Generated images from a StyleGAN model trained on 100,000 paintings (model weights)

Artist in the Cloud

Towards the summit of AI, art, and autonomy

Intellectual foundations for autonomous artificial artists; most of the sub-topics will be reviewed in this article series.

The essential idea

Baseline autonomous artificial artist: a trainable generative model whose data, code, curation, and governance are crowd-sourced from a decentralized network of actors. The behavior of the program emerges from its cumulative interactions with these actors.
A trained model is a split among the whole network and held as shared secret. A collector queries the network to obtain an artwork/sample. An open question is how to maintain privacy in this setup in order to guarantee irreproducibility of the training set.

Applications and economics

The metabolism of an AAA: buy data, code, and compute, and sell artworks.


Examples of superorganisms found in nature. Left: A coral reef. Middle: A termite cathedral in the Australian outback. Right: A colony of bees.
Symbol for Abraham, forked from the symbol for Ethereum, which itself is forked from the Star of David. The dark side symbolizes Abraham’s shadow.

On Abraham’s name and identity

“The soul must contain in itself the faculty of relation to God… The correspondence is, in psychological terms, the archetype of a God-image.”

— Carl Jung, 1962

Towards Genesis

Future articles


programmer, primate.