Game Elements: GENE, KI & The Dual-Token System

4 min readMay 12, 2022

TL;DR The dual-token system separates governance and staking from in-game rewards with GENE and KI Tokens. Genopets is creating a sustainable move-to-earn game economy built on a dual-token system that gives you choices of how to spend your Energy as you move and earn.

Paying homage to the nostalgia many of us experienced taking care of our Tamagotchi, evolving and battling our Pokémon, or even raising our first real-world pet as a child, the emotional connection between one’s self and their pet is a powerful motivating force. That emotional force is the premise of the Genopets economy.

As the world’s first free-to-play, move-and-earn game, you’ll be able to download the Genopets mobile app and begin nurturing and evolving your Genopet using nothing but your sweat equity (steps you take), increasing its rarity and market value. If you decide you want to sell your Genopet, you can mint it and withdraw it from the game. Withdrawing it will allow you to list it on the open marketplace to sell and earn. 🤯

So, what does this have to do with the dual-token system?

We want to make it possible for you to choose how you want to invest in your gameplay and provide a multitude of ways you can use your earnings. The Genopets economy allows everyone to play and build value for their Genopet NFT for free with the autonomy to choose how they play.

On the one hand, you can reinvest your energy into your Genopet to increase its value by leveling up, but the pathway to continue earning for the steps you take is to acquire and craft Habitats and Crystals and participate in the game economy driven by our two native tokens, GENE & KI.

The Dual-Token System

Genopets operates on a dual-token system, a model familiar to many play-to-earn gamers. KI and GENE Token each have their own in-game utility. As a Habitat owner, you can convert your energy into KI Token every day from your daily activity. You can use GENE Token to craft and terraform NFTs or stake it for rewards.

KI Token

KI Token is an in-game utility token you earn as a Habitat owner as you perform various in-game actions. KI is burned when used and the more Habitats you have, the more KI you can earn per day.

How do I earn KI Token?

  • Converting Energy earned from banking steps with a Habitat
  • Higher KI earning caps for multiple-Habitat owners
  • Earn bonus KI Token with a Genesis Habitat.

How do I use KI Token?

GENE Token & sGENE

What is GENE Token?

GENE Token is the governance and staking token of Genopets used in our Genesis Genopet and Habitat games and for high value Habitat and crafting transactions in-game.

How do I earn GENE Token?

GENE will be rewarded to:

  • Seasonal game winners
  • GENE stakers

How do I use GENE Token?

  • Use GENE to participate in Genopets NFT Drops
  • Use GENE in-game to craft rare and valuable items
  • Use GENE to terraform your Habitat on Mainframe
  • Use GENE to upgrade your Habitat on Mainframe
  • Use GENE for governance rights and rewards

What is sGENE?

Once in-app crafting is available, as a GENE Staker, you can withdraw your staking rewards as sGENE at any time to use immediately in the game. sGENE is a synthetic token, a version of GENE that can only be used to perform in-game actions like crafting and Habitat management.

How do I Use sGENE?

  • Use sGENE in-game to upgrade your Habitat
  • Use sGENE in-game to terraform new Habitat NFTs
  • Use sGENE in-game to craft rare and valuable items

Unlock the Possibilities

In short, Genopets players will explore the Genoverse by converting real-world steps into gameplay. After a successful day, you can sit back, relax, customize, battle, and evolve with your Genopet, increasing its value or acquire Habitats and craft crystals to unlock more ways to play and earn. Sustainability and fun have been the guiding principles of our game design process underpinned by the dual-token system. More than move-and-earn, Genopets is a fitness game, it’s the gamification of an active lifestyle.

● ● ●

Summon your Genopet and start moving to begin exploring and evolving together. Stay tuned for future updates, and join the conversation in our community channels below. See you in the Genoverse!

About Genopets

It’s time to step up your game. Genopets is the world’s first Free-to-Play, Move-to-Earn NFT mobile game that makes it fun and rewarding to live an active lifestyle. A Genopet is your digital pet whose evolution and growth are inextricably linked to your own. The steps you take every day power your journey through the Genoverse as you explore, battle, and evolve — earning crypto while you play.

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Genopets is the world’s first Free-to-Play, Move-to-Earn NFT mobile game on Solana that makes it fun and rewarding to live an active lifestyle