Anomalous Warm Waters in the Arctic Did Underwater Volcanoes Awake?

Let’s move south again down to Spain, because of the dust storms coming up from Africa. As the Grand Solar Minimum intensifies, jet streams are moving around in Earth’s atmosphere and volcanoes globally are starting to uptick. (BELOW) This was sent to be by a viewer out of Portugal thank you so much for this slide, pointing out that the Arctic water temperatures are 19.1 degrees Celsius at approximately 78 Degrees North, 5 Degrees East highlighted there in the green circle.

Today taking a look same temperatures, 19.1 degrees Celsius. What is going on up there?

I jumped over to Google Earth and I started to zoom in around the area looking underwater to see are there any underwater volcanoes going off the moment? It is on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. What you see on the left is Greenland and Svalbard the seed bank for the world, that’s where that island is to the N.E.

Zooming it a bit closer, I circled it in yellow you can see the anomaly area. Those of you that are familiar with underwater volcanic formations, that’s not my strong suit. Perhaps you can show me or tell me what this is and do you think indeed there are underwater volcanoes in this area based on what we’re seeing.

I did Circle here in yellow what I thought could be a mount under sea, because this seems to be in the holes Svalbard Fracture Zone. so how many of these underwater volcanoes are going off right now that are not being measured by Volcano Discovery or the USGS or anybody in that realm, because we’re just not seeing the ash and smoke. It’s just my opinion, but perhaps there is an underwater eruption massive enough to change water temperatures this much around this location.

Searching a bit further up into the Arctic, right around 80 degrees North latitude, I found this anomaly, now are they trying to block something out up there because it looks like a cone in itself. But I’ll leave it there for you to look at, but if you do have Google Earth, jump over these coordinates and take a look, you’ll see the exact same thing.

Staying on the theme of the Arctic, you know as I do my research I always have slides that are just random, that I find in a file month later as I’m cleaning out my computer and trying to update and do compilation videos etc. But here we go this is when I found from March 2nd, BBC news “Mission to Giant A-68 Berg Thwarted by Sea Ice”. You have to realize this is back in March, they thought they could get there, but they were turned around by incredibly thick ice. We have seen this again and again and again on these scientific exploratory missions. Sea ice at both poles seems to be increasing, but I love how they say that it’s more sea ice because of global warming creating more sea ice. I’ll let you try to decipher how heat creates ice.

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It seems as if any controversial videos showing the very opposite “IPCC scientific data” from government agencies that go against what politicians are saying will be flagged with a Wikipedia Entry below the video. You have to be babysat and shown a “Global Warming” Wikipedia article entry, because it’s all about CO2, ONLY !

Because the video I did calling out Jerry Brown’s Mis-statements with him saying that it’s the “warmest in 10,000 years of the climate due to the fires and the fires are all based on the hot conditions innocent warmest in ten thousand years since civilization began.”

I pointed out very quickly that the GISP2 Ice Core Data set, shows far warmer temperatures eight thousand years, seven thousand years, five thousand and one thousand years ago than it does today, and here we are, far right side of the graph.

Wikipedia article right under video. Thanks Corporate Tech babysitters at least now people can see the two sets of information and compare. People can compare that Wikipedia article with outdated information, and Jerry Brown’s statements about this being the warmest in 10,000 years of heat. YouTube I am so happy you put both of those up there so people can now compare, thank you so much.

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