky high. Though the country showed an iron fist to cryptocurrencies, they seem to warm up to the concept of Non-fungible tokens. The spokesperson from blockchain services network (BSN) in China had said that they are ok with NFTs as long as its not linked to cryptocurrency and its not on public chains like Ethereum. While in New York, soon there will be a NFT powered sea-food restaurant. Gary Vaynerchuk is planning on launching the restaurant in 2023 and its membership and access will be governed by NFTs. And yes, the Australian Open will be on Decentraland so users globally will be able to watch, interact and attend the matches. Also they will be distributing 6776 NFTs that that represent a winning shot from each match. Another noteworthy news is the recent acquisition made by Opensea — the largest NFT marketplace. The platform acquired Dharma Labs, the startup that works on a Defi wallet for stablecoins savings accounts. The co-founder of Dharma labs will be joining the Opensea team as part of the deal.


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