Takeaways from Peter F. Drucker´s, Managing Oneself

Are you a reader or a listener? Do you know your strengths?

Famous businessman Peter F. Drucker’s, Managing Onself, is packed with an abundance of useful information. It’s a fairly short 55 page read which can get done in one sitting, but there is a chock-full of brilliant insight and information.

What are your strengths?

According to Drucker, the only way to discover your strengths is through feedback analysis. Whenver you make a key decision or take a key action, write down what you expect will happen. Nine or twelve months later, compare the actual results with your expectations.

Feedback anaylsis will show you:

  1. Where your strengths lie in a fairly short period of time.
  2. What you are doing or failing to do that deprives you of the full benefits of your strengths.

3. Where you are not particularly competent.

4. Where you have no strengths and cannot perform.

Put yourself where your strengths can produce results. Work on improving your strengths.

Are you a reader or a listener?

Have you ever thought about what the difference between the two is? A reader is someone who learns easily from reading from things like articles, textbooks, or even powerpoint slides. A listener learns from hearing things like lectures, audio CDs, or presentations.

If you do not know what you are pay attention to how you perform in a class. Can you rememeber a lecture better when you read your professors powerpoint? Are you able to remember little details from a lecture 4–5 hours after class by just listening? Once you identify what you gravitate towards play to your strengths.

Readers: Take dilligent notes and review them after class.

Listeners: Attentively listen to your professors lecture. Try to record the lecture for later as well.

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