How do you make a gif or edit a video?

This is the first post in a multi-post series on how to make gifs and edit videos utilizing At the end of this quick tutorial, you’ll be able to make a gif or edit a video from Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Youtube, and — well — any video website.

  1. Go to

2. Search a phrase, enter a video link (from any website), or upload your own content

If you searched a video, select the video you want to edit

3. Pick a start time

4. Utilize the slider to fine tune your beginning and end time

5. Add a wide range of growing effects

there’s actually a lot more effects

6. Hit create gif!


7. Optionally link your content back to yourself so everyone knows who made it!

8. Share your creation with the world

9. Did you want the .mp4? Grab the .gif link and simply change the extension to .mp4

Hey — you’ve done it! Congrats on making your gif, and thanks for using!

Edit: want to learn advanced techniques? You should read our how to use frame by frame on article!

P.S. You should know this trick:

Making a gif from youtube? Change “youtube” to “gifs” in the URL, like so:

https://www.(youtube).com/watch?v=GI-Ybd4FQBk to