It was a nice spring Sunday morning. Not that nice, though, nearly at being chilly. You could get away with a t-shirt, but your nips would probably harden from the windy breeze. I was driving with my windows up, cruising down memory lane of my old home town of Monroeville…

Independence. What is independence and do I have it? The more one takes for granted the independence they have, the sooner it will disappear. Freedom to do what you want, when you want. Loneliness is a craving for attention you may eventually feel regret for. The cure for loneliness comes…

The hot issue of today’s debate is the rising situation of Chungus. Who do you side with on this matter: Chungo or Scrungus?

Chungo’s standpoint on Chungus is strong, firm, yet aloof. Is there more to the matter than meets the eye? …

Is this good luck or bad luck?

“Misfortune nobly born is good fortune.”
― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

I was rushing to work early one morning on a highway when the hood of my car popped open. I was a dead man, I thought. I panicked and tried to blindly navigate my car to the right lane using…

“Warriors should suffer their pain silently.”
― Erin Hunter, Into the Wild

Are you a warrior?

Warrior of business

Warrior of personal and romantic relationships

Warrior of your own life and finances

Warrior at mental combat

Are you a warrior?

The tough ones realize the imagined pains of life and…

Cause a Ruckus

Stop what you are doing

And suit the hell up

Because it’s time for you

To cause a ruckus

Create as much as possible

Learn new things

Study great old things

Create daily

Tell a story to someone IRL

At least once a day

Give zero fucks

Be authentic

Be true

Be you

Screw up


It was the middle of February, but it was 55 degrees outside. I was rushing out of my house, because my Uber was waiting to take me to a coworker’s house for a few friendly day beverages.

I noticed my waiting Uber across the street and ran up to it…

Francis Berry

Optimistic Existentialist.

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