Partnerships, Technical updates and other news; March 7th 2018

Hello Fluzzers,

Another week (and winter) has gone by, so here are the updates from the first week of spring:

Ideas contest

Our team has finished reviewing the ‘Bright Ideas Contest’ submissions and gathered Top10 best ideas. Currently we are looking for a proper medium in which we will pass it to you for voting. Voting is expected to start in a matter of days.

Partnership announcements

Last week we announced a partnership with one of the leading e-commerce agencies in the world-

The New York Times, Rockar JLR, Lafayette 148 and are just few companies that are running solutions made by Scandiweb and Fluz Fluz will join the list with their Global consumer cash-back network platform, which will launch in Summer 2018.

Here is a link to the announcement Press release

Also, we have finished first distribution deals with several Merchant networks to connect us with thousands of online merchants. This means we will be partnering with websites that offer a global reach so users can earn cash back from all sites, including international ones.

Technical updates

Last week we continued work with the design team and came up with first version of designs for the mobile version.

You can find current mobile app designs on Invision

Note that this is just for representational purposes, both the design and functionality is subject to change in the development process or once the app is released for testing.

Fluz Fluz has been added to Blockfolio, Delta, and imToken apps. From now on you will be able to track Fluz Fluz token progress in these portfolio apps.

Fluz Fluz on the web

Recently our co-founder Maurice Harary was interviewed by BitCollege. You can listen to the interview below.

You can read more about their opinion on Fluz Fluz in an article (in Hebrew) published on their website

Join our Telegram group if you have any other questions or if you are interested in updates from our community and team here: Fluz Fluz Telegram