As a final project for the Ironhack UX/UI Design bootcamp, I worked in a team of 3 people to redesign a work culture survey for the Berlin-based consultancy firm Young Digitals.

Young Digitals offers business consultancy, combined with a strong offering of digitization and design services. The firm and my team agreed to collaborate with them on redesigning a work culture and satisfaction survey they will use during their consultancy work at different companies.

The original prototype

The state of the product was very much an early prototype, as it was lacking visual design, and it hadn’t been tested yet.

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Part I of the survey

Looking at the…

For my fifth student project at the Ironhack UX/UI Design bootcamp, my teammate and I had to create a website for an online magazine with curated content, during a 5-day design sprint.


From the available personas to work with, we chose to design for Candice, a trendy 28 year old marketer.

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Once we chose the persona we were designing for, we proceeded to conduct User Research, by interviewing people who read fashion magazines or worked in the fashion industry.

Among other things, we asked which magazines they read, what they like and dislike about them, what their goals are when…

As part of the Ironhack UX/UI bootcamp, my team and I were tasked with designing a website with e-commerce features for a local business. The challenge would be to adapt our design to the business’s existing brand and market strategy, while also implementing e-commerce effectively.

Looking around, we found Divano, a successful local furniture shop that already had a website showcasing their products, but without any e-commerce features.


Our first step was to have an interview with the shop’s owner, to find out what his business strategy is, what kind of clients he caters to, and how an e-commerce website…

Coming up with a new product from scratch carries a lot of challenges: you have to create moodboards and come up with a consistent visual style. All of this is already done when you’re working on an already existing product, but this kind of work also has its complications, as I learned during this project.

During my UX/UI bootcamp at Ironhack Berlin, I got the task to add a feature to an already existing product. …

Out there in the real world, there are countless different activities we all engage in according to personal preferences. Some people like to take cooking lessons, others like to go hiking, and some others choose to spend their free time learning useful career skills or socializing. But many of these things can only be experienced physically, by being there… or can they?

A major design challenge in any industry is to translate offline, in-person experiences into attractive digital alternatives. I personally discovered the challenges this carries, when my team partner and I were tasked during our UX Design bootcamp at…

In the first week of my UX/UI Design Bootcamp at Ironhack Berlin, we worked in teams of 4 people to develop an app addressing a wicked problem. My teammates and I chose to address the problem of overconsumption of information on the Internet (sound familiar?). The brief asked us to conduct research into the problem, ideate possible solutions and to prototype and test one of them, all within a 1-week design sprint.

1. User research

We began our research by creating a survey designed to find out whether people felt they overused the Internet in their daily life, what they thought about certain…

This is the third challenge in Ironhack’s UX/UI design course prework, and the purpose is to assess the user experience in a travel app and redesign it based on user research, using heuristics usability evaluation for benchmarking and wireframes for the redesign.

1. User persona

Young group — 20–40 y/o (4) You and your friends have decided to invest and spend some quality time together. You are planning your trip one year in advance to really make it happen and accommodate everybody’s schedules and needs. You’d like to share as much time together and plan for a lot of fun. You’re interested in…

In this exercise, the objective is to describe in detail the 3 best and worst user experiences I’ve had, paying attention to the design choices behind each experience.

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Dieter Ram’s 10 principles for good design

The objective is to evaluate in detail each experience, keeping in mind the principles of good design, and observing whether or not these principles were implemented. The cases can be services or products, both physical and digital. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

Bad user experience number 1: getting a replacement card from the Bank of Santander

As the second exercise preparing for the Ironhack UX/UI Design bootcamp I had to take 5 screenshots of an app of my choice and copy them from scratch using Sketch.

For the app, I chose the VidaLingua German-English dictionary, which I use in my daily life because of how helpful and feature-rich it is.

To the left you can see a screenshot of the actual app, and to the right, my copy of it using Sketch.

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This is a Design Thinking exercise where the task is to redesign a route-planning app to solve a common problem: buying and handling a number of different tickets for a multi-staged trip.

The company

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UrbanGo is a public transit and mapping startup based in Silicon Valley. Their goal is to solve the problems of urban mobility by offering the quickest and cheapest public and private transport routes to their users.

The problem

Although the current product of UrbanGo already solves some of the main problems of the urban mobility, there is one pain point for many users: the different amount of public transport tickets…

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