And Towards the Summit (The Arranged Love — Part 6)

That night could never be good. It’s worst as hell. It’s a battle between armies of thoughts, the blacks and the brights. It’s like I was free-falling expecting her to catch me in mid-air. But what if the lift never arrives, or have I jumped too soon, falling deeper and deeper in love with her.

That Friday, I was waiting for my train to my hometown. I looked around and all I noticed was happy couples everywhere. I was afraid if I might remain a bachelor for my entire life, coz there is no way I could get over this girl. All my achievements, aims and my very life looked so puny if she is taken away. I always wanted to ask her, how it feels like being so much to someone, I mean do you feel like GOD, you can literally control every portion of my emotion.

I saw her online and couldn’t resist to text:

Me: “Hey! I’m Leaving to my home town”

Her: “Ok. Go safe.”

Me: “I miss you!”

Her: “Hmm…”

Me: “And I ____ you, I am going to fill this on the day you say your decision, no matter, 0 or 1”

Her: “I too wish all of this comes true and everything falls in place 🙂”

Me: “But aren’t things waiting for your permission to roll and fall?”

Her: “But it’s not just me. Remember that question about wedding and marriage? It’s not just us, our families have to decide as well.”

Me: “But what happened?”

Her: “My Dad is going to show our Horoscopes to a different Astrologer this weekend. We then shall discuss and come to a decision together. There are lot of factors considered when it comes to a girl’s marriage. Please understand!”

I could sense I was pushing her, which is totally injurious to a relationship. She was already under a lot of pressure. Rather than putting more, I should try to release it a bit.

Me: “Hmm…I wish I were present there at your decision-making discussion to defend my case, my Lord!”

Her: “😁 Don’t worry, I am there for us, wish us luck 🙂”

Me: “😍”

Her: “At this point, I am really confused if this is an Arranged marriage or a Love marriage 😆”

Me: “😂”

Her: “Let’s not speak anything tomorrow and have clear minds. We shall come up with a decision by EOD. Hope things work out!”

Me: “If all of this works out! I promise I shall write Our Story! 😇”

1 day, 24 hours, I realized how lazy a spinner Earth is. I felt maybe I can use this time to make plans if I were to remain a life-long bachelor. Probably, I should focus more on my Singing, practice and become famous. Probably, I can start a startup and become a billionaire. Probably, I shall save till 40, retire and go on a world tour. Probably, I shall develop this story series into a novel and publish a best-seller (Oops! I just broke the fourth wall). But! none of them sounded exciting if I were to be single without her being by my side.

It’s almost evening. The results can be out any minute. Without telling my parents, I secretly went to a Hanuman temple. I joined hands and asked him, “What’s the point in all this!? Now, don’t give me all that crap saying, ‘Better is yet to come’. I am done. Either her or none in my life”. Just as I returned home, my Dad’s phone rang and it was her Dad. I impulsively jumped towards it and handed it over to my Dad and was keenly watching his expression. He clearly didn’t seem pleasant.

Dad: “They said your horoscopes didn’t match”

Me: “What!? But then you told our Astrologer confirmed that they did match right!”

Dad: “Yes, I shall ask him tomorrow, don’t worry”

And he casually went back to what he was doing, sorting out the old daily newspapers. You know how it feels when no one shares your furiosity.

Me: “Tomorrow!? Call him and we shall go right now!”

Dad: “What’s the hurry!? It’s too late, will check with him tomorrow”

I immediately dialled the Astrologer’s number from my Dad’s phone and asked if he is available. He said, he is leaving for some marriage in 15 minutes. I then pulled my Dad up, who was in his lungi and pushed him into the dressing room to get ready as soon as possible, no, sooner than possible. Meanwhile, I was chanting ‘Hanuman Chaleesa’ in the loop.

Cut to present day, February 14th

Munnu: “Happy Valentine’s Day! 💞”

Me: “Thanks ra! You too!”

Munnu: “What’s up?”

Me: “Writing our story 😊”

Munnu: “Still haven’t finished?”

Me: “About to finish ra. It crossed over 6000 words you know! 😁”

Munnu: “Omg!😱 Who shall read such a long story abba!?”

Me: “Probably Us! When we turn old together. You are a miracle in my life and our’s is a tale to be told 😇”

Munnu: “😍😍😘😘”

Me: “By the way, what was with that horoscopes thing? Why has your Astrologer told they don’t match?”

Munnu: “haha! he noted your time of birth wrong. There was some diff of 10 minutes from the actual and because of that your birth lagnam and all changed”

I suddenly realized what would have I missed, if I were lazy in the womb and had arrived late into the world by just 10 minutes. Probably that’s what they say, ‘born-for-someone’.

Me: “What would have you done if our horoscopes really didn’t match?”

Munnu: “You have such doubts still? 😠 I Said yes to you too soon, should have taken more time 😛”

Me: “I would have waited a lifetime for you ra Munnu ga! 😍 Love you 💕”

Munnu: “Love u too 💖”

Life and Time! Those two months, time felt like a physical dimension in my life. As if I was climbing a mountain, step-by-step, minute-by-minute. Especially, those nerve-wrenching last hours, the going got really tough as I ascend towards the summit.

Saturday, December 17, at 10:42 pm UTC+05:30, I received this message:

Her: “Can you apply for a leave on 26th? 😁”

Me: “But for what?”

Her: “It’s an auspicious day it seems”

Me: “For?”

Her: “To visit our home with your family, for Pelli Chupuluu 🙈🙈🙈”

I pierced my flag into the Peak!!! 🚩 She ain’t a gift, She is an achievement, and I cherish that every day.


The Uphill (The Arranged Love — Part 5)

Originally published at on February 14, 2018.



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