Here’s the first look inside Fragnova’s Decentralized Marketplace and their exclusive game, Ambal Duels

4 min readSep 27, 2022

Take a sneak peek at Fragnova’s Marketplace, which aims to improve the standard for the Web3.0 Gaming Creators’ Community

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Businesses have accelerated their growth and evolved their digital footprints over the recent years. From the e-Commerce boom, to the rise of the creators’ economy and the recent hype of decentralized technologies, Web3.0, non-fungible tokens (NFT) and the metaverse, the current phenomenon signifies a new era that will create new waves of innovation shortly, if not already begun.

The gaming industry has seen a paradigm shift over the past decade, forcing players and developers into the multifaceted change of gameplay and game development. As a result, games are no longer only about grinding for levels; they have new, diverse stories to tell, beginning from the very foundations that are the assets used to create them — which in turn, creates a new economic model. Companies in recent years have tried to dominate the whole of the first-to-last-mile development process, dictating how players and creators consume and develop games, especially in terms of monetization of the User-Generated Content (UGC) on their platforms. For example, Roblox is taking as high as a 72% commission from the creators in the space.

Analysts valued the gaming market to be worth $435 billion by 2028. However, despite this, the ecosystem has yet to democratize the royalties distribution methods where the compensation is done transparently — and fairly — for the game creators and developers community and their works.

Earlier, Fragnova launched its Pre-Testnet Event as part of the early test stages and provided a sneak preview of Fragnova’s Marketplace, which comprises its Creator Store and Metaverse Store.

At Fragnova’s Pre-Token2049 Event: A Fragtastic Night, Fragnova will unveil the Creator Store, where the community can upload and access Protos. The Metaverse Store will be unveiled later, where Fragments will be made available. You can read more about Protos and Fragments here.

As Fragnova prioritizes UX, users won’t be required to deal with complicated wallets and other unfriendly tools, thanks to our Discord bot. Creating an account and uploading assets directly to the chain are as simple as talking to the bot, which handles all the processes while covering the gas fees. Solutions like this help with the mass adoption of blockchain technologies and bring people into the open metaverse.

Fragnova is also unveiling Ambal Duels, a free-to-play strategy card game, which will be the first blockchain-enabled game to be built using the platform’s game development engine, Claymore. Thanks to blockchain technology, the game will have immutable assets and modding functionalities, allowing the community to create their own content that they can choose to monetise, showcasing the direct-to-creator royalties distribution that’s fundamental to Fragnova’s vision. Stay connected with the latest Ambal Duels updates via Discord or Twitter.

Fragnova Marketplace: The Creator Store

As Fragnova unveils the Creator Store, users can add Protos (which are assets, prefabs or blueprints) to their projects and create complex assets or interactive experiences ready for the open metaverse.

Check out Fragnova’s Twitter for the ongoing campaigns as part of our Token2049 event.

Fragnova Marketplace will serve as a sandbox for the Fragnova network and ecosystem partners by allowing the game creators and developers’ economy to create, preserve and earn through a fair and democratized manner in an open metaverse.

About Fragnova

The Fragnova Foundation is a Singapore-based non-profit organisation with the vision of revolutionising gaming and bringing a more decentralised, creator-centric approach to development. The Fragnova Network is a community-driven platform that aims to empower content creators, giving them the right tools and perpetual royalties for their work while also providing immutable storage which will preserve their creations forever. The Fragnova motto is: “Create, Preserve, Earn.”

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Ambal Duels began life as a successful Kickstarter campaign for the fantasy-themed strategy card game Ambal Tournament led by Bernardo Bittencourt, a Founding member of Fragnova and the one-person team behind Salt Ring Games. Ambal Duels is the first blockchain-enabled game to be built entirely using Fragnova’s decentralised model, and so is the platform’s first proof of concept game.

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