How Fast the Climate is Going to Change from 2019–2021 a Forecast

The point of the video is that using Shephard, Zharkov, Zharkova & Popov’s Double Dynamo in the Sun and magnetic canceling waves. The wider the wave is the more extreme the weather becomes. As these magnetic waves cancel each other out, this results in fewer sunspots with more coronal holes, possible EMP’s or CME’s, and a shift in jet streams which means more extreme weather. I just put boxes in the amount of shift that you’re seeing between the lines.

What I’ve done is shown you the years of amplification and how much more we can expect for “Earth Changes” moving from July of 2018 into 2019 and then up to 2020 to 2021. Notice the changes from 2016 to 2021 is eight times at least, and then when we move into our current time, the middle of 2018 through 2020, that’s going to be a four times amplification. You have seen already the weather starting to fall apart globally, everywhere you look its extreme everything, storms hail, wind, floods droughts, and fires wherever you look it is amplified.

What’s coming is an increase of 4x of what we’re experiencing right now by 2021. Crop losses this year are astounding when it comes in at the end of the year futures prices are going to spike and so is your food, indefinitely this is the last year of a stable grain crop harvests on our planet. Please take heed of how much change is coming and you can see how much chaos will flow through the economy governments etc. and your life. But more importantly, where is your opportunity in all of these changes?

Example what’s happening, three typhoons in the Western Pacific which is rare.

Triple water spouts coming down in Sweden of all places, not Italy in the Mediterranean, this is in Sweden and it’s rare.

Wide that out for you, I’ve noticed the size of the water spouts also starting to increase.

In the center there that’s more like an EF2 or EF3 tornado over water then actually as a waterspout.

Electrical phenomenon amplification, more electrified skies as our Earth tries to equalize its charge with the Sun. Sprites and meteor showers together over Slovenia and Croatia.

Perseid meteor showers peeking and also at the same seeing a lot of meteor action in the skies. You can start to see why the ancients carved petroglyphs on the stone walls, cliffs and caves, they witnessed something in the skies and plasma events as well.

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Speaking of which, a bizarre plasma barrage in France.

This is on the 12th and the 13th through the midnight hour, wide that out so you can really get a glimpse of it. The amount of discharge coming out, you can actually see the width of those bolts is far greater than it has been.

Capture it on camera where you can slow it down and take a look at what’s happening in our skies, in our atmosphere, because we’re getting more and more of these reports of abundant flashes in the skies that are never-ending, a strobe light festival.

Great image here of lightning strike on top of a cathedral.

Let’s talk about Atmospheric Compression Events, hail & wind damage.

This is in the US, when people need to stop riding their motorbikes due to too much hail in Summer. Literally how deep is that 4–6 inches on the ground.

It’s almost like a snowstorm in the middle of summer and we’re seeing this planet wide right now as well.

With different weather anomalies planet wide, places are becoming drier that were normally wet and wetter places are starting to dry out, for example middle of the desert thunderstorms, lightning storms.

Massive weather fronts passing through gargantuan rains, this is what’s expected areas in deserts the Sahel, North Africa areas. In the United States, western desert areas are becoming moister, where other areas are starting to dry out, global moisture has to shift somewhere. If you look far enough back in the patterns, you can see where it’s going to shift, when it’s going to shift and how intensely this shift will be that’s called a Grand Solar Minimum. That’s called a history book and we’re seeing things repeating in the cycles.

I do thank you for reading, hope you got something out of the article. Changes in the width of those magnetic canceling waves, that is your blueprint moving out into 2021 you need to get yourselves ready right now.

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