If you work at Google and want to sign this letter, go/sign-the-climate-letter.

Ruth Porat:

We, the undersigned 2,302* Google workers, in accordance with the gravity and urgency of the global climate crisis and its disproportionate harm to marginalized people [1,2], call on Google to commit to and release a company-wide climate plan incorporating:

  1. Zero emissions by 2030 [3].
  2. Zero contracts to enable or accelerate the extraction of fossil fuels [4].
  3. Zero funding for climate-denying or -delaying think tanks, lobbyists, and politicians [5].
  4. Zero collaboration with entities enabling the incarceration, surveillance, displacement, or oppression of refugees or frontline communities [6].

These demands have been set by workers across the tech industry, including Amazon and Microsoft. As Amazon employees wrote in their open letter [7]:

Climate change is an existential threat. The 2018 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report [8] predicts that a warming of 2° Celsius, which we’re currently on track to surpass, will threaten the lives of hundreds of millions of people and put thousands of species at risk of extinction. We’re already seeing devastating climate impacts: unprecedented flooding in India and Mozambique, dry water wells in Africa, coastal displacement in Asia, wildfires and floods in North America, and crop failure in Latin America. Vulnerable communities least responsible for the climate crisis are already paying the highest price.

Google is a global company with billions of users across the world, many of whom are already bearing the brunt of climate disaster [9]. Google’s code of conduct requires respect for users and for opportunities [10]. As Google workers, we are committed to putting our users first, and Google must do the same.

Google workers

* We will update the total number and names of signatories regularly.

[1] World faces ‘climate apartheid’ risk, 120 more million in poverty. UN News, June 2019.
[2] Mikati I, Benson AF, Luben TJ, Sacks JD, Richmond-Bryant J. Disparities in Distribution of Particulate Matter Emission Sources by Race and Poverty Status. Am J Public Health 108(4):480–485. April 2018.
[3] Song, Lisa. An (Even More) Inconvenient Truth: Why Carbon Credits For Forest Preservation May Be Worse Than Nothing. Propublica, 22 May 2019.
[4] Merchant, Brian. How Google, Microsoft, and Big Tech are Automating the Climate Crisis. Gizmodo, 22 February 2019.
[5] Kirchgaessner, Stephanie. Revealed: Google Made Large Contributions to Climate Change Deniers. The Guardian, 11 October 2019.
[6] Sengupta, Somini. Extreme Weather Displaced a Record 7 Million in First Half of 2019. The New York Times, 12 September 2019.
[7] 8,695 Amazon workers. Open letter to Jeff Bezos and the Amazon Board of Directors. 10 April 2019.
[8] IPCC. Summary for Policymakers. 2018.
[9] Oliver Milman, Emily Holden, David Agren. The unseen driver behind the migrant caravan: climate change. The Guardian, 30 October 2018.
[10] Google Code of Conduct. Last updated 31 July 2018.

Aaqib Hasnain, Product Marketing Manager, Ads Marketing
Aaron Aquino
Aaron Baumann, SWE, ChromeOS
Aaron Dietz, Technical Writer
Aaron Fisher, Software Engineer
Aaron Friedman
Aaron Homer, SWE, Android
Aaron Kagan, UX Researcher, CorpEmg
Aaron Shim, Software Engineer, GCP
Aaron Tatar, Geo-SRE
Abby Tiffany, Software Engineer, engEDU
Abhi Yadav, Product Manager, Cloud
Abhinav Mathur, EDA, YouTube TnS
Abhiranjan Kumar, Software Engineer
Abi Hunter, SRE, ML Serving
Abi LaBounty, YouTube SRE
Abigail Sassoon, Program Manager, Trust & Safety
Adam Dren, Senior Account Manager, Google Marketing Platform
Adam Forbes, UXD, Google Cloud
Adam Liss, Partnerships GTM
Adam Milner, SWE -Robotics
Adam Olshansky, Application Engineer, Devices and Services
Adam Shaw, SRE
Adam Stewart, Google Cloud
Adeleyah, ABP, Nest
Aditi Nagaraj, Software Engineer, Geo
Aditi Viswanathan, Software Engineer, Area 120
Adrian Goedeckemeyer, Software Engineer, YouTube
Adrian Simpson, Research Associate, Nanoparticles
Adrian Wan
Adriana Olmos, Product Designer
Adrien de Villoutreys
Adrien Kunysz, Site Reliability Engineer, Technical Infrastructure
Adrien Luecker, Software Engineer
Adrien Sulpice
Adrienne Pena, Research Technician, Verily Life Sciences
Adrienne Walker, Software Engineer, Chrome
Afreen Saulat, Wear and Fit
Agnieszka Burkot, SWE
Agnieszka Pachuta, Software Engineer, Core Systems
Agustin Cortes, Project Manager Apprentice, REWS
Aidan Lewis
Aidana Estebesova, Receptionist — Facility
Ailis OConnell, Analytical Consultant
Akanksha Gupta, Delivery Manager
Akihiro Ota, Software Engineer, Platforms and Ecosystems
Akihiro Takamoto, Solutions Consultant (Billing)
aktau, SRE, Core Systems
Al Momin, SWE, Ads
Alaa Abdo, Program manager, Google Cloud
Alan Chen, SWE, comms
Alan Donovan, Software Engineer
Alan Eneev, Software Engineer, Robotics, Computational Agriculture
Alan Krueger, Software Engineer, Products and Ecosystems
Alan Mackey, Software engineer, Machine perception
Alan Murphy, GBOP Recruiter
Alan Purvis, SWE
Alasdair Mackintosh, Software Engineer, Wing
Alastair Donaldson, Senior Software Engineer, Android
Alba Rios Rodriguez, Software Engineer, Calendar
Alban Chagnoleau, Software Developer, Safe Browsing
Albert Cohen, Research Scientist, Brain
Alberta Devor, Engineering Resident
Alberto Elizondo, UX, Core
Alberto Miotti
Ale, Customer Engineer
Alec Glassford, Technical writer, Cloud
Alec Sosnowski, Team Lead, gTech
Alec Story, Senior Software Engineer, Geo
Alejandro Luebs, SWE, Chrome
Aleksandar Andevski, Software Engineer, SRE
Aleksandra Culver, Senior Site Reliability Engineer, Cloud
Aleksandra Liubimova
Aleksei Zolotov, Software Engineer, Core Data
Alex Bailey, Software Engineer (Cloud)
Alex Bikbaev, Senior SWE, Core PA SRE
Alex Brown
Alex Erfurt, Cloud
Alex Fotland, SWE
Alex Hanna, Researcher, Google Brain
Alex Hernsdorf
Alex Lloyd, Software Engineer, Apps
Alex Maltsev, SWE, Lens
Alex Peterson, SWE, Chrome Media
Alex Strasser, APMM
Alex Strittmatter, Engagement Manager
Alex Susemihl, SWE, Search
Alex Vlassopulos, Android Platform Partnerships, Head of Orange Group, GPP
Alex Vogelsang, SWE, Civics Search
Alex Wilson, Software Engineer
Alex, Program Manager
Alexa Porges, Product Strategy Lead, Measurement Go-to-Market
Alexander Buccino, Engineering Manager, Core
Alexander D’Amour, Research Scientist, Research
Alexander Frank, Technical Specialist
Alexander Sky Rosengarten, Software Engineer, Cerebra
Alexandr Tcherniakhovski, Security Engineer
Alexandra Colella
Alexandra Gherghina
Alexandra Ishak, Study Associate, User Success
Alexandra Park, Program Manager, Verily Life Sciences
Alexandre Tumlinson, Hardware Engineer, Ophthalmic Innovation Group
Alexandrina Garcia, Developer Advocate
Alexey Baskakov, Software Engineer, ChromeOS
Alfredo Finotto, Program Manager, Assistant
Ali Moghaddam, Account Strategist
Ali Unal
Ali, Client Partner Lead
Alia Awni, Software Engineer, Comms — Duo
Alice Boxhall, Software Engineer, Chrome
Alice Genon, Account Strategist
Alice Lee, Program Manager, Google Cloud Startups
Alice Reyzin, Senior SWE in Search
Alice Scott, Software Engineer, Research
Alina Bull
Alison Quinlivan
Allanah Jackson, Product Marketing Manager, SSA
Allie Miller, UX Researcher
Allison Day, Program Manager, Google Assistant
Allyson Stronach, PgM, Search
Aly Grealish, SWE, News
Alyson Hinds, Recruiter
Alyssa Lingad, Software Engineer, Search
Amanda Berryhill, SWE, YouTube Ads
Amanda Sahl, Product Manager, Google Cloud
Amanda Siegel, SWE
Amber Goldfeld, Curriculum Specialist
Amber Zhang, Software Engineer, Search
Amelia Archer, Software Engineer, Research
Amelia Brunner, Software Engineer, Search
Amelia Puttock, People Operations
Ami Fischman, SWE
Amr Gaber, Software Engineer, Material Design
Amruta Sulakhe, UX Researcher, Google Assistant
Amy Carlstead, AE, LCS
Amy Fu, Interaction Designer, EngEDU
Amy Unruh, GCP
Amy, Recruiting Coordinator
Ana Ateca
Ana Nosseis, GMP
Ana Radovanovic, Research Scientist, Technical Infrastructure
Anand Desai
Anass Koudiss, Programme Manager, UX Research Operations
Anastasia Helfinstein, Software Engineer, Chrome
Andras Kerekes, SWE, GCP Serverless
André Sousa Lago, Software Engineer, Privacy & Data Protection Office
Andrea D’Olimpio, SWE
Andrea Dunlap, Makani
Andrea Lin, SWE, Daydream
Andrea Martinelli, Software Engineer, YouTube Ads
Andrea McIntosh, Software Engineer
Andrea Michi, Research Engineer, DeepMind
Andreas Achleitner, Account Manager, Large Customer Sales, GBO
Andreas Langen, .
Andrei, SWE, Corp Eng
Andrew Barke, Head of Northern UK Agencies
Andrew Belamide, Software Quality Operations Specialist, Waymo
Andrew Blatner, Firmware Engineer, Verily Life Sciences
Andrew Brook, Engineering Director, Google Cloud
Andrew Chang, Software Engineer, Geo
Andrew Fitz Gibbon, Developer Advocate
Andrew Gilchrist-Scott, SWE, Search
Andrew Gorcester, Developer Programs Engineer, Cloud
Andrew Hyatt, Software Engineer, Geo
Andrew Lamb, Software Engineer, ChromeOS
Andrew Lim
Andrew Lytvynov, Software Engineer, Google Cloud
Andrew O’Rourke
Andrew Sherman, Software Engineer
Andrew Wallace, Software Engineer, Mobile Vision
Andrew Wong, Senior SWE, Geo
Andrey Stroilov, SWE, Core
Andrii Krykavskyi, Google Cloud
anees hasnain, chief of staff, gbo
Angela Law
Angela Lin, Software Engineer, Google Enterprise Networking
Angela Park, Senior UX Designer, Verily
Angela, User Success, Verily
Angelique Rein, Staffing Operations Specialist, PA Staffing
Angelo Alcid, Technical Deal Consultant, gTech
Angie Zigrossi, Partner Marketing, Google Cloud
Angus C, SRE, ProdSec
Anirudh Sriram, Technical Writer, TensorFlow Ecosystem
Anita Woodruff, Software Engineer, Platforms & Ecosystems
Anja Bitzi
Anju Eappen, SWE, Google Search
Anke Grünhaupt, Key Account Manager
Ankur Dhoot, Software Engineer, Geo
Ann-Katrin Ludwig, Administrative Business Partner
Anna , Account Manager
Anna Achilles, Google.org
Anna Blinderman, Sofware Engineer, Ads
Anna Hartmann
Anna Min, EMEA Strat Ops lead for Play Retail, Payments, and Scale
Anna Rogozina, Measurement Solutions Consultant
Anna Roumiantseva, Design Research, X
Anna Santos
Anna Sokhan, Shopping Sales Manager
Anna Sviyazova, Solutions Consultant
Anna Wasewicz, Software Engineer, Cerebra
Annabell Hempelmann
Anne Aula, UX lead, Verily
Anne Keck, Program Manager, Google Cloud
Anne-Kathrin Müller , LCS DACH
Anne, Account Strategist
Annemarie McDaniel, Associate Product Marketing Manager, Google Ads APAC
Annie Lin, Software Engineer, Geo
Annika Witte, B2B Marketing Coordinator, Google Ads
Anouk Massuti, Partner Operations Manager, Youtube
Anshul Agrawal, Software Engineer, NBU
Anthony Girardi
Anthony Nicholson, Staff Software Engineer, Search
Antoine Aparicio, Google Shopping Account Manager
Antoine Reveiller
Anton Krohmer, Software Engineer, CorpEng
Anton Mikhailov, Senior Software Engineer, Daydream
Antonia Mora , Sr. Program Manager, Cloud AI
Antonio García Castañeda, Software Engineer, DeepMind
Antonio T., TPM
Anu Thubagere, Hardware engineer
Anupa Chakravorty, Technical writer, Cloud networking
Apollinariia Dunaeva, Program Manager, YouTube
Aran Gilman, SWE, Chrome
Arcolle Marine, Analytical Consultant
Arent Warren de Jong, SWE, Daydream
Arianna Guerriero, Staffing Team
Ariel Koren, Lead, Marketing LATAM, Google for Education
Arielle Robles, Software Engineer, YouTube Client Infrastructure
Aristide Niyungeko, Software Engineer, Google Cloud
Arjun Karpur, Software Engineer
Arne Neubauer, Legal Counsel
Artem Yudin, Software Engineer, Play
Asanka Herath, SWE, Chrome
Ashish Khola, Account Strategist
Ashita Chawla, Digital Marketing Apprentice, UK Assistant / Apps Marketing
Ashleigh Honeywill, Retail Marketing Manager, Retail & Payments, Google Play
Ashleigh Potter, Staffing Channels Specialist
Ashley Richter, Software Engineer, Core Systems
Ashok Patel, Cloud Technical Resident (Google Cloud)
Aston Lau
Athena Vawda, SWE, Core
Atish Agarwala, AI Resident
Aurelie Hassen, Industry Manager
Austen Van Burns
Austin Almond, SWE, YouTube
Austin Lee, PM
Ava Arroyo, Product Marketing Manager, YouTube
Aycan Satir, Account Strategist
Bakh Inamov
Balaji Rajam, Customer Engineer
Barron Webster, Designer, Creative Lab
Barry Rosenberg, Technical Writer, RMI
Bartosz Dudar, Software Engineer, Apps Calendar
Baruch Tabanpour, SWE
Basia Szarek, Program Manager
Bastien Jacot-Guillarmod, SWE, Cloud
Beatrice Ehrhart, Analytical Consultant, LCS
Bella Norvig, Software Engineer
Ben Caine
ben carroll, ux researcher, hardware
Ben Chipp, Digital Strategist, AGT
Ben Collins, Verily
Ben Karl, DPE, Google Ads API
Ben Koerbel, Corporate Operations Engineer, Googler Engagment
Ben Lickly, SWE, Core
Ben Sisson, Software Engineer, Cloud S&P
Ben Vitale, SWE, Jigsaw
Ben Weiss, DevRel
Ben Wells, Engineering Manager, Chrome OS
Bénédicte Ibert, strategic planner
Benedikt Hanft, Agency Account Strategist
Benjamin Carr, SWE
Benjamin Charrow, Software Engineer, Waymo
Benjamin Dittes, Staff Software Engineer, Geo
Benjamin Schuler, Google Cloud
Benjamin Spriggs, Software Engineer, Google Cloud Platform
Benjamin Wolf, SWE, Identity
Bernard Desmyter, Software Engineer, Geo
Bernd Holbein
Bernhard Konrad, Software Engineer
Bernhard Reinert
Beth Foster, EMEA Product lead, GTM (GBO)
Bhavit Sharma, Software Engineering University Graduate, Borg Proxy
Bill Baxter, SWE, Geo
Bill Grimes
Bion Johnson, Software Engineer, Corp Eng
Blake Jacquot
Blazej Magnowski, Software Engineer, Google Lens
Bob Jung, Dir, Software Engineering, Search
Bob Meijer, Head of Retail, GMP
Bobak Shahriari, Research Scientist, DeepMind
Bobby Gould , Video and display sales manager
Bobby Hyam, Customer Engineer
Bobby Meile, Technical writer
Boki Pancahlee, Visual Designer
Boris D, Software Engineer, Research
Boris Debic, Release Engineer, Developer Relations
Bosun Adeoti
Brad Bambara, Software Engineer
Brad Strand, TLM, TI/Compute
Brandon Ewonus, Software Engineer
Brandon Keely
Brandon Montell, Software engineer, Daydream
Brendan Barwick, Software Engineer, Search
Brendan Ebers, SWE, Cloud
Brenna Graves, UXR, Physical Security
Brennan Proudfoot, Software Engineer, Ads
Brett Link, SWE — GCP
Brett Slabaugh, Software Engineer, Core
Bria Wallace, Software Engineer, Verily
Brian Adolf, Hardware Engineer, X
Brian Calaci
Brian Gawalt, Software Engineer, Google Fi
Brian Haney, PgM, Cloud Support
Brian McSwiggen, Software Engineer, Corp Eng
Brian Schnack, Software Engineer
Brianna Doyle, Team Lead, Creative Lab
Brienne Jones, Interaction Designer, Ad Manager
Britny Herzog, Program Manager, Cloud
Britta Wunderlich, Customer & Partner Operations Lead, Google Domains
Brittany Epps, Program Manager, PeopleDec
Brock Jackman, Software Engineer, GCP
Bronte McGarrah, Business Partner, X
Brooke Nial, Digital Marketing Apprentice — Travel LCS
Bruce Dawson, Software Engineer, Platforms and Ecosystems
Bruce Hahne, Technical Program Manager
Bruce Xin Li, Software Engineer
Bryan Chiang, SRE
Bryan Henry, Senior Software Engineer
Bryan Nguyen, Software Engineer
Bryce Cronkite-Ratcliff, Senior Software Engineer, Cloud
Burgan Shealy, UXD
C.J. Collier, TSE, GCP
Caitlin Taggart, Software Engineer
Caitlyn Friscia, Product Support Manager
Caitlyn Roth, GBO Staffing
Caitriona Corrigan, video sales
Caleb Brown, Geo, SWE
Caleb Eggensperger
Caleb Rouleau, Software Engineer, Chrome
Caleb Van Dyke, Software Enginer, Verily
Callum Chalk, Product Analyst, Geo
Calvin McCrea, Account Manager
Cami Stonelake, Program Manager, Geo
Camila Fernanda Batalha, Account Manager International Business Google Shopping Solutions
Camila Ferraz, Account Executive, Travel
Camilla Dawson, ABP
Camille Lacrampe
Camilo Moreno-Salamanca, Account Executive, SMB GCP Cloud Sales LATAM
Candice Malini, Industry Manager
Caoimhe Clausen, SRE, YouTube
Cara O’Shell, Analyst, People Operations
Cara Pew, Software Engineer, Google Cloud
Carl Tan
Carlie, US
Carling Sugarman, SWE, Youtube
Carlo Schmidt, Territory Manager, Google Cloud
Carlos Colmenares, Senior Software Engineer, AdsQuality
Carlos Enrique Gomez-Kureishi, APMM, Hardware Marketing
Carol Drysdale, Software Engineer
carol haidar, industry manager GBO
Caroline, Administrative Business Partner, GBO
Carrie Tucker, Waze Sales
Carsten Richterr, New Business Manage
Cassandra Fox
Cat Wu, Product Manager, Geo
Caterina Golner, SWE
Catherine Bergin, YouTube
Catherine Coates
Catherine Liu, Software Enginner, Cloud
Cathriona Walsh, Account Manager, Mid Market Sales, GCS
cecilia nunn, UX infrastructure
Cecilia Wiesböck, Account Strategist, GCS
Celine HERVE, Operations Analyst, People Ops
Chandan Nath, Senior Software Engineer, Android
Chanelle Smith
Channing Kimble-Brown, SWE, Apps
Charles Reis, SWE
Charlie Hope, Customer Engineer
Charlotte Ripke, Account Manager, LCS
Charmaine Tavassoly, Agency lead, GBO
Charvi Ahuja, Media ops
Cherie Meyer, Cloud Databases
Chetan Rao, SWE, Apps
Chewy Shaw, SRE, Tech Infrastructure
Chi Pham, UX Designer, Google Cloud
Chiara Pelizzari, AM, LCS
Chiara Stocco, Analytical Consultant
Chieu Nguyen, Computational Linguist
Chirag Lathia, SWE, Youtube
Chloe Calvarin , Software Engineer, P&E
Chloe Pelling, Senior Software Engineer, Ads
Chris Antaki, Software Engineer, Search
Chris Bauer, SWE, Chrome OS
Chris Bubernak, SWE, Cloud
Chris Grillo, Program Manager, Ads
Chris Henrick, UX Engineer, Platform Design
Chris Joel, Software Engineer, Core Systems
Chris Manning, X
Chris Moynihan, Staff Software Engineer
Chris Palmer, Staff Software Engineer, Chrome
Chris Ross, UXE, Devices & Services
Christian Amann, SWE, GCP
Christian Biesinger, Software Engineer, Chrome
Christian Kiefer, SPL, Admob
Christian Kungler, Firmware dev. Verily
Christian Schneider, SWE, Devices & Services
Christina Beveridge , YouTube for Action product lead
Christina Lin
Christina Mersch, Account Strategist, GCS
Christine Antlanger-Winter, Country Director, Austria
Christine Zanedis
Christoph Pfisterer, Software Engineer, Geo
Christoph Schwering, Software Engineer, Platforms & Ecosystems
Christopher Bisignani, SWE, Search
Christopher Chagal, Technical Solutions Consultant, gTech Professional Services
Christopher Co, Software Engineer, Health
Christopher Lam, ChromeOS Systems Architect
Christos Karamanos, SWE, Lens
Christy Cheng, Software Engineer
Christy Cui, Software Engineer
Chrys Francisco Laguitao, UX Designer, NBU
Ciarán Dowd, Technical Writer
Cici Lu, Software Engineer, AdsFE SRE
Cindy Tian, Immunology Research, Verily
Ciprian Olariu
Claire Geddie
Claire Jaja, Software Engineer
Clara Woods, Software Engineer, Google Photos
Claro Manuel Daluro, Vendor Manager, Scaled Operations
Claudia Krense, Quantitative UX Researcher, Ads/Shopping Commerce
Clément Beauseigneur, Software Engineer
clément martin, Data engineer, LCS
Clement Parazon, Strategy & Insights Manager
Clint M, SWE, Cloud
Cloé Morel, Training Lead HW FR
Cody Kesting, SWE II, Android Connectivity
Cole Dearmon-Moore, SWE, Cloud
Cole Murphy
Colin Barth, SRE, Core Dev
Colin Jackson, Product Manager, Google Ads
Collin Chuck, APAC BD Strategy & Operations, Google Play
Conan Dooley, Privacy Engineering, Privacy
Connor Bedford-Petersen
Connor Regan, Specialist, Global YouTube Policy
Conor Cadden, Sales — Google Ads
Conor Reisman
Conrad Parker, Software Engineer, Cloud Security
Constantin von Salmuth
Corbin, SWE
Corey Leamon, Interaction Designer, Devices & Services
Cory McLean, Staff Software Engineer, Health
Courteney Feld, Recruiting Coordinator
Courtney Hollingsworth, Operations Specialist, People Ops
Craig Chasseur, Senior Software Engineer, Core Data
Craig Simms, Technical Writer
Craig Stout, Senior SWE, P&E
Cristina Stancu-Mara, Product Manager, Google Fit
Crystal Qian, Research Engineer, DeepMind Energy
Crystal Rose
Csaba Egly , Business Development Consultant
Curtis Steckel, Software Engineer
Cutter Coryell, Machine Learning Engineer, Android
Cynthia Harris, Software Engineer, Verily
Cyril Fangeaud, Industry Manager, GBO
Cyrus Behroozi, Engineer, X
D. Wang
Damian Ondore, FSR — Google Cloud Platform — Manufacturing and Industrial ( Energy and Utilities )
Dan Boger, Senior SRE, Sharded Google
Dan Nanas, Program Manager, Google Research
Dana Hoffman, SWE, Cloud
Dana Jansens, Staff Software Engineer, Chrome
Dane Pollock
Dani, Recruitment Coordintor
Daniel Balke, Head of Professional Services, Central Europe
Daniel Balle, SWE, Google Assistant
Daniel Balparda, Ads SRM
Daniel Barkhorn, Software Engineer
Daniel Chrabolowsky, Program Manager AVops LATAM
Daniel Dressler, Software Engineer
Daniel Echlin, Software Engineer, Cloud
Daniel Furrer, SWE, Reasearch
Daniel Goldstein, Software Engineer, Network Infrastructure
Daniel Grieves, TLM, Google Cloud Platform
Daniel Harrison, TPM, TI
Daniel Hartl, Account Strategist
Daniel Ho, Software Engineer, Geo Enterprise
Daniel Kelley, SWE, Ads
Daniel Kroeger, Partner Technology Manager, Wear OS
Daniel LaLiberte, Software Engineer, Google Cloud
Daniel Mabasa, Production Manager, YouTube
Daniel Mayr, Partner Technology Manager
Daniel Mc Evoy, AM, Google Ads
Daniel Simmons-Marengo, Software Engineer, Core Systems
Daniel Trovato, Data Insights Manager
Daniel Valcarce, Software Enginner, Search
Daniel, Software Egineer
Danielle Monahan, Head of Partner Marketing, Waze
Danielle Pearson, People Consultant, EMEA
Danielle Roberts, Technical writer
Danna Useche
Dante Qin, COE, Techstop
Danuta Bak, Global Product Lead, gTech
Daphne de Jong, TPM, Waymo
Daphne Jacobsen
Dario Tapia
Darren Chamberlain, Technical Solutions Engineering Manager, Google Cloud Platform
Darya Solomenko, LCS
Dave Chiu, Design Lead, Material Design
Dave Hiniker-Roosa, Software Engineer, Google Cloud
Dave Sescleifer, SWE, Ads
Dave Watson, Staff Software Engineer, Verily
David Brown, Security Engineer
David C, Software Engineer, Google Health
David Chang, Senior Vendor Manager, Google Play
David Cronin, Director UX, Geo
David Ebbo, Engineering manager, Google Cloud
David Eisenstat, Research
David Gerg, Solutions Consultant, Publisher
David Hale, Cloud Security Writing Manager
David Heeg, Staff Manufacturing Engineer, D&S
David Herman, SWE, Android Studio
David Jones-Krause, Senior Writer, Content team
David Jones, Program Manager, YouTube
David Lattimore, Software Engineer
David Newgas, TPM, Cloud
David Noack, StratOps Manager, GBO
David P. Moulton, Data Scientist
David Richter
David Skidmore, Software Engineer
David Stalnaker, Software Engineer, Google Maps
David Vangeystel
David Westbrook, Technical Writer
Davide Kirchner, Site Reliability Engineer, Technical Infrastructure
Davis Vance, Data Analyst, GCS Ads
Dawn kedzuch , Industry Manager
Daylon Srinivasan
Dean Hillan, Data Scientist, Comms-Duo
Declan Morris, GPM, Finance
Deep Dey
Delia Bullock, SWE
Derek Halden, Ads SRE
Derek Jones, SWE, ADS
“Devon Anderson, UX Designer, GEO
‘While it is expensive to act, the public will respect and follow our actions’”
Devon Mcguire, ABP, REWS
Diana Chen, Associate Product Manager, Geo
Diana Ganceanu, SRE
Diana Pop, Inside Sales Rep, Google Cloud
Diane Bates, Technical Writer, Cloud Docs
Diego Hernandez, Software Engineer, Ads
Diego Juarez, Quality Evaluator, Ads
Diego Montejo, Technical Specialist, gTech
Diego Vargas Secaira, BI Analyst, Play
Dimitar Kumanov, Software Engineer, Client Side Performance (Apps)
Dina Dakik
Ding Zhou, Software Engineer, Site Reliability Engineering
Dionna Glaze, SWE L4, Cloud security
Dirk Ginader
Divya Bajekal
Divya Mouli, Software Engineer, Google Books
Dom Elliott, Product Manager
Dom Twitty, Software Engineer, Ads
Dominic Frecentese, Data Science, YouTube
Dominique Wimmer, Program Manager, Equity Engineering
Don McCurdy
Don Turner, Developer Advocate, Android Developer Relations
Dorin Heid, Associate Account Strategist, GCS
Dorothy Kelly, Head of Americas Developer Marketing
Doug Mayo-Wells, UI Designer, Travel
Drew Fisher, Software Engineer, Platforms & Ecosystems
Drew Shapiro, SWE, Search
Drew Weymouth, Software Engineer, Cloud
Dustin Doss, SWE, Search
Dustin Rhodes, Software Engineer, Dataflow/Flume
Duygu Isler, TPM, YouTube
Dvir Kafri
Dylan Baker, Software Engineer, RMI
Dylan Hoang, SWE
Dylan Myrie, Ads Quality
Dylan Vener, SWE, TI
Eamon Gaffney, SWE, GCP
Ebony Milbury, Access Management Analyst, Global Business — gBOSS Risk
Edel Greevy, Customer Insights Manager
Edward Corn, Strategic partner development manager, Android TVEdward
Edward Jung, Chrome
Edwin Tay
Edyta Jaworek, UX
Eetu Viuhkonen
Efrat Orkin, UX Design Manager
Eleanor Kelly, Software Engineer, Ads
Elena S, Program Manager, GCP
Elena Volokhina, SWE, PUT — Ads Security
Eli Brandt, Senior Software Engineer, Map Data
Eli Fox-Epstein, SWE, YouTube
Eli Patten, Mechanical Engineer
Elias Aamot, Software Engineer
ELias M
Elijah Soria, Software Engineer
Eliot Stock, PM, Android
Elisa Chi, Global Supply Manager
Elisa Kelsall
Elisabeth Callot, Program Manager, Search
Elisabeth Seeger, GTM, Germany
Eliseo Soto, Software Engineer, YouTube
Elizabeth Burl
Elizabeth Martyn, Analytical Linguist, Ads Quality
Elizabeth Muhm, SWE, Geo
Elizabeth Rice, Account Executive, Large Customer Sales
Elizabeth Shelly, UX Researcher, Apps
Elizeu Santos-Neto
Elke Michlmayr, SWE, Google Flights
Ellen Ennok
Ellery Wulczyn
Elli Itin
Elmar Mair
Emanuel Krivoy, SWE
Emanuel, Software Engineer
Ember Rose, SWE, Android
Emil J
Emila Yang, Interaction Designer, NBU
Emilia Lepaulmier, Sales Manager
Emily Cacciatore, SWE
Emily Cai, SWE, Cloud
Emily Gruen, Software Engineer, Google Cloud
Emily Li, Software Engineer, Google Cloud
Emily Magavern, Software Engineer, Devices and Services
Emily Meng, Software Engineer, Geo Enterprise
Emily R, Site Reliability Engineer, Comms
Emily Yeager, Intern Staffing Partner, People Operations
Emma Freeman, Engineering Resident, Podcasts Web
Enni, Customer Insights Google Ads
Eoin Connolly, NetOps
Erez bibi, SWE
Eric Arnold, Software Engineer, Search
Eric Bailey, Software Engineer, Web Ranking
Eric Bennett, Mechanical Engineer, Verily
Eric Breverman, Staff Network Engineer
Eric Dand, Software Engineer, Cloud
Eric Garrido, Software Engineer, TI/Cloud
Eric Gretzke, Brand & Engagement Specialist
Eric Hustvedt, SRE, Ads
Eric Lewis, SWE
Eric Max, Program Manager, Loon
Eric Miles, Senior Software Engineer, Drive
Eric Montijo, SWE in Youtube Developer Infrastructure
Eric Mullen, Software Engineer
Eric Rinehart, SWE
Erica Tsang, People Operations, Channels
Erich Nagler, Art Director, Google Doodles
Erick Dransch, Software developer, Stadia
Erik Berkule
Erik de Jong, Cloud TSE
Erika Olsen
Erin Grant, Intern, Brain Research
Erkin Bahceci, Software Engineer, Geo
Erty Seidohl, Software Engineer
Esra Pencereci, Policy Specialist, Trust & Safety
Esra, APMM, Hardware
Ester Morales, Customer Engineer, Google Cloud
Estevan Flores, Snr Product Analyst
Ethan Cline, SWE
Ethan Gracer, Product Solutions Engineer, Wireless Services
Ethan Koenig, Software Engineer, Devices and Services
Ethelia Lung, Interaction Designer, YouTube
Etienne Guerin, Technical Account Manager, Google Cloud
Etienne, Research Engineer, RMI
Etkin Baris Ozgul, Search
Eva Lukai, Industry Manager, LCS Retail
Eva Neggers, Legal trainee
Eva Ries, Sales Manager, Google Marketing Platform DACH
Evan Anderson, Senior Staff Software Engineer, Cloud
Evan Berg
Evan Birenbaum, Software Engineer, Platforms and Ecosystems
Evan Brown, Senior Software Engineer, Search
Evan FRiis, SWE, Ads
Evan Meagher, Software Engineer, X
Evan Moore, Software Engineer, Cloud
Evan Sketchley
Evan Wildenhain, Software Engineer
Evangeline Lieu, Candidate Experience Operations Coordinator
Evgeny Bondarenko, Software Engineer, People Operations
Ewa Owczarewicz, Ads Billing Product Specialist
Fabio Scuderi, Digital Marketing Strategist, CSA
Fanny Talagrand, SMB Sales Cloud
Fatima Johnson, Account Manager, LCS FR
Favian Contreras, Software Engineer, Supply Chain
Fayaz Jamil, Quality Engineer, Product Quality
Felix Berger
Felix Binzer, Account Manager, Ads
Felix Köhler, Analyst, GBO
Felix Rauch Valenti, SRE
Felix Roth, Global Account Executive
Fernando Cruz, Product Marketing Manager
Finnegan Southey
Florian Aubert, Business Finance
Florian Dessloch, SWE, Core
Florian Geiger, Customer Engineer
Florian Hirt, LCS
Florian Kapsenberg, Sr. Airframe Structures Engineer, Makani
Florian Pagès, YouTube Partnerships France
Florian Rathgeber, Site Reliability Engineer, Google Cloud
Forrest Reiling, SWE, P&E
Fort Felker, CEO, Makani
Frances Steen, SWE, GEO
Francesco Carucci
Francesco Nutricato, Android Partner Engineer, Engineering — Android Partner Engineering
Franco Camba
Francois Pesce, Staff Software Engineer, Google Cloud
Franziska Brill, Account Strategist, Google Ads, GCS Sales
Fred Douglas, Software Engineer, Cloud Networking
Gabe Benjamin, Software Engineer
Gabe McCauley, GBO
Gabriel Carvajal, Software Engineer, Google Assistant
Gabriel Charette, Staff Software Engineer, Chrome
Gabriel Dulac-Arnold, Researcher, Brain
Gabriel Herlich
Gabriel Kowalsky , Clinical Operations Specialist, Clinical Research
Gabriel Schubiner, SWE, Research
Gabriella Araujo, Product Marketing Manager, Devices & Services
Gabrielle Archer
Gabrielle Simon
Gaby Reyes, Solutions Consultant, Search
Galina Peycheva, Software Engineer, Android
Garen Checkley, Design, NBU
Garen Karnikian, Analytical Lead, GBO
Garth Edwards, Product Manager, YouTube
Gary Embler, Sr. Electrical Engineer
Gary Smith, Technical Writer, Google Cloud
Gary Tong, Scientist, Verily
Gaurav pandit, Data Engineer, gTech
Gediminas Liktaras
Geeta Verma, Souring Lead in Channels
Gem Chien, Program Manager, TI — Platforms
Gemma Nash, Software Engineer
Geoffrey LaMotte, Global Product Lead, Travel Ads
Geoffrey Martin-Noble, Software Engineer, Research
Geordan Rosario, Software Engineer, Verily
Geordy Kitchen, Product Manager, Search
Georg Heesch, TSE, Google Cloud
George Karpenkov, Software Engineer, Google Brain
George Steel, SWE, Chrome Animations
Gergey Farago, SWE
Gernot Schaufler, SWE, Devices & Services
Giancarlo Chico, Ads Quality Evaluator
Gianni Gambetti, Software Engineer
Gilda Abbasnejad
Gina Luzzi
Giovanni Schiavon, Security Engineer
Giuliana Fiorani
Gizem Ergel, Enterprise Customer Development, Google Cloud
Glen Robertson, SWE
Goran Flegar, Software Engineer, Stadia
Goran Narancic
Grace Hu
Grace Lin, SWE, Search
Grace Petersen, Program Manager, Core Developer Relations
Graciela R/uiz, Stadia
Grant Raun, Extern, Marketing
Grant Rodgers, SWE, Cloud
Greg Backstrom
Greg Cannon, Software Engineer, Google Duo
Greg Grothaus, Software Engineer
Greg Kochanski, Staff Software Engineer, Research
Greg Wolfe
Grigory Bronevetsky, SWE, X
Grzegorz, Software Engineer, Geo
Guilherme, EMEA Marketing Lead — Google Assistant
Guillaume Brogi
Guillaume Chatelet, SWE
Guillaume Endignoux, Software Engineer
Gulhan Serhat, SWE/Search
Guy Luchting, Account Manager LCS
Gwen Haag, Program Manager, Core Systems
Hadas Natalie Vogel, Software Engineer, TLV, IL
Hai Le, Interaction Designer, Payments
Haley Fletcher, Engineering Resident
Hamza Merzic, Research Engineer @ DeepMind
Hana Tanimura, Designer, Creative Lab
Hanane Yessou
Hanna Nikuradse, Product Specialist Shopping Ads, DACH
Hannah Shalev, Technical Solutions Engineer
Hannah, SWE, Geo
Harry Cutts, Software Engineer, Chrome OS
Harry R. Traulsen
Harry Voorhees
Harry Wales
Haylee Conradi, Cloud Product Marketing
Heather Cassano, UX Director, Core UX
Helen OKane, Industry Manager
Hélène Maestripieri, Product partnerships
Helene Schlesinger, Gtech
Hemil Patel, Product Specialist, Shopping Ads
Henning Meyer, Senior SWE-SRE, ML-SRE
Henning Schulte, Video Sales Manager
Henry Steinitz, Software Engineer
Henry Tran, Software Engineer, Search
Heriberto Hernandez, Finance
Hila Baruch, Mobile Industry Manager, Booking.com
Holly Hyde, Sales Manager, LCS, London
Holt Skinner, Technical Solutions Engineer, Google Cloud
Howard Kaye, Senior SRE — Corp Eng
Hugh Rayner
Hugo Alves, Technical Account Manager, GCP
Hugo Genesse, Security Developper, Safe Browsing
Hugues Evrard, Software Engineer, Android Graphics
Hunter Ellenbarger, Art Director, YouTube
Hylton Edingfield, Product Solutions Engineer, G Suite
Ian Gowen, SWE, Shopping
Ian Hesner, Operations Specialist, Waymo
Ian Johnson, Senior UX Engineer, Cloud Platform
Ian King, Business Systems Analyst, Engineering
Ian McDowall, Tech Lead Manager, Google Health
Ian McMeans, SWE, youtube
Ian Rahman
Ida S
Igor Kubik, Strategic Partner Manager, YouTube
igorcov, swe
Ihab Awad, Software engineer, Core Dev
Ike McCreery, Site Reliability Engineer, Cloud
Ilia Sky, Technical Program Manager
Ilya Ezepov, Software Engineer, Assistant
Ines Cruz da Silva, SDM telecom, LCS
Inger Rahn
Ioulia, Pgm ,Google Meet
Irena Wang, SWE, Geo Search
Irene Thomas, Product Marketing Manager
Iris Kol, Technical Program Manager, Waze Carpool
Isaac Clerencia, SRE, Cloud
Isaac Laughlin, Product Analyst, YouTube
Isaac Martinez, Display Specialist, LCS
Isabel McCarten, Site Reliability Engineer, Google Cloud
Isabela C, GCP SRE
Isabelle Yen
Isobel Crowley , Account Manager GCS UKI
Itai Bercovier, CXD advocate and education
Itai Raz, Core
Iva Uzunov
Ivan Bocic, SWE, Cloud
Ivan Passos
Ivan Zlatev, Software Engineer, Google Cloud
Ivo Furano, PgM, GDO Imagery, Geo
Izzie Zahorian, User Experience Research, RMI
J Snyder, Software Egineer
Jack Brown, Waymo Engineering Applications User Experience Program Manager
Jack Ley, Site Reliability Engineer
Jack O’Brien, Software Engineer, Finance Works
Jack Paparian, Software Engineer, Verily Life Sciences
Jack Wanderman, PM, Waymo
Jackie Fahmy, SWE, Geo
Jacklyn Low, Program Manager, Customer Programmes
Jackson Kelly
Jacob Crawford, Senior Scientist, Debug Project at Verily
Jacob Frederick, Software Engineer, Cloud Security
Jacob Reynolds, Site Reliability Engineer, Google Compute Engine
Jacob Teal, Product Solutions Engineer
Jacqueline Pifer, Designer, Creative Lab
Jadrian Miles, Software Engineer, YouTube
Jaime Perujo, Sales Engineer
Jake Freyer, SWE, Geo Map the World
Jake Shoudy, Software Engineer, Cloud
Jakob Bauer
Jakub Ocwieja, Senior Software Engineer
James Chalmers Browne, Staff Business Systems Analyst, CorpEng
James Craver, Software Engineer, Verily Life Sciences
James Gomez Jr., Product Support Analyst — gUP Chrome
James Higbie, Scientist, Verily
James McClure, SWE, Ads
James O’Brien
James Pine, SWE, RMI
James Shellie
James, Operations Specialist, Waymo
Jamie Herendeen
Jamie Schwartz, Administrative Business Partner, Google Nest
Jamie Sheasley, Policy Specialist
Jamilah Simpson, Digital Marketing Apprentice (LCS, TMT)
Jan Birkhahn
Jan van de Kerkhof, SWE, Youtube
Jane, -
Janet Jin, Senior Financial Analyst, Ads Finance
Janet Kuo, Software Engineer
Janice Lin, Verily
Janik Hasselkus, Associate Account Strategist, GCS
Janina Biedler
Jannika Brombach, YouTube Partner Ops
Jared Bhatti, Technical Writer, Fuchsia
Jared Christen, Software Engineer, Core
Jared Levy, Senior Staff Software Engineer, Search
Jascha Sohl-Dickstein, Staff research scientist, Brain
Jasika Bawa, Product Manager, Google Cloud
Jasmijn Remmers, Account Manager
Jason Djang, Program Manager, YouTube
Jason Feinstein, Software Engineer, D&S
Jason Ganetsky, Software Engineer, Google Cloud Platform
Jason Roselander, Software Engineer, Research
Jason, EngEDU
Javier, Software Engineer, Google Assistant
Jay Conrod
Jay Harris, Software Engineer
Jay Sabblah, Agency Lead
JC Rudy, Recruiting Coordinator
Jean Ju
Jean-François Macresy, Cloud Consultant, Google Cloud
Jean-Luc Saorine, Large Customer Sales
Jean-Philippe Mota, Account Executive
Jeannette, ABP
Jeff Kang, Software Engineer, Ads Planning
Jeff Lavallee, SWE, Google Earth
Jeff Martin, Software Engineer, Google Cloud
Jeff Prucher, Linguist, Search
Jeff Rechtman, Deal Manager, Google Ad Manager
Jeff Runningen
Jeffrey Barnes, Senior Software Engineer, Cloud
Jeffrey Herman, Software Engineer, YouTube
Jeffrey Lyman, SWE, Ads
Jeffrey Yasskin, Software Engineer, Chrome
Jelena Drzaic, Software Engineer
Jen Barnason, Technical Writer
Jen Le
Jenna Davies, Recruiting Coordinator
Jenna Vandergeest, Search
Jenni Kilduff, Software Engineer, Research
Jennifer A Rosewood, Technical Editor, Cloud Docs
Jennifer Buckley, Software Engineer, Google Cloud
Jennifer Fong, Product Marketing Manager, Devices & Services
Jennifer Kelly, Brand Marketing, Google Cloud
Jennifer Mace, SRE, CorpEng
Jennifer Wei, Software Engineer, Research
Jennifer Wu, Software Engineer, Platforms & Ecosystems
Jens Kuehlers, Solutions Architect, Cloud
Jeremiah Pratt, SWE, Eng Res
Jeremy Archer, Senior Software Engineer, Technical Infrastructure
Jeremy Condit
Jeremy Hoffman, Senior Software Engineer, Search
Jeremy Lawson
Jerome Rottiers, Consultant
Jerome, Strat&Ops Analyst, GBO
Jerry Li, Research Engineer, DeepMind
Jess Butler, ABP, Chrome Media
Jess Muskin-Pierret, Software Engineer, Search
Jess Newman, Software engineer, YouTube Music
Jess Penkhues, PA Staffing, Tech Recruiter
Jesse Engel, Research Scientist, Brain
Jesse Friedman, Marketing Consultant, Google Brand
Jesse Zhou, Sales
Jessica Crawford, Industry Manager, LCS
Jessica Ha, Software Engineer, Geo
Jessica Harper, Technical Writer, g-Tech
Jessica Noss, Software Engineer, Geo Assistant
Jessica Tan, UX Researcher, Fuchsia
Jessica Wise
Jessie High
Jesus Castellano, Search Product Specialist, Google Ads
Jezze Jao, Public Sector Partnerships, Waze
Jim Blackler, Software Engineer
Jimmy Cheung, Software Engineer
Jimmy Gong, Software Engineer, ChromeOs
Jin Lee, SWE
Jingru Shao, Hardware Engineer, Biomedical Device
Jingyu Zou, Software Engineer
Jinting Hayter, Software Engineer
Jiri Hron, Student researcher, Engineering (Google Brain)
Jiyoung Han, Behavioral Scientist
Jo Ohm, Scientist, Debug
Joanna Podgorska, Technical Specialist, Google Marketing Platform
Joanne Andrada, Event Center Concierge, REWS
Joaquin Paz, PM Waze
Joe Carnahan, Software Engineer, Search
Joe Dale, Video & Display Sales Apprentice
Joe Ethier, SWE, Wearables
Joe Lodin, Technical Writer, Google Assistant
Joe Winn, Business Analyst, YouTube
Joel Burget
Joel Graeupner
Joel Votaw, Engineer
Joëlle Skaf, Staff Software Engineer
Johanna Perez, UXE, Cloud Systems
Johanna, GCS / GBO
Johannes Behrisch
Johannes Mirbach, EMEA Ad Platforms Product Lead
John “Juce” Bruce, Code Therapist, Widevine
John Burke, SWE, Cloud
John Carson, Search Language Specialist, Geo Assistant
John Cater, Senior SWE, Core
John Cline, Engineering Manager, Keep
John Coiner, YouTube
John Davis, Industry Manager
John Draper, Software Engineer
John Hess
John Phillpot, Site Reliability Engineer
John Tobin, SRM, TI
john zipfel, technical program manager, cloud
Jolien, LCS AM
Jon Kimbel, Engineer, Geo
Jon Miranda, SWE, Android
Jon Switkes
Jon Wang, Health
Jon Wiley, Director, Daydream
Jonah Ryan-Davis, Software Engineer, Engineering — Web Platform and Media Eng/PM
Jonas Plieth, Account Strategist
Jonas Taege, GBO
Jonas Wagner, Software Engineer, Core Developer
Jonathan Alvarez-Gutierrez, Technical Solutions Engineer, Google Cloud Platform — Big Data
Jonathan Basseri, Software Engineer, Anthos
Jonathan Bridger
Jonathan Grossman, Industrial Designer
Jonathan Hager, Technical Deal Consultant, gTech
Jonathan Koberstein, Senior Software Engineer
Jonathan Lepage, Software engineer
Jonathan Schleifer, Software Engineer III, Core
Jordan Coff, Software Engineer, Google Maps
Jordan Raisher, SWE
Jordan Zola, Behavioral Science
Jordana Kligerman, Account Executive, GCS
Jörg Zieren, Software Engineer
Jorge García Díaz, Platforms Partner Manager
Jose Enrique Chen, Research Engineer
Jose Ferreira, Data Scientist
Joseph Pfister, Publisher Growth Specialist, OPG
Josephine, Policy Specialist
Josh Camp, Software Engineer, Assistant
Josh Deprez
Josh Hall, Account Manager
Josh Livni, Software, Verily
Josh Simmons, Software Engineer, Chrome
Josh Weihnacht, UX Designer, Corp Eng
Josh Yockey, TLM, Cloud
Joshua M, Software Engineer
Joshua Marxen, Software Engineer, Cloud IAM (EngProd)
Joshua Pratt (jopra@), SWE, Cerebra
JosieKate Cooley, SWE, Geo
Joyce Pan, SWE
Juan Miguel Huertas Delgado, Software Engineer, Chrome Graphics
Judith Dobretzberger, Industry Manager
Judith Rathke, Industry Manager
Jules Bannerman, Programmatic Sales Specialist
Jules Fournier
Julia Cabrales, University Programs Coordinator
Julia Edholm, Senior Software Engineer
Julia Fraquelli, Strategy Analyst, Go-To-Market
Julia Li, Channel Partner Manager, Online Partnerships Group
Julia Tufts, Software Engineer
Julia, SWE
Julia, UX
Julian Katz, Software Engineer, Cloud
Julian W, Software Engineer
Julian Weller, Key Account Manager | Retail
Justin Ahn, Software Engineer, Core
Justin Haddadnia
Justin Yang, Software Engineer, Ads
Justine Owen, Technical Writer, Cloud
Jyothi Brahnmath, Program Manager — Meeting Solutions
Kaitlin Hipkin, SWE III, Cloud
Kaitlin Huben, Senior Software Engineer
Kaitlyn Jiva, Google Cloud — Public Sector
Kaitlyn Silveira, ABP, Ads and Android
Kalila , Verily
Kamesh Velu, SWE
Kamil, Programmatic Media Manager
Kappi Patterson, Software Engineer
Karan Goel
Karan Sethi, Principal Account Manager, EDU Sales
Karan, YT Ads
Kareem Elsayed
Karen Homolac, Programmatic Media Lead
Kari Klein, SWE, Geo
Karin Tuxen-Bettman, Program Manager, Geo for Everyone
Karina Lorenzana
Karina Martinez-Carter
Karl Channell, UX Lead
Karl Glaub, Data Analyst, LCS
Karl Stanton
Karlene, Software Engineer
Karol Hausman, Research Scientist, Brain
Karolina, Ads
Karolis Dineika, Cloud Consultant
Kashyap Puranik, Software Engineer, YouTube
Kat Ermakov, GCE
Kate Ageeva, PE
Kate Crowley, Cloud Lead for GMP UK
Kate Donahue, Software Engineer, Corp Eng
Kate O Donovan, Product Lead, Ads
Kate Shaw, Technical Account Manager, Google Cloud
Kate Smith
Kate van der Merwe, Finance Accountant, GBO
Kate Wilcox, Tech writer, G Suite
Kate, SWE, Cloud
Kate, Tech Consultant
Katharina Morsch
Katherine Edgecumbe
Katherine Lewis, Program Manager, Google Enterprise Network
Katherine Perfect , Head of Industry GMP — AU
Kathi Kitner, UX Researcher, Payments
Kathie Rosenthal, Large Customer Sales
Kathryn Dupuis, SWE, Verily Life Sciences
Kathryn Rough, Research Scientist, Google Health
Kathryn Spiers, Security Engineer
Kathy Rattnapanya, Cloud
Katie Fick
Katie Funk, Product GTM
Katie McCorquodale
Katie Reeves
Katja Henkel, EMEA Product Lead, Knowledge Mgmt. Tools
Katrin Nagel, Sales Manager DV360
Katrin Roeske, Industry Manager, LCS
Kayla Nguyen
Kaylee Kutschera, Software Engineer, Geo
Kayleigh Britland, V&D Sales Manager
Keanu Fischell, AM, Google Ads
Keith Preston, Technical Infrastructure
Keith Stevens, Software Engineer
Kelly Fuson, Retail GtM, Google Nest Hardware
Kelly Guerreiro
Kelsey Livingston, Production Manager, Experience Studio
Kelsey Morris, SWE, Youtube Ads
Kelsey Vandermeulen, Google Data Centers, Program Manager
Kelvin Lee, Software Engineer, SHerlog
Ken MacKay, Staff SWE
Kendra Tupper, Sustainability Operations Lead, REWS
Kendrick Umstattd, Software Engineer, Geo Data Quality
Kenneth Knowles, Software Engineer, Cloud
Ketan Goyal, TPM
kevin Abdollahkhani , Digital Marketing Strategist
Kevin Bourrillion, Staff Engineer, Core Developer
Kevin Chou, Brand Studio S&O
Kevin Dickerson, Customer Engineer, Google Cloud
Kevin Engel, SWE
Kevin Ferret, Product Manager
Kevin Most, Software Engineer
Kevin Paeth, Software Engineer, Search
Kevin Rose, SWE, YouTube
Kevin Wilson, Software Engineer, Research
Khadijeh Sheikhan, Software Engineer, Geo
Khanh Nguyen, PostDoc Researcher, GCE — Compute Infrastructure
Khurram Jamali, Gpay
Kia Wahl, Product Partnerships
Kiloran de Lapérouse, Performance Industry Manager, Google Ads
Kim Kosman, SWE, Ads
Kimberley Richardson
Kimberly Ha, Visual Designer, Google Ad Manager
Kimberly Wilber, Software engineer, Google AI
Kirk, Ops
Kirsten Olson
Kirsten Wagner, Product Solutions Engineer, Google Registry
Kishore, Payments
Kohei Ueda, Software Engineer, Google Cloud Apps
Kostas Spyropoulos, SWE, Assistant
Kree Cole-McLaughlin, SWE, Research
Kremena Goranova, Staffing
Kris Campos, Software Engineer
Kris Kennaway, Staff Site Reliability Engineer
Krissy Curtis, Austin Mega RC
Kristen Howard, HOI, GBO
Kristen McLean
Kristen Olson
Kristen Scharold, Area 120
Kristen Tracey, Software Engineer
Kristine Le, Interaction Designer, People UX
Kristopher Kooi, Software Engineer, GSuite
Kruz, SWE
Kurt Steinkraus, Software engineer, Google Cloud
Kurt, Software Engineer, BigQuery
Kyle Dhillon, Software Engineer
Kyle Duffy, Program Manager, gTech Creative Services
Kyle Weaver
kyle, LCS
Kylia Miskell, Software Engineer, Geo
Lachlan D.
Lara Cobra, AM, GCAS
Lara Tulipano, Data Scientist
Lars Clausen, SWE, Core
Lars Ofterdinger, Community Specialist, Marketing
Laura Martini, UX Designer, Google Analytics
Laura O’Brien, Technical Writer
Lauren Celenza, Design, Google Maps
Lauren Morrison, 3D Artist, Visual Design
Lauren Tweedie, Product Technology Manager, Shopping
Laurence Berland, SRE
Lea Coligado, Software Engineer, Geo
Leah Cole, Developer Programs Engineer, Google Cloud
Leah Springer, POps Strategy & Communications
Leanne Brennan, Staffing
Lee Schumacher, SWE, Cloud
Leevi Korhonen, Account Manager, LCS
Leon O’Reilly, Stadia
Leopold Gräubig, Industry Manager
Levi Lindsey, Senior Software Engineer
Leyla Telli
Li-Fang Cheng, Data Scientist, Verily
Liam Hopkins, Systems Administrator, Google Cloud
Liina Edun, SLS, TVS Lisbon
Lila Papiernik, Software Engineer, Google Cloud
Lili Pajer, Analyst, LCS, GBO
Lili Papadimitriou, Product Marketing Manager
Lilian Young, Information Security Engineer, Android
Lily Mihalkova, Software engineer
Lily Schwartzman, Curriculum Specialist, Children’s Centers, People Operations
Lindsey Varvil-Weld
Ling Lin, Product Manager, Payments
Lioba Gnauert
Lisa Hirsch, Technical Writer, Google Cloud Platform
Lisa Pfisterer, Partner Technology Manager
lisa wagner, Channels Lead, Staffing
Lital Levy, APMM
Lizaveta Myshko, Policy Specialist
Lizzie Tao, Product Marketing
Lizzie Tulk
Logan Goldberg, Software Developer, Search
Lorena, Partner Engagement Manager, Google Cloud
Lorenzo Riano
Lori Cerrone
Lori Williams, Software Engineer, Play Storefront
Lorna Finnegan, Partner Operations Manager, YouTube
Lotte Lauer
Lou Rusu
Louis DeScioli, UX Engineer, Daydream
Louis Romero
Lourella Palao, Clinical Operations Specialist, Clinical Operations
Luca Bigliardi, Site Reliability Engineer
Luca Forlin, Director, YouTube
Luca Landi, Technical Solutions Engineer, Google Cloud Platform (Apigee)
Luca Loncar, Software Engineer, Cloud
Lucas Filshill, Technical Program Manager, Pixel Product Operations
Lucas Sanders, Software Engineer
Lucas Wagner
Lucia Fontes, NBU UX Program Manager
Lucile Martini, Industry Manager, Waze
Lucy Maher, Finance
Lucy Yifan Yu, Interaction Designer
Luis Bruno, SRE
Luis M, SWE, Assistant
Luka Strizic, Software Engineer, Shopping
Lukas Kellenberger, SWE
Lukasz Wojcik, EMEA Billing Lead
Luke Farrell, Product Manager, Search
Luke Habermehl, SWE, Search
Lyndsey Olsen, Associate Linguist, Engineering — Core Assistant
Macé Morgane, DMS — GCS FR
Maciej Murakowski, SWE, Verily
mack beer, creative strategist, marketing
Maddison Hardy, SST
Madeline Beattie
Magda Sarkowicz, SWE, Core Dev — Server
Maggie Lynn, UX Researcher, Cloud AI
Magnus Haug, ISE
Mahesh Vashishtha, Software Engineer, Google
Maider, Account Manager, Google Shopping
Maike Hussmann, Direct Marketing Specialist, Google Ads
Manon Lachenaud
Mara Burnett, Program Manager, Corp Eng Privacy
Marc Joynes
Marc Oman, Senior Lead, Technical Infrastructure
Marc Paulina, UX Designer
Marcello Steiner
Marcial Abrahantes, SWE, Apps
Marco Framba, SWE
Marco Mader, Sales & Marketing
Marcos Lara-Reinhold, Software Engineer, Core
Marcus Schwartz, SRE, Cloud
Margo Smith, Software Engineer, Seasrch
Mari Mayberry, Special Events Coordinator, REWS
Maria Canul, Technical Writer, gTech
Maria Pardo, PgM Geo Enterprise
Mariam Subjally, Corporate Counsel, Geo
Marian Harbach, UX Researcher, Core Developer
mariana, PgM, Geo
Marianne Veillet, Partner Manager, Platforms & Ecosystems
Marie Collins, Business Analyst, Localization
Marie Monks
Marie Schwob, Performance Specialist (gTech)
Marie Vachovsky, Software Engineer, Google NEst
Marie-Luce Conrard, Head of Waze Carpool France
Marija Ivica, SWE
Marina Giessler , YouTube
Marina Movsissian, Account Manager, LCS (Google Ads)
Mario Callegaro, UX survey researcher, Cloud
Mario Evangelista, Hardware Operations Specialist, Devices and Services
Mario Solares Nassar, Technical Account Manager
Marion Le Bras
Mariuxi Vasconez, Customer Engineer
mark breneman
Mark Desnoyer
Mark Hansen, Software Engineer, Geo
Mark Lieu, Software Engineer
Mark Mandel, Developer Advocate, Google Cloud
Mark Tabry, Software Engineer, Geo
Mark Tsui, SRE
Markus Parzer, IM, LCS Ad Sales
Markus Serdjukov, Field Sales Representative, Google Cloud
Marlene Bloier, Analytical Consultant, GBO
Marnie Florin, DEI Specialist
Marnie McLain, Operations Strategist, X
Marshall Flax, SRE
Marta Bonato, FM
Marta Lelito
Martha Lesniewski
martin curtis, Head of Performance Agencies GCS
Martin Lozano, Engineer
Martin Suchy
Martina de Geus, Research Associate, Verily Science
Marvin Müller , Account Strategist
Marvin Ritter, Research
Mary Xia, Software Engineer, Security & Privacy
Mary, SWE
Maryam Bandari, Research Scientist, X
Maryna ILINA, Strategic Partnerships Manager, OPG EMEA
Mason Thrall
Masrour Zoghi, SWE, Research
Massimiliano Hofer, Site Reliability Engineer
Mathieu Rousselot, Music Label Business Development and Partnerships, YouTube and Google
Mathilde Cohen Solal
Mathindri Abeysinghe, program Manager, Geo Transportation
Matias Pelenur, Staff Software Engineer
Matt Bradshaw, Software engineer, Android Messages
Matt Carson
Matt Fox, Analyst, LCS
Matt Harden, SRE, YouTube
Matt Jones, Designer, Google AI
Matt Modica
Matteo Baricco, Analytical Consultant, LCS
Matthew Baddour, Program Manager
Matthew Balkam, Senior Software Engineer, Search
Matthew Brown, Research Scientist
Matthew Dempsky, Software Engineer, Turquoise
Matthew Giuca, Software Engineer
Matthew Hirschland, People Operations
Matthew Latura, SWE, Tech Infrastructure Supply Chain
Matthew Overlan, Research Scientist, DeepMind
Matthew Pape, Software Engineer
Matthew Seegmiller, Senior Software Engineer, Geo
Matthew Siegler, Senior Software Engineer, Cloud AI
Matthew Tait, UX Engineer, Wear+Fit
Matthew Watson, Software Engineer, Core Systems
Matthias Dondorff , Senior Software Engineer, PDPO
Matthias Scheja, Senior Solutions Consultant
Maude, UXR, Payments
Max Conrad
Max Gubin, SWE, RMI
Max Heisterkamp, GCS
Max Kaehn, Senior Software Engineer, Google Play services
Max Nelson
Max Sack, Program Manager, Cloud
Max Thompson, Leadership Staffing Researcher
Max Woodcock, Programmatic Agency Lead, Advertising Sales
Maxime Balzeau, Sysadmin
Maximilian Ruhenstroth-Bauer, Platforms Partnerships
Maximilien Burq, Data Scientist, Verily.
Maxx Goldstein, APMM, G Suite
May Jabado, Digital Marketing Strategist, CSA
Maya Nessirio, SWE, GCP EngProd
Maya Tatsuno, Maya Tatsuno
Maylis Buonomo
MC Dean, UX manager, Geo
Meg Mason, Scaled Support Manager, Google Shopping
Megan Devlin, Program Manager, GCP
Megan Krilanovich, Google Cloud Platform
Megan McAndrews
Megan O’Keefe, Developer Relations, Cloud
Megan Sheridan, ABP, Verily
Megan Tarling, Program Manager, Geo
Meggyn Watkins, UX Writer, Chrome
Meghan Dano, Technical Account Manager, Cloud
Meghna Natraj, Software Engineer, TensorFlow Lite
Mehdi Sellami
Mehrdad Roosta, TLM, Geo
Meike Schmidt, Language Manager, Localization
Melanie DeJong, Techncial writer, Google Cloud
Melanie Ditschke
Melanie Gancel, Marketing PMM Search
Melanie, Recruiter, Cloud Sales
Melinda Baeriswyl, Interaction Designer, Security
Melisa Carranza, Software Engineer, Android
Melissa McKeogh, SWE, Cloud
Melissa Morales, Partnerships Manager, NBU
Melissa Munoz, Program Manager, Core
Melissa Sayah, Industry Campaign Manager, Healthcare & Life Sciences
Meredith Lane, Software Engineer, Chrome
Merinda, Staffing Services Associate, Staffing
Michael Anthony Schuler
Michael Cohn, Quantitative UXR, Geo
Michael Cox, TPM, Search
Michael Davis
Michael Finkler, Product Solution Engineer, Geo Marketplace
Michael Fountaine, Technical Writer, Research
Michael Kibbe, Software Engineer
Michael Kowalchuk
Michael Leuchtenburg, Software Engineer, Cloud
Michael LoPiccolo, Google Cloud
Michael Mandl, Analytical Linguist
Michael O’Neill, gUP Tools
Michael P, Software Engineer, Cloud
Michael Stapelberg, Senior Software Engineer
Michael Tiano, Procurement Manager, GPO, Finance
Michael Tyka, SWE, Machine Learning
Michael Westervelt , Account Executive, LCS Government and Advocacy
Michael Wright, Health Coach Data Collection
Michael Yara, SWE
Michaela Monaghan, Sr. Staffing Services Associate, POps
Michaela Schmietendorf, Marketing
Michal Galuszek, Project Manager
Michal Gornisiewicz, SWE
Michel Lespinasse, Software Engineer, Technical Infrastructure
Michele MOrales, Recruiting Coordinator
Michelle Chang, SWE
Michelle Chen Huebscher, Software Engineer, Google Research
Michelle Chen, Interaction Designer, Pixel Camera
Michelle Fitzgibbon, Senior Account Manager
Michelle MacRae, Strategic Partner Manager
Michelle Olaya-Marquez, Interaction Designer, Daydream
Michelle Sehy, Account Strategist
Michelle Shepardson, SWE in Cloud
Michelle Socher, Software Engineer, Google Cloud
Michelle Tsai, swe, cloud ai
Michelle Wu, Scientist, Verily
Miguel Aroca-Ouellette, SWE
Miguel Mendez, Site Reliability Engineer, Google Cloud
Miguel Yanez Barreto, Software Engineer, Google Cloud
Mihika Hemmady, Product Design Engineer, Google Nest
Mika Friman
Mikael Pessa, SWE
Mike Altman, UX Designer, GCP UX
Mike Conley, Sr. Technical Program Manager, Cloud
Mike Curtis, Engineering Director
Mike D
Mike Michalak, SWE
Mike Nolan
mike nonemacher, SWE
Mikhail Goncharov, SWE
Milena Tkotz, SWE
Milica Antic, Legal counsel
Mimo Mead, vGTM
Mimosa Lynch, Program Manager, PDPO
Min Baek, Ads Quality Evaluator, Engineering — DVA — Quality Formats
Mindy Maxwell, UX Researcher, GCP
Minh T. Nguyen, Staff Software Engineer, Geo
Minrui Wang, SWE, Cloud
Mira Teller, Industry Manager
Mirac Vuslat Basaran, SWE, Core Engineering
Miriam Strasmann
“Miriam Zimmerman, Software Engineer, Chrome OS
‘Climate change is not only an existential threat for our society, but also stands to endanger the lives and livelihoods of billions of people. As one of the largest 10 corporations in the world, Google has an obligation to do everything in its power to lessen the effects of climate change.’”
Mitchel O’Donohue, GBO
Mitchell Klein, IT Resident
Mo King, Technical Writer, Google Cloud
Mohit Aggarwal, Software Engineer, Core Systems
Mohith Muddasani, Software Engineer, Google Cloud Apps
Molly Aplet, SWE, Material Design
Molly Clancy, Analytics Manager, Ads Marketing
Monica Poletti, SWE, YouTube, Content ID
Monika Da Silva Xavier, POps
Moran Wolfman Rubanenko, Site Reliability Engineer, Software Engineer, Access SRE
Morgane Gaudin, Regional Product Lead, GTM EMEA
Mounir Lamouri
Myles Louis Dakan
Myriam Vigier, Industry Manager
Naama Yosef, Content Specialist, Waze Ads
Nada, Software Engineer
Nahuel Lofeudo, TSE, GCP
Naomi Seyfer, Senior SWE
Natacha Feghali
Natalie Benoy, Retail Marketing Manager, Devices & Services
Natalie Choi
Natalie Collina, Software Engineer
Natalie Lista, Hardware Engineer, [X] The Moonshot Factory
Natalie Nollan, People Operations — University Programs
Natasha Vlahovic, Financial Analyst, Finance
Natasha White, Facilities Coordinator — Reception
Nathalie Beauguerlange, Program Manager, DeepMind
Nathalie Knuth, Revenue Lead, LPS
Nathalie TInoco, Staffing Service Associate- Staffing Services
Nathan Ashcraft, SRE, Ads
Nathan Clement, Ads SRE
Nathan Guenther, Technical Solutions Engineer, Google Cloud
Nathan Kiner, Technical Program Manager, Google AI
Nathan Kowahl, Data Scientist, Verily Health Sensors
Nathan, SWE, Apps
Natty Coleman, Interaction Designer, Geo
Neal Cardwell, Senior Staff Software Engineer
Neal Rickner, COO, Makani
Nelson Diotto, TAM GCP
Nev Ivanova, Technical Deal Consultant, gTech
Niamh Kavanagh, Account Manager, GCS
Niamh McCarthy, Program Manager, YouTube
Niamh Walsh, SWE, Android
Nic Barradas, Product Specialist, YouTube
Nic McDonald, GCP Special Projects
Nicholas Carlock
Nicholas Kelman, Senior software engineer, GCP
Nicholas Lunceford, SWE, Daydream
Nicholas Taylor, SWE
Nicholas Welna
Nicholas Whitaker, Strategic Partner Manager
Nick Eskelinen, SRE, CRE
Nick Tasker
Nick, Engineering Manager, CorpEng
Nick, Partnerships Manager, gTech
Nicki Anselmo, Program Manager, Student Development
Nicola Cardace, Google Cloud
Nicolas Durand
Nicolas Le Roux, Research scientist, Google Brain
Nicole Durbin, Interaction Designer, Ads
Nicole Fernandez
Nicole Gerber, Software Engineer, Comms Suite
Nicole Kihara, SWE, Geo
Nicole Kozlak, Research Analyst, NBU
Nicole Limtiaco, SWE, X
Nicole Power, Software engineer
Nicole Sarkisian
nicoleboritz, Product lead
Nida Zada, Strategy Lead, RMI
Nikhil Desai, Software Engineer, Geo
Niklas Mallmann
Niklas Mann
Nils Homann, Account Strategist
Nimo Omar, Cloud Sales
Nina Cruz, Program Manager, Google Cloud
Nina Sardesh, PGM, Behavioral Health Verily
Nina Thigpen , Research Scientist
Nina Weber, User researcher, Google Cloud Platform
Nishant Verma, Hardware Engineer
Nishant, GTM Ops
Niyati Gupta, UX Designer, NBU
NM Amadeo, Software Engineer, Apps
Noah Murad, Software Engineer, Research
Noah Swartz, PE, PDPO
Noam Solomon
Noel, Program Manager, Daydream
Nomi Felidae, Software Engineer, Research
Norbert Kalb, SWE, Assistant
Norman Casagrande
Norman Lemke, Manager, Analytics & Data Science
Nova Fallen, SWE, Cerebra
Nozar Azarakhsh, Engineering manager, Wear & Fit
Octavian Voicu, Research Engineer, DeepMind
Oisín O’Connor, Product Specialist
Ojas Deshpande, Software Engineer
Oli Fishstein, SWE, Search
Oli, Large Customer Sales
Oliver Borm, Regional Product Lead, EMEA GBO
Oliver Kisielius
Oliver Pestalozzi, Sales
Olivia Eaton, Product Design Engineer, gPen (Verily)
Olivia Huynh, Doodler
Olivia Packenham, Cloud
Olivier Cervello, SCE, PSO
Olivier Siegenthaler, SWE, Search and Assistant
Oluremi Oso, SWE, Cloud
Omri Shefi, SWE
Ori Livneh, Software Engineer
Orly , RS, Research
Owen Williams, Software Engineer, Search
Ozzie Fallick, Software Engineer, Wing
Pablo Samuel Castro, SWE, Google Brain
Paige Birnbaum, Training Specialist, Google Fiber
Panesh Makwana, Programmatic Agency Lead
Paolo Codenotti, Software Engineer, Core
Pape-Lamine Cisse, Customer Engineer
Parastoo Geranmayeh, Software Engineer, Chrome
Paritosh Vaid, PSM, G Suite
Pascal Lamblin, Software developer, Research (Brain)
Pat Stein, Hardware Operations
Patricia Prewitt, Early Stage Project Lead, X
Patrick Bellis, Software Engineer
Patrick Clay, SWE, Cloud
Patrick Conner, SWE
Patrick Johnson, Software Engineer, UFO
Patrick Kasperczyk
Patrick Verga, Research Scientist
Patrick Westoo, Analyst, GTM
Pau Baiget, Engineering Manager, Android
Paul Battaglia, Technical Writing Manager, Cloud Networking Docs
Paul Caponetti, Staff Software Engineer
Paul Cole, Product Manager
Paul Colea, Software Engineer, Core PA
Paul Derham, Account Manager
Paul Duke, SWE
Paul Hobbs, SWE, Android
Paul Mathews, SWE, GCP
Paul Oldenburg, SWE, Verily
Paul Pendlebury
Paul Suk, Software Engineer, DBM
Paul, SWE
Paula Bode, Senior Account Strategist, GCS
Paula, Makani
Paulina Quinn
Pavel Labovich, SWE
Paweł Glica, Technical Account Manager, GCC Publihsers
Penelope Phippen, Developer Advocate, Google Ads
Penny Crean, Recruitment Coordinator
Perry Arnold, SWE Manager, Search Platforms
Perry Kacprzak, Technical Writer
Pete Walton, Product Strategy Lead, Strat Ops, GCS
Peter A Johnson, SWE Google Cloud
Peter Bock, Account Manager, LCS
Peter Cornell, Systems Administrator
Peter Dahl, Distinguished Engineer, TI
Peter Elst, Senior Technical Solutions Engineer, Stadia
Peter Friese, Developer Advocate, Firebase
Peter Giles, Sales Manager, Agency UK
Peter Howells, Interaction Designer
Peter Humphreys, Research Scientist
Peter Jeremy, CorpEng SRE
Peter Johnston
Peter Kaas, SWE, DSPA
Peter Kimball, SWE, X
Peter Kotwicz, Software Engineer
Peter McAlpine, SWE
Peter Nuttall, SRE
Peter O’Malley
Peter Pallos, SWE, Geo
Peter Solagna, PSO Consultant, Google Cloud
Pezhman F, Senior Researcher
Phebe Hinman, Software Engineer, Cloud Billing
Phil Light, TPM — Resource SRE
Phil S, Software Engineer, Security and Privacy
Phil Schwarz
Philip Bayer
Philip Gross, Senior SWE, Speech Platforms
Philip Maurer, Customer Engineering Manager
Philip Nikolov, SWE, Geo
Philip Rideout
Philipp Hatt, SWE, Geo
Philipp Hoffmann, SRE, Apps
Philipp Nagel, SWE SRE, Geo
Philipp Stephani, Build SRE, Core
Philipp von Arnim
Pierre Dulac, Solutions Engineer
Pierre Kreitmann
Pierre Villard, Customer Engineer, Google Cloud
Pierre-Alexandre Bastarache Roberge, SWE, Chrome
Pierre-Jérôme Bergeron, Data scientist, Search
Pierre-Louis Guidez, Software Engineer, Core
Pigi Matthaiou, Account associate strategist, google ads
Piotr Bejda
Piotr Mirowski, Senior Research Scientist, DeepMind
Piotr Teterwak, AI Resident
Poki Chui, Developer Advocate, Google Ads
Polina Dudnik, SWE, Core Systems
Polong Lin, Developer Advocate, Data Science
Prabir Pradhan, SWE
Prad Malyala, Product Manager, Shopping
Prad Nelluru, Software Engineer, Google Cloud
Prakhar Jaiswal, Software Engineer, Devices and Services
Pranjal Vachaspati, Software Engineer
Prashima Sharma, SWE, Google Search Platforms
Prath Tayshete, Analytical Lead
Prathak Rastogi, SWE, GCP EngProd
Priyanka Atal, Deals Team
Q Nguyen
Quinn Romanek, Software Engineer, Devices & Services
Quirin Fischer, SWE, Core
Rachel Alexander
Rachel Biderman
Rachel Farber, Program Manager, Google Cloud
Rachel Sorensen, Manager, Product Experts & Community, gUP
Rachel W.
Rachel Zax, Software Engineer
Rachel, SWE, YouTube
Radi Ponnusamy
Ragnar Groot Koerkamp, swe
Rahat Ahmed
Rahel Wissler, Account Strategist
Rain, UX Researcher, CorpEng
Raisa Cuevas, UX Specialist
Raissa, Geo
Rajat Mehndiratta, SWE, UFO
Rajiv Arjan
Raksha Muthukumar, SWE, Corp Eng
Ralf Haring, Senior Technical Account Manager, gTech gPS
Rama Chanani, Global Product Lead, Travel Ads
Randall Li, SWE, Material
Raquel Small
Rashi, Software Engineer
Raul Belver, Industry Manager, Search
Raúl Santos, Software Engineer, Finance Platform
Raul Vera, Software Engineer
“Rayane Radjabaly, Territory Manager, Google Cloud
‘I feel a responsibility to push the environment protection agenda as I work for a company that impacts lives of millions. We are look at for what we do and we often have a positive impact on society. Yet, I feel that on climate action we fall short versus the expectations society has on such a big company. ‘“
Raymond Jacob Fuerte, Leadership Experience Operations Coordinator
Raymond Leu, Network Test Engineer
Rebecca Nickerson
Rebecca, Program Manager
Régis Décamps
Reilly Grant, Staff Software Engineer, Chrome
René Mayrhofer, Director Engineering, P&E
Renna Al-Yassini
Renu Singh, Youtube Tech
Reshu Jain, Software engineer
Reza Ghazinouri, Android Security Program Manager
Riad Abdallah, LCS Germany
Ric Ewing
Richard Hartigan, Industry Manager
Richard Liang, SWE, Core
Richard, Research engineer
Rick Jones
Riki Stadeler, Director GCAS
Riley Mancuso, Software Engineer, Apps
Riley Wong
Rima Pittie
Rini Kundu, Senior Interaction Designer
Riona MacNamara, Technical writer/manager, Google Cloud Platform
Rishub Jain, Research Engineer, DeepMind
Rita Kapott
Ritchie Thai, SWE, Supply Chain Visibility and Risk Management
Rob Marchant, UX Program Manager, RMI
Robbie Gleichman, Software Engineer, Google Research
Robbie Su, Flight Test Engineer, Makani
Robert Boehnke, SWE, Kernel
Robert Camp, SWE, Drive
Robert Harper, Team lead, gTech
Robert Konigsberg
Robert Moreton, SWE, Cloud Infra
Robert Warren Gilmore, SWE, Cloud supply chain
Roberta Diana
Robin Bennett
Robin Yoon
Rocío Heredero, GCC Policy Solutions Consultant
Rohan, Software Engineer, Turquoise
Roland McGrath
Romain Prevost, Software Engineer, Google Assistant
Roman Kogan, SWE/GEO
Roman Novak, Software Engineer, Google Brain
Roop Pal, Software Engineering, CorpEng
Rose Valle, Software engineer, Geo
Ross Popoff-Walker, Designer, Google Maps
Ross Wang
Ross, SRE — Cloud
Rowyn McDonald, SWE, Geo
Roxanne van Duijn, Industry Manager
Ruchira Ravoori
Ruifu, Software Developer, BigQuery EngProd
Ruslan Tkhakokhov, SWE, P&E
Ruth Hoey, YouTube and Video Solutions
Ruth Marsh, Systems and Product Lead, Makani
Ryan Anderson, Software Engineer, Verily
Ryan Bonick, SWE
Ryan Campbell, Product Manager
Ryan Epp, SWE, Hotels
Ryan Garza, Solutions Consultatnt
Ryan Lam, Mechanical Engineer, Platforms
Ryan Lester, Software Engineer, Cloud
Ryan McGinnis
Ryan Metcalf, COE, Google Works
Ryan Musa, SWE, Geo
Ryan Scrimshaw, ITRP
Ryan Steele, Product Support Manager
Ryan Stenberg, TPM, TI
Ryan Tetuan
Sabina, Policy Specialist
Sabine Ebner, Partnerships
Sabrina Zidour, Sales Manager
Safa Faheem
Sage LaTorra, Test Engineering Manager, Communications
Salahodeen Abdul-Kafi, Product Manager, YouTube Gaming
Sally Quinn, Program Manager, Corp Eng
Salman Mirghasemi, SWE, Core
Sam Bowman, Visiting Professor
Sam Castle, SWE, GCP
Sam Drexler
Sam Fishman, Software Engineer, Google Research
Sam Gooch, Waymo TPM
Sam Gregory, Hardware Test Engineer, D&S
Sam Kern, UXE, Cloud
Sam Lijin, SWE, Google Cloud
Sam McVeety
Sam Messing, SWE, Area 120
Sam Packer, YouTube Sales Lead — FAST / Travel
Sam Powel
Sam Starkenburg, Technical Solutions Engineer
Sam Sweeney, Software Engineer, Ads
Sam Thorogood, Developer Programs Engineer
Sam Whittle, Software Engineer, Cloud
Samantha O’Dell, Technical Writer, Knative
Samhita Ramayanam, Knowledge Management Coordinator
Sammy Loder, HR Operations Lead
Samuel Groß, Security Engineer
Samuel Kaminsky, People Analyst
Samuel Sandeen, Software Engineer, Search
Samy Bengio, Distinguished Research Scientist, Google Research
Sanchit Bansal, Program Management
Sandeep Vijayasekar, Software Engineer, Nest
Sandra Apflauer, Manager Customer Engineers, Google Cloud Apigee EMEA
Sandra Gille
Sandra N
Sandy Quick, TSC, gTech
Sanna Gale, Display & Video Sales
Santiago Cepas, Customer Engineer, Cloud Sales
Santiago Seifert, Software Engineer, Android
Sara Gabriele, UX Researcher
Sara Mitchell, Senior Scientist
Sara Pohl, Software Engineer, Engineering
Sarah Behm, Digital Marketing Strategist (Germany, Retail)
Sarah Bell, Senior Staff Software Engineer
Sarah Clinckemaillie, SWE, RMI
Sarah H
Sarah Hodkinson
Sarah Nader, SWE, Search
Sarah Poole, Data Scientist, Verily
Sarah, TPM, IIAM
Sasha Ayvazov, Software Engineer, Daydream
Saskia, Account Strategist, Google Customer Solutions
Schecklmann Johannes, Brands and Engagement Specialist
Scott Ganyo, Software Engineer, Cloud
Scott Teeman, Senior Solutions Consultant, gPS
Scott Todd, Software Engineer, Research
Sean Cassero, Software Engineer, X
Sean Hogoboom, Systems Administrator
Sean Malahy, Behavioral Scientist
Sebastiaan Indesteege, Software Engineer
Sebastian Benz, Developer Programs Engineer
Sebastian Steiger, Software Engineer
Sebastian Vieregg, Industry Leader
Sebastien Hosatte
Sebastien PUEL, General Manager, Stadia Montreal
Sebastien, G Suite support, TSE, Apps
Seetha Santhakumar, PMM, Android Marketing
Seiichi Saida, Software Engineer, Geo
Selim Cinek, Staff Software Engineer, Android
Selin Kavuzlu, Pixel Product Support Manager, Google Users and Products
Sergey Ulanov, Software Engineer, P&E
Sergey Yaroshenko, Staff Software Engineer, Google X
Sergio Guadarrama, Staff Software Engineer, Google Research
Sergiy Belozorov, Software Engineer, Ads
Seth T
Seth Taplin, Technical Solutions Engineer, Cloud
Severin Münger, SWE, Search
Severine Berreur
Shabnam Rasoulian, Software Engineer, Ads
Shagufta Khan, Targeted Support Writer, gUP
Shahar Roth, Software engineer
Shahrose Aziz, Program Manager, Verily
Shane McDaniel, Senior Software Engineer
shane smith, Senior Deals Lead
Shannon Welch, Curriculum Specialist, Google Children’s Center
Shannon Williams, SWE
Shao Wei Chia, People Analyst, People Ops
Sharon Campbell-Crow, Senior Technical Writer, Devices and Services
Sharon Wong
Shashank Agarwal, SWE
Shashank Goyal, Software Engineer , Comms
Shawn Buessing, Software Engineer
Shawn Tabai, Senior Software Engineer, Core Dev
Shayna Pepin, Program Manager, Google Shopping
Shelby Heitner, Talent Intelligence Analyst, POps
Shelby Leland
Shelby, YouTube
Sher Khan, LCS Industry Lead, Austria
Shilpa Jindal, Engineering Manager, POpS works
Shirish J
Shrish Agrawal, TLM, GCS
Siamak Tazari, Staff Software Engineer, Search/Assistant
Siarhei Amelianiuk, Software Engineer, ChromeOS Enterprise
Siena McFetridge, scmcfetridge
Signe Nørly, Design Lead
Silvia Boscolo, UX designer
Simon Ilyushchenko, Engineer, Geo
Simon Johnstone, Cloud SRE
Simon Kornblith, Research Scientist
Simon Tong
Simone Weiss, Financial Analyst, Finance
Sitar Harel
skoyuncu, VMO
Skylar Audesirk, Technical Recruiter
Skyler Kidd, Software Engineer, Supply Chain
Soeren W
Sofia Danko, TAM, Google Cloud
Sofia, Policy Specialist
Soheil Hassas Yeganeh, Software Engineer, TI
Sohrab Saeb, Data Scientist, Verily
Solène Lory, YouTube
Solenn Boulic, Tech Specialist
Solveig Neumann
Sombreuil Hubbard, PMM, Consumer Apps
Son Pham, Software Engineer, Apps
Sonia Hussain, Partner Manager, YouTube
Sonia Madurga, Program manager, Google Cloud
Sonya Alexandrova, Software Engineer, Geo for Everyone
Sophie Diao, Doodler
Sophie James, Software Engineer
Sophie Leimbacher, APMM Retail Marketing Hardware
Sophie Messner
Sophie Purcell, Product Marketing Manager, Pixel EMEA
Sophie Waldman
Sorin Baltateanu, SRE-SWE, Ads
Soujanya Shankaranarayana, Software Engineer, Google Cloud
Spandana Jaggumantri, Interaction designer, Google Assistant
Spencer Small
Srikanth Pandiri, SWE
Srujan Gaddam, Software Engineer, Chrome
Stacey Rosenfeld, Product Design Engineer
Stacy Bebie, UX Infra
Stefan Christoph, SWE, Research
Stefan Volk
Stefano Mazzarese, Program Manager, Google Cloud
Stein Kuiper, Staff Hardware Engineer
Stella Goodyear
Stephan Hofmann
Stéphane Henriot, Software engineer, Search
Stephanie Lehner, Analytical Consultant LCS EMEA
Stephanie Maddox, Staffing
Stephanie Yang
Stephen Gregory, Global Product Fulfillment Manager, Play
Stephen Johnson, PA Staffing
Stephen Rice, SWE
Steve Greenberg, Engineering Manager, Cloud
Steve Hardt, SWE, Privacy
Steve Tzeng, Sourcing manager, Verily G&A
Steven Bills, Software Engineer, Apps
Steven Croop, Google Cloud
Steven Goldberg, SWE, GCP
Steven Lemeshow, Strategic Partnerships, Waze Carpool
Steven Portzer, Site Reliability Engineer
Steven Valdez, SWE, Chrome
Suelyn Yu, UX Design, Google Brian
Suhaas Reddy
Suhas Malpe, SQAE, GCP
Suja Raju, UX Designer
Sujay Krishna Suresh, Software Engineer, Google Cloud
Sumer Mohammed, Software Engineer, Assistant
Summer Si
Sunita, Technical Engagement Manager
Susan, Recruiting
Suzanne Armstrong, Data Visualization, Research
suzanne tallon, Industry manager, LCS
Sven Mawson
Sverre Rabbelier, Senior Software Engineer
Sviatoslav Rimdenok, SRE, Core PA SRE
Swante Scholz, Software Engineer, Google Assistant
Sylvain Beucher, GPP
Sylvain de Tilly, TAM, Google Cloud
Tab Atkins Jr, Web Standards Hacker, Chrome
Tad Baljevic, Customer Solutions Engineer
Tamar Brestovisky, Product Marketing Manager, Payments
Tamara, Technical Product Specialist
Tamas Ragoncsa, Software Engineer, Cloud
Tammo, TS, SA360
Tania Salame, Customer Engineer
Tanja Geser, Industry Manager, Retail Germany
Tariq Yusuf, Senior Privacy Engineer, Privacy and Data Protection Office
Taylor Herr, Visual Design
Taylor, Recruitment Coordinator
Ted McCarthy, User Researcher
Ted Stein, Software Engineer, Cloud
Teddy Brow, SWE, Geo
Teddy Morris-Knower, Software Engineer, Geo
teera price, lead — healthcare finance strategy
Terra Barajas, SWE, Cloud AI Natural language
Tess Atkins, LCS — IM
Thad Hughes, SWE, Google Health
Thane Myers, Lead Analyst, HR Services
Thao Nguyen, UX Engineer, Search
Theodore Heiser, SWE, Ads
Thom Nelson, SWE, Google Translate
Thomas Brovelli, Senior Linguist
Thomas Dickson, Program Manager, Google for Education
Thomas Fischbacher, Senior Software Engineer, Machine Perception
Thomas Girard, Manager, gTech GCC Publishers
Thomas Grilletta, Software Engineer, Geo
Thomas Groh, SRE, Waze
Thomas Koch, Technical Solutions Engineer
Thomas O’Connor
Thomas Steinkasserer, FSR
Thomas W. Olick Jr, Senior SWE, Area 120
Thyge Backen
Tiffany Lau, UX designer
Tiffany Sun, SWE
Tim Allclair, Staff Software Engineer, Google Cloud
Tim Eden, SRE, Google Cloud Storage
Tim Green, Senior Interaction Designer
Tim Hausweiler
Tim Hesterberg, Senior Data Scientist
Tim M, Software Engineer
Tim Schuster
Tim, Cloud Sales
Timnit Gebru, Senior Research Scientist, RMI
Timo Rang
Timothy Hoang, Technical Solutions Consultant
Tina Vachovsky, Software Engineer
Ting Wang, GSM, DSPA
Tiphaine MEDIONI, LCS industry Manager
Tobias Frigger, Cloud Customer Engineering
Tobias Kunisch, Staff UX Designer
Tobias Pfaff, Research Scientist
Toby Davies
Tod Hilton, Technical Writer, Google Cloud
Todd Davies, Software Engineer, Identity and Authentication
Todd Eisenberger, Senior Software Engineer
Tom Barrow, Platforms Partner Manager, LCS
Tom Boos
Tom Brien, Marketing, EMEA
Tom Erez, Research scientist
Tom Madams
Tom Murray, Software Engineer
Tom Symonds, Customer Solutions Engineer, gTech
Tom Van Waardhuizen, Technical Writer, GCP
Tomek Weksej, SWE, Google Cloud
Tommy Buckingham, News Business Manager, Google Customer Solutions
Tommy Denby, Analytical Linguist
Tommy Martino, Software Developer, Chrome
Tony Cacace, Mechanical Engineer, Hardware Product Design
Tony McGaharan, Global Learning and Development Lead for OPG
Tony Shih
Tracey Lindsay Chan, User Experience Researcher, NBU Horizons
Tracey O’Donnell, Sales, D&V
Travis Hobrla
Travis Scholtens, Software engineer, Search
Trent Wolbe, Creative Lead, Events & Experiences
Trevor Holbrook
Trevor Samson, Software Engineer
Trevor Van Loon
tristan bentall, Industry Manager, LCS
Tristan Hale, SWE
Troy Deck, Software Engineer
Tucker FitzGerald, UX Designer, Platform Intelligence
Tyler Ayers, CE, Google Cloud Apigee
Tyler Benmark
Tyler Freeman, UX Engineer, Wear OS
Tyler Goin, Product Marketing Manager, UK
Tyler Ishikawa
Tyler Romeo, Software Engineer, Corporate Engineering
Tyler Yin
Udit Joshi, Global Product Lead, gTech
Uli Spörlein, SRE, Geo
Ulises Mireles, MTV
Usha Kini, Sourcer, Channels
V R, Software Engineer, Cloud
Václav Novák, Senior Software Engineer, Google Research
Valentin Houssin, PTM shopping Actions
Valentin Schlattinger, Software Engineer, Google Assistant
Vanessa Ackermann, Software Engineer, YouTube
Vanessa Williams, Product Marketing Manager, Area 120
Vani Sütcü, Product Marketing Manager, Marketing
Vanja Pejovic, Software Engineer
Varden Wang, MT Engineer
Varesh Prasad, Data Scientist, Verily Life Sciences
varomodt, SWE, Core Dev Server
Vasantha, QA engineer (Vendor)
Vedavyas Panneershelvam, Senior Staff Research Engineer, DeepMind
Veneta Angelova, SWE
Venkatesh Srinivas, Software Engineer, Platforms & Ecosystems
veronica girardi, video specialist, LCS
Veronica Haight
Veronica Vu, Product Analyst, Data Management
Veronique Demers, Technical Solutions Engineer
Veysel Sönmez, Senior Account Manager, Platforms
Vianka, GCS Account Strategist
Vicki Tardif, Staff Linguist, Knowledge Graph
Victor Chudnovsky, SWE, Cloud
Victor Lum, Software Engineer, Firebase
Victoria Hiett
Victoria Mayer, Associate Account Strategist
Victoria Oliver, PgM, Ads Planning
Victoria Ysaguirre, Concierge for REWS
Vidya AP, UX Researcher, Horizons, NBU
Viet-Tam Luu, Technical Lead, Google Earth
Vikram Auradkar, SWE
Viktor Farkas, SWE, cloud
Viktoria, People Operations
Vinay Rao, Senior Software Engineer, Google Brain
Vincent BAEZA, Platform Sales Manager
Vineet Kumar, Software Engineer, Cloud
Vinesh Kannan, Software Engineer, Google Shopping
Virali Naran
Viresh Ratnakar, Software Engineer, Core
Viridiana Medina, Specialist, POps
Vitung Quach, Core Dev
vivek menezes
Vivian DuPont Whitney, E/ABP, Cloud Engineering
Vivian Pucher, International Growth Consultant
Vladimir Yakunin, Personal Computer Operator, Search
Wanda Czerwinski, Software Engineer, Search
Warren Morningstar
Warren, Hardware Engineer
Wes McCullough
Wido Wolter, Operations Program Manager
Wil Curiel, Product Support Manager, Google Shopping
Will Cassella, Software Engineer
Will Larche, Eng Manager — Material
Will Meister, Revenue Accountant Analyst, Finance
Will Patterson, SRE, Cloud
Will Thomas, SWE, GCP
Will, Software Engineer
Willis H., SWE
Wilmer van der Gaast, SRE
Wolfgang Keil
Wout Gijsbers, Programmatic Media Lead
Wouter Suverkropp, TPM, Platforms
Xavid Pretzer, Staff Software Engineer, Google Cloud Load Balancing
Xavier Barrade, Creative, Creative Lab
xdecoret, SWE, Core Dev
Xianyan Wang, Sr Hardware Engineer
Y. I. A., Research Engineer
Yaacov Tarko, SWE, Core Systems
Yalin Akay, Media Solution Manager, LCS
Yann Goarin, Associate Product Marketing Manager
Yann Hodique, Software Engineer, Cloud
Yannis Guyon, Software Engineer, EMEA
Yasaman Sedaghat, Software Engineer, Google Ads
Yash Kamath, Associate Product Marketing Manager
Yoann Le Verger
Yong-Gyun Choi, YouTube
Yoni Couriel, Software Engineer, Assistant
Yossi Kahlon, SWE, Cloud
Yossi Katzin, SWE, Android Auto
Yu-Hui Chen, Software Engineer, Google Health
Yuan Chen, Senior Interaction Designer, Chrome
Yuichi Nishihara, APAC Manager, gTech GCC Publisher Customer Care
Yuliya mazur
Yunxing Dai, SWE, Google Research
Yuri Grinshteyn, Cloud Customer Engineer
Yves Brunschwiler, Sales Manager, GBO
Zach Howell, SE 4, Cloud Billing
Zach North
Zachary Halle, Software Engineer, MDI
Zachary Siegel, Software Engineer, Communications
Zack Wise
Zane Riley, UX Designer, Google Maps
Zev Goldstein, SWE — Corp Eng
Zoanna Jones
Zoe Mongan, Eng Res
Zoya Svitkina

And 134 anonymous signatories.