GenesisX March 2019 Report

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|Team Focus|Coin Price Analysis|Development|

|team focus|

is a really important and strategic way of getting tasks complete. The XGS team has been consumed in which way to move forward with some developments regarding team members hitting some road blocks has lead to a few changes. Tom in recent times has had some real serious family health issues arise and has now decided to step away from the team of GenesisX indefinitely. In the future he may return but does not know if and or when. This now leaves Chris (Chockblain) as the sole manager of the project. This has been done before in the past and now with a team of developers ready to go, we are ready to hit the ground running. Chris will be officially stepping down from the BGX team which will now be run by Eelot in Tom’s absence (if and when Tom will return, he will return to the BGX project first).

Now, with that being said there is 2 developers that XGS has currently, RedR00t and MinerDev which will build the website (which is currently down) and create a new one. Due to access issues we will not be taking with us but will be creating a new domain which will be . The guys have the backup from the previous XGS website and will be developing a new one as time goes on. Really excited about where the team is heading. Where I (Chris) live, Ihave some business partners who are interested in looking into joining the team. A digital marketer is one of them and and old XGS team member. This will help solidify the direction of the team and build trust with investors.

Our goals over the coming weeks are:
- Official Governance MN holder vote to fund Development of SPS by RedR00t.
- New Website and optimising SEO by MinerDev
- Project Structure Tree (Everyone and what they are doing)
- Research and Development for digital marketing plan
- Partnerships with other crypto projects.
- Listing on Jaxx Liberty Wallet amongst others.
- With approval from Governance vote SPS V1.0 will be released on June 1st, 2019. Please also be aware/reminded to everyone holding Masternodes, our proposals program is ACTIVE & will allow anyone with the updated version of the wallet to submit project proposals for integration, promotion, new exchange listings, marketing, development, etc and get the requested XGS coins if Masternode owners support it with **Yes** votes. If you have a great suggestion and wish to push it to the community to help guide the project, refer to our previous post on Governance to find out how to.

|coin price analysis|

Over the last month the price has varied between $0.030476 USD (784 Satoshis) & $0.00678 USD (168 Satoshis) and looks to be finding support at its current level of $0.00956 USD (220 Satoshis) at the time of writing. We had a big spike earlier in the month but have been on a downward trend since that time with that in mind I will be personally buying back XGS to get as much as we can back in the hands of the team. This will hopefully stabilise the price and create an upward trend in the lead up to release of SPS V1.0 due on the 1.6.19.


We are in full swing of getting the new domain set up for the website. It should be up and running in a matter of days and shall now be able to make continuous updates to inform our community. The team will write a new whitepaper to inform you all of the new direction and vision moving forward. The vision and all information of what is to be implemented on the Secure Private Storage (SPS) Platform V1.0 can be found here.

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