Less than one year ago, the Everstake team along with Bake’n’Rolls both known as Tezos Ukraine decided to develop and deploy an infrastructure consisting of node clusters with an aim to resolve a long-going problem related to the scarcity of high-performance archive nodes. This problem prevented the community from running a variety of different blockchain solutions such as dApps, explorers, and others. Not only the scarcity affected the aforementioned possibility of running services, but it also didn’t allow companies to have stable and resilient nodes that they can rely on.

More Than Just A Node

Considering the fact that a…

In a joint effort, Everstake and Bake’n’Rolls created the organization Tezos Ukraine which is deeply committed to supporting the Tezos network by developing a variety of useful analytics tools and extending public infrastructure that boosts Tezos technology mass adoption.

We always try to implement the best industry practices in all things. Thereby, our customer support team and our experienced DevOps engineers work around the clock, ensuring that all systems are up and running smoothly.

Every decentralized network requires significant stability and performance of the blockchain nodes so that users could have constant and secure access to the ecosystem. And our…

Giga Node

Your reliable public infrastructure

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