A friend of mine suggested to have new business cards printed with a rather different title: Hello, I’m your gynecologist, and no worries, I’m also gay.

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At first, I found this hilarious. As I kept drinking at the party, and thinking about it -Yes Jannie, doctors also drink and have personal lives- I realized how bad the whole thing was, on so many different layers.

Of course, she meant it as a joke, but the fact…

It all started when we decided to buy a property in the desert. I knew from the get-go; we were set to go through one of the most stressful situations ever: becoming homeowners.

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Cathedral City and Yucca Valley suddenly were names I was familiar with. My vocabulary had changed so much after we had decided to move from one coast of the country to the other one.

Every plant, every scent, every tan, had changed for good. That feeling of being on vacation…

Traditional, powerful, somehow racist, a bit overweight, loaded with self-confidence — Dr. Levi had all the qualities you fear the most for someone in charge.

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His charisma and big smile had won him the position of Chairman at the Cardiology department of the Connecticut Regional Hospital.

He was the third one occupying the position in three years, after his two predecessors quit unexpectedly. Best first-impressions a man can hope for: trustworthy and caring. …

“We are interesting creatures” was written in a poster at the Natural Museum I visited 5 years ago, on a trip to England.

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I remember reading that phrase and thinking: Are we, really? What makes us so remarkable? Is there self-awareness in a lot of the creatures that co-exist on earth with us? And if so, would they ask the same thing?

There are way too many blank spaces for questions humanity has…

Sand under my feet, breeze brushing my hair, the ocean drifting back and forth along the crowd: it seemed like a tempting picture to be a part of.

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I jumped into my sandals and wool cardigan, ready to execute my morning plan -far from sightseeing and perfect views-. Sunglasses covering my black eye, the smell of Pinot Noir and gin still in my breath, phone and some coins in my pocket. …

Gabe Evaristo

Trying to get lost in the thrill of it all — while documenting it. Nonconformist, justice-seeker, into fiction and opinion pieces. Oh! also an MD. (He/Him/His)

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