Don’t worry, dear, Christ is coming soon. You hungry?

Image by Gabriel Thibodeau

I have leftover ambrosia coleslaw from Pilgrim Pinochle last week, so I’m all set. They closed the community center again, but we just moved everything to Nora’s. It’s just her and that dumb husband in a big ol’ house, so there was plenty of room for all the card tables. She had some from the high school. Did you hear it’s shut down through the end of the year? Nora’s still teaching flute in the auditorium, though.

Stop cleaning, love. I already sprayed down the doorknobs. Ralphs still didn’t have my Clorox wipes. Can you believe that? I went to…

Image Copyright: ABC; Warner Bros / DC Entertainment; Instagram / Britney Spears (Fair Use)

In a recent digital roundtable, Governor Gavin Newsom discussed reopening film and television production with entertainment industry leaders and some random dude from This Is Us. One participant warned against “pricing ourselves out of business” by resuming production in Los Angeles later than other cities, to which director Ava DuVernay replied, leaning close to her laptop, “Kim, there’s people that are dying.”

Ghost in the Shell alum Scarlett Johansson to star in Twitter-sourced indie drama Should We Actually Make This?, with principal photography to begin later this month in her second guest bathroom. …

Gabriel Thibodeau

Indie filmmaker, sea witch, and writer of queer stories, by every definition of the word.

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