What is a Version Control System And Why it’s a Must For Every DevOps Team?

Jun 24, 2019 · 3 min read

Version control systems are a category of software tools that help a DevOps team to manage and track changes over time. These systems are important to building software as they combine your repository of project files with all the previous and the latest changes, thus making it easier to edit and understand your code in the near future. There’s a special kind of database where a version control software keeps track of every modification made. In case a mistake is made or code is needed to be undone, developers can refer to the earlier versions of the code either to use it as it is or to fix the mistake while minimizing the disruption to all team members.

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How version control system proves to be beneficial?

  • Version control software protects source code from both catastrophe and casual degradation of human error and unintended consequences.
    •It tracks every individual change by each contributor and prevents concurrent work from conflicting.
    •A good version control software is flexible to use and supports a developer’s preference without imposing any particular workflow.
    •It facilitates a smooth and continuous flow of changes to the code instead of an unorganized file locking mechanism.

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In today’s time working without a version control system can be quite risky. The version control systems aren’t just helping you have backups, but also enable developers to speed up their process while helping them to preserve their efficiency and agility. These systems are continuously evolving and some are better than others. However, one of the most popular ones being used today is GitShip, which is an open-source web-based version control system made for developers with all the advanced features. You can try this version control software free for a limited period and know about its many features before actually switching to its paid option.

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Different ways in which a version control system streamlines your project

•It allows easy issue tracking and fixing the same
•Provides a complete long-term change history of every file with large file storage
•Easy branching and merging facilities
•Helps you trace each change made to the software
•Lets you see the status of each step in the pipeline
•Allows developers to tell each other about different changes pushed to a GitShip repository
•Gives real-time insights into the codebase
•Offering unlimited free private and public repositories

Being faster to commit with no more single point of failure, the GitShip version control system is available for all platforms, languages, frameworks, and multiple sets of technologies. It allows you to easily collaborate, share source code, and eventually build a better web.

No doubt, development can also take place without using any version control system, but it will subject your project to a huge risk with no backups. Its importance can’t be overlooked for DevOps, which is directly related to IT performance and has a clear impact on company revenue and success.
In short, switching to the version control system means the creation of more reliable code along with the maintenance of the code. So just make sure to pick the one that’s best for you.

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