NGSchool — Summer School in Bioinformatics. The Beginning.

“…Once upon a time, when druids were stitching ropes with the DNA in the forests of Britannia, when Frankonian wizards were boiling DNA and making healing potions from the decoctions and the Vikings were sequencing dinosaurs, deep in the mountains of Vysoké Tatry wiedźmini decided to reunite in a free society of sorcerers to share the wisdom of the bioinformatic magic with the most talented apprentices. They called it NGSchool…”
- ”Epics of Eastern, Central and Balkan Slavs”, IX century, Great Moravia

NGSchool 2017 edition (Warsaw) group photo
  • Why did we reach out to you? We want to spread the word about our school and find future students, mentors, supporters in general, and — maybe — recruit new members into our amazingly cool org team.
  • Why can it be useful for you? Because you can find links to handy materials in bioinformatics here, such as presentations and workshops, as well as the list of potential problems in organizing events similar to ours and our advice on how to solve them, and of course you may find that your ideas are in line with ours and join the network of bioinformatics scientists in Eastern and Central Europe in particular, and worldwide in general!


#NGSchool2016: NGS data analysis, Tatra Mountains and Slovak halušky

Roman is giving an Introduction to Lunix, Vysoké Tatry, Slovakia, 2016
The atmosphere at the workshops
Happy Lunch Time!
…and happy Evening Time!
Workshops were over for that day, but the scientific discussions were not
Maybe some of the NGSchool2016 members are here. Maybe not. But it was taken in 2016 in Tatry.
  • genome and transcriptome assembly,
  • gene prediction,
  • detection of genomic variants (point mutations, indels, copy-number changes),
  • differential expression of RNA analysis,
  • epigenomics NGS data analysis,
  • GWAS methods
  • biomedical applications of the above-mentioned approaches
Well, here I am sure that one of the NGSchool2016 members is depcited.

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