Fun fact: The receipt in the image is from my wife’s latest purchase from her favourite brand. After using the receipt to learn image transformation, I finally feel that the purchase at the brand was worth the money. ;)

In this post, I will cover the following:

Note: This post is inspired by the blog post Adrian wrote for Python1. …

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In my last three years, I’ve stopped thinking about saving money and started working on growing it. Well, this began after reading a lot of books, online blogs and talking to brilliant people around me who have multiple passive sources of income.

In this post, I’ll present real actions that I’ve taken to grow my money and give insights about what worked and what didn’t work for me.

Disclaimer: At no point, I’m giving you financial advice. Please talk to your financial advisor or do your research before making any financial decision.

There are only three possible ways one can…

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In my last two projects, I’ve seen developers writing different configurations in JSON with a lot of code repeated and a horrible design to make changes. Jsonnet is the most simple, reliable and side-effect free language; I could find to make my team’s life easier. In this article, I’ve explained some of the challenges one face to write configurations in plain JSON and how Jsonnet can help.

JSON format, intended initially to replace XML for data-interchange, is widely used today to provide public data using APIs and web services as well as to write various configuration files.

JSON can store…

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