I Accept Your Surrender
Henry Wismayer

Thanks for pointing out Henry. Appreciate it. I was also surprised that a post like the one you’re referring to got that much attention. Why did it end up on top? I have no clue. I write all sorts of different types of posts. Apparently this one was more popular than my other posts. Was it better? No, not at all. But it was more popular. And popular doesn’t always mean quality. Unfortunately. I would have loved to see dozens of other posts of the 250+ posts I published on Medium up there. But that’s the only one people saw. And not the other 250 articles I wrote. I’ve also pointed out many times in the past that it’s pretty much useless to read (most) blogs. Including mine. The only thing that helps is to go out there and to do shit. And nothing else. Period. And yes, I’m against using Medium as primary blog if someone wants to start a blog from scratch. As secondary, third or fourth distribution channel on top of your own blog? Sure, why not..

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