Zignaly trade bot + CQS Scalping Free quick setup

Fernando A.
3 min readDec 30, 2018

I have covered 2 paid signals available on zignaly signal marketplace and its time to cover the best free signal available, not only because its free but because it delivers excellent results like any Paid signal.

Entrix Signal quick setup article

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If you ever thought about using a trade bot and didn’t because it’s either too complicated or too expensive then this article is for you…why?

Zignaly offers all new users a 30-day trial (9USD after) and CQS Scalping is free service offered by Crypto Quality Signals.

“If its a free signal its crap…”

It’s NOT!!! that’s the amazing thing about CQS Scalping, I have made a lot of profit without any huge bags, you just have to follow this setup:

Step by Step FAQ on Zignaly + CQS Scalping Free

Sign Up on Binance(click here):

  1. After signing up, you should deposit at least 0.02 BTC to get you started (you can start with less but that means less trading )

2. Enable pay fees With BNB on Account

3. Buy BNB just the minimum allowed

4.Create API you can name it anything you want like for example“zignaly bot”, and save your API KEY and SECRET

5. After Sometime of trading, you will accumulate small portions of the coins you trade you can convert those leftovers to BNB on Balance Page

Sign up on Zignaly (click here):

  1. Login to zignaly
  2. Goto Settings and add you Binance API Key and Secret
  3. Save Settings
  4. Setup your settings has seen on the image below (my own settings):

5. Goto Signal Providers scroll down and find CQS Scalping Free and click on Connect

6. Click on “Update”, and on top of the page click on the tab “Settings” and just set up with my own settings:

Now all you have to do is wait for your first signal!!

a) You can decrease the “Take Profit” if you want to close the orders faster.

b) You can also filter the low volume coins by setting up the “minimum volume” to 100 BTC

c) DCA/Rebuy option allows you to rebuy if price falls to -2.5% it will recalculate your target profit (lower target price) and if the price continues to drop it will rebuy again at -5%, everytime the bot rebuys it recalculates the Take Profit Target price; This also means that each position will require more BTC


1st buy=0.0015 + 1st Rebuy=0.0015 (0.003 new position size) + 2nd Rebuy=0.003 Total=0.006

d) you can also enable ETH markets since CQS Scalping Free also sends signals for that market

e) you can follow the signals sent on CQS telegram channel https://t.me/CQSScalpingFree

In case you don’t sell I advise to not dump at loss wait until 15–30 days has it should recover.