I was once obese, sick, hurt, and damaged by life…but then I woke up and realized I could be whoever I wanted to be. Then, I changed.

It was a subtle voice inside me that said “You were meant for more than this,” that brought me to my knees. For years, I had declared myself a victim, the underdog, and never gave myself permission to see how powerful I really was. Intuition, my higher self, had another story for me.

Where most people go wrong is that they believe intuition is only for survival. The story I had been telling myself was that I had to be tough and fight against the things I had been victim to in the past. When we act in survival mode like this, we’re actually letting Ego determine who we need to be in fear of repeating the past. Over time, we become so addicted to emotional responses from identifying with the past that we don’t even know another reality could exist. This taints our ability to truly know Intuition.

Ego has us believing that our intuition is to blame for our struggles and manipulates us into repeating the past over and over again until we finally wake up to see that Intuition is actually leading us to truth.

Ego tends to be that loud-mouthed, obnoxious, back-seat driver in life. You know, the one that speaks so loudly that you follow its adivce simply to get it to shut up? Of course, this is not always the best course of action as it creates more collateral damage than it’s worth. And, unfortunately for our sanity, we do let Ego lead unknowingly, in the form of reactive responses, as we’re so afraid of being criticized in the event we make a wrong decision.

I did a live talk this morning, as I do every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on Periscope, Meerkat and Google+, that discussed Intuition. Questions came in on how to get over a slump, buying into a medical diagnosis, and why people can’t get over smoking but are able to manifest anything else (see it here). During that discussion we went everywhere from quantum mechanics to the illusion of balance.

Humans tend to lack structure in habit, thought and belief, and inadvertently give power over unconcsiously to:

a- addiction- in drugs, alchohol, emotions, relationships, experiences, and food)

b- diagnosis- my depression, my arthritis, my cancer, my trauma…

c- labels- unworthy, poor, broke/broken, unlovable/unloved, misunderstood, shy, timid, fat…

This version of life tends to be framed within the mind of scarcity and appears to be quite valid on the surface- we don’t have enough time, we are not as lucky as others, we don’t have enough energy, etc. It’s Ego that keeps us in the blame game filtering out any notion that WE could actually be responsible for this suffering. It keeps our mind focused on lack and accepts only reality validating this beleif.

From this perspective, we buy into the beleif that we are a victim and begin living in survivial mode to protect ourselves from inevitable doom. When Ego is in control like this, our Intuiton takes on a persona of internal judgement.

Ego wants us to believe that inner guidance will lead us to more pain saying, “Remember the last time you trusted your heart?!? That didn’t go very well. You need to trust me from now on if you don’t want to get hurt again!”

And so, we stop trusting our true gut instincts, creating a life where we can’t trust ourselves, are unable to make solid decisions, can’t quite get on track, and always attract people who take advantgage of us. Intuition is replaced by survival mechanisms that appear on the surface as instinct but ultimately cage our free will.

When Ego is running the show, Intuition has a very subtle, almost meek voice. Ego makes you feel weak and un-powerful when you try to listen to your Intuition.

So how do we know the difference? One speaks to keep you playing small. One seeks to expand you.

When you get a gut instinct to trust or not trust someone/something, try this:

  1. Breathe and get present- Without present moment awareness, you WILL repeat the past.
  2. Determine what emotions and or reactive responses are coming forward- Are you triggered? Did your emotions rise? Are you feeling out of control or protective?
  3. Determine what red flags exist, if any- Do you notice anything out of the blue? Is it too good to be true?
  4. Determine if this guidance is pushing avoidance or escape from something you’re currently experienceing- Are you feeling lack or scarcity that this thing/person will rescue you from? Are you feeling that choosing this path will make you better than you are now?
  5. Based on the answers, does your internal guidance look like Ego trying to keep you “safe” or Intuition trying to hoist you into a new level of growth?

When you are in-touch with your internal guidance you’ll find that you are less triggered by emotional response and more inspired to take clear action. Your mind will know exactly what to do in moments of adversity and you’ll see how things will turn out even before you’ve acted on them.

Intuition will lead you on a path of self-discovery and heightened self-awareness that Ego will keep you from. When you learn to determine the difference between the two, your life will take on an air of divine greatness. It’s like the little angel on your shoulder that believes in your power, wants you to succeed and cares about your authentic self expression.

It’s the higher version of you pulling you into what’s truly possible!

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Be blessed. ❤

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