Der Ursprung

Der 3. globale Kinder Designathon begeistert Kinder für Nachhaltigkeit

Zeigen unsere Bilder unser Leben, oder inszenieren sie unseren Tod? Michael Hanecke untersucht mögliche Antworten.

Quadcore Dingprozessor “Smart Gardener” @Gisèle Legionnet-Klees 2016

Tino Sehgal, one of the most acclaimed players on the contemporary art scene, creates memorable “memento mori” experiences that leave no traces.

Links to the Tino Sehgal Show at Martin Gropius Bau that ended on August 8th…

Gisèle Legionnet-Klees

The Future is Now. Creative Leader and Maker @active_value THNKer. Integrating tech, learning and SDGs. Young Garage Lab Lead #yglab

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