Woman knitting during online remote meeting
Woman knitting during online remote meeting

A simple and pleasurable solution to an increasingly common challenge

I once heard from a child psychologist that a common mistake parents make is to believe that while their child is busy playing with toys on the floor, she’s too distracted to hear what they’re talking about. In fact, the more focused a child looks while playing with her hands, the more she’s actually listening and absorbing all that’s going on around her.

This idea really resonated with me when I started having endless meetings while working remotely. Many were presentations or large team meetings where my participation was not required. What I did have to do, however, was to actively listen and retain the information being shared. …

Split screen view showing one person working from bed and another working at a desk.
Split screen view showing one person working from bed and another working at a desk.

How reading and writing more can promote collaboration across time-zones and save time for everyone

When I started at DocuSign in August of 2018, I was living in Portland, OR and was mostly working with a Product Development team based in Paris.

The first time I had to schedule a meeting to review designs, I looked at my calendar hoping to find time available the next day. We were 9 hours apart and there were only two time slots that were compatible across the time zones. As I compared calendars, I discovered these time slots were booked for the entire week, and the week after that some attendees were taking a vacation.

In short, it would have been about 3 weeks until everyone was available to review my designs. …

It’s 2005. I had graduated from graphic design school five years earlier. Since then, I had built a couple of websites for friends and family, designed some books, dabbled in illustration, but my full time job was teaching English as a foreign language. I really liked teaching and thought I would do it forever. Design was destined to be a side gig, if anything.

The phone rings. You want to be part of a massive web project for a government agency? You have until tonight to turn this mockup into an HTML page. No problem. My main skill back in 2005 was building HTML table layouts to perfection. With the help of tables nested within tables and countless transparent pixels, I could achieve any layout I wanted. …


Gabi Moore

Product Designer. Passionate about remote work. Born in Rio, lived around the world, recently moved to Paris. Obsessed with Legos and yarn.

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