Fractional Rocket Protocol Stealth Launch — in depth

4 min readFeb 18, 2022
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Protocol Launch — February 22nd. Stealth launch in 24 hour period following 4:00 PM UTC.

Note: This medium article is about the Protocol Launch which follows the Community Sale and the Public Sale. Please also read the tokenomics.

When is the protocol launch and when will open market trading start?

The protocol launch and open market trading will commence at an undisclosed time, in the 24 hours following February 22nd 4:00 PM UTC.
Some might call this a stealth launch.


There is no specified time for launch and trading.

Once launched we will broadcast on all our official channels.

In the first 24 hours after the stealth launch 21% of the each trade will be used for the treasury.

Why a stealth launch?

This is done to limit the impact of botting. We have (very recently) seen projects getting rekd because of heavy pump and dumping from bots. Anti bot mechanics and measurements have not turned out to be the solution.

To protect our investors, this means we do not announce the contract address, nor the exact time we will launch.

What could happen if we do not do this?

If we would not do this, there is a very big chance at launch time we’ll see a huge artificial run up in the price as multiple bots all triggering each other at the same time.
And once the parameters/targets for the bots are met, a huge sell off. Any investor buying seconds to minutes too late will have bought at a hugely inflated price. And once the dumping starts, will end up with a small % of the supply at a too high price.

Pump and dump schemes hurt projects. Some projects are barely able or even unable to recover if this happens.

We strongly believe in our protocol, we do not believe the only way to benefit from our protocol is to buy low and sell high.

We don’t like to stealth launch like this, but we feel it’s the best option.

What does this mean for participants in the community and public sale?

Holders of $aFROCK and $bFROCK tokens must redeem their tokens 1:1 for FROCK. They can do this at launch time. Until these early investors redeem and hold $FROCK in their wallet, they do not qualify for the dividends.

To make sure our earliest and most loyal investors do not miss out, the first 24 hour after the protocol launch, there will be no reflections/dividends distributed to any holders. These 7% reflections will temporarily be added to the normal 14% treasury build up. In the first 24 hours after the stealth launch 21% of the each trade will be used for the treasury.

It kick starts the treasury build up, and allows for the start of our rocket compounding. After the 24 hours, we will revert to 7% reflections and 14% treasury.

Community sale and public sale investors:

Redeem $aFROCK/$bFROCK in the 24 hours after launch!

As indicated before, there is no vesting period or any other limitation to the $FROCK tokens that community sale or public sale investors get.
If investors do want to sell, they can. Like all other holders, they will be taxed 22% on their way out.

Other FAQ

When will you list on SpookySwap?

Please read above. We will list our liquidity on SpookySwap in the 24-hour period following February 22th at 4:00pm UTC. The exact timing will not be disclosed, this will be stealth launch. Once launched we will broadcast on all our official channels.

Read more how to best trade here:


Please be aware that there is a possibility that fake $aFROCK, $bFROCK or $FROCK tokens are created. Do not purchase anything that is not posted on our official socials / website. Please also be aware that Fractional Rocket team members will never reach out to you first. Always ensure you have the right token address and website URLs.

All information will be posted via official Fractional Rocket platforms:

Fractional Rocket cannot be held liable for any mistakes resulting from user negligence and inattention.


Please note: participation in these offerings comes with abundant risk. There is no guarantee your investment will perform well, or that the protocol will be successful. Please only contribute what you are comfortable losing. Crypto is risky in nature and you should always exercise risk management and caution.