First Sight (The Arranged Love — Part 1)

Well, I haven’t been in touch with GOD for quite a long time, and it suddenly felt guilty to ask him today, “Man! I just can’t miss her! Do some miracle”. While GOD was working in the background, my second God-Google helped me in at-least throwing some tips and tricks to impress a girl. All those manly traits, boyish quirks, be spontaneous, make her laugh bla bla bla… I also pulled-in references from all those romantic stuff in movies I knew. They all taught one thing, ‘Women are complicated’ and there is no one rule to impress them. Damn! What should I do? Easy and Straight way, ‘Be Yourself’, was my theme of the day.

The day was November 12th, I was excited but equally tensed. I never brushed my hair so much. I literally ploughed it in every direction possible. Then comes the biggest decision to make, what to wear!? As expected, all my lucky shirts are worn-out and so I had to dare and try some new ones. I tried all those trump card costumes out of my closet and finally picked an Apple green t-shirt, wishing she would wear something matching-matching or a complimentary color. And by the way, I even searched for color psychology, to know which shirt color can earn a positive impression on the first meet. 😁

It’s finally time! Just before stepping-out, I took a deep breathe and ya it smelled too much perfume. On my way, I had been thinking about how it all started. No doubt it must have started with the ‘Big-Bang’. This moment must have crossed the astroids, the dinosaurs, the world-wars and finally struck me like a lightning bolt, when I first saw her picture. Felt like I had seen her somewhere before. Immediately searched her name on Facebook and quickly pinged her in a haste. I had no idea what was I trying to do, I pressed enter and shit! That was embarrassing. 🙈

Me: “Hi 🙂, saw your profile on MM, felt like I knw u before, so felt like pinging, hoping u dnt mind 🙂 This is not a marriage proposal btw 😁”

Ya, I know I used a hell lot of smileys. Facebook is so kind to not filter out my message, thanks to those 2 mutual friends we had. Got her reply early in the morning. Couldn’t believe, if I was completely awake, and I made it more embarrassing. 😬

Her: “Yes We too saw your profile. But I haven’t felt like I have seen you before 🙂”

Me: “Ooh its k… I didn’t ping to ask abt dat, sorry if that embarrassed u, u look like someone I knw. Hv u evr been on TV or hv any friends who r singers?”

Her: “No!”

Me: “Anyways nice knowing you 🙂”

Her: “Same here 🙂”

Me: “Hoping to meet you for real 🙂”

Her: “🙂”

After a couple of days, I still remember that feeling when I first saw this, which made me strongly believe this in life, insane risks sometimes do work out. 🤠

Since then, she has only been in my imaginations, from her pictures, that come alive in my dreams, and today, I am going to meet her, meet her for real. I have been tightly holding all those feelings, amassed for her, just to dump before their creator, pure and clean.

I was waiting at the entrance of NTR Gardens, facing the steady and serene Buddha on the Hussain sagar. It’s 3:00 PM in the afternoon, not the most romantic hour of the day, but it was going to be in few minutes, as my 5’6 Angel walked-into my visible world, in an orange dress. I was watching mouth-agape like a new born watching an orange sun rise for the first time. Reality won over my imagination. She is a little taller than I expected, but a lot beautiful than I ever imagined. How can you see and still not see anything around, a beauty that can literally blind you of your surroundings. I almost turned self-un-aware, just recording her like a camera, every step and every move. If bodies can speak body language, her’s is singing, with a swing. As she approaches, my heart started flapping like a butterfly. I felt like turning off the sun light and placing a moon right next to her. The full moon might get a shadow out of her glow. 🌝

It felt easy to pull my heart out of my mouth than to pull any words out of it. My mind was stateless, like the Monk who sold something, I don’t know, it just was plain blank! All those cheesy lines I prepped for ice breaking just froze! I felt it’s much easier in mythology, like Lord Rama just had to bend and break something, to win the girl. Had it been a face to face with Sita, he had to reincarnate into his next avatar, Lord Krishna, the greatest flirt mythology has every seen. I am being named after him, just makes no sense!

She is a wise girl and quickly empathized my situation. We started walking together and she started asking some simple questions about my career, singing, family, all those that a HR would ask you in a campus interview. Her voice was mellifluous. Knowing that she grew-up in Hyderabad, I expected a tinge of Telangana, but one should learn speaking Telugu from her.

My blood started flowing again at normal pressure and I almost forgot the seriousness of the situation, until she bombed me with this epic question, “What’s the difference between Marriage and Wedding?”. I thought they were the same, synonymous. I sensed a shift in gears and became more vigilant.

And then she asked some beautiful questions, which made me sense, how much a girl has to think before starting her life with a guy. I could sense so much love towards her parents. She is such a precious princess for her parents and she needs to be looked after like a Queen. I promised her the same! I assured her that this will just be a extension of each-other’s families and we shall have more people to love and two sets of parents 😊

Her attitude is a deadly combination of self-respect and self-confidence. We learnt a lot of interesting things about each other, or it’s mostly just one way. Until I met her, she had been a mystery girl for me, but she made a lot of research on me much before the meet. She literally examined my Facebook timeline post-by-post, like a developer searching for bugs.

She was asking doubts on my blog posts and was complimenting my songs by name. One sweet coincidence we got to know was we both went to the same primary school. Also, we both worked in Bangalore during the same year, and she gets so engaged whenever we speak about that place and can’t help herself without saying “When I was in Bangalore… 😁”, with a lot of excitement in her eyes. I can see an innocent child in her. I learnt a lot of health tips from her, almost made me doubt if I met an Engineer or a Doctor. Her health-consciousness made me see not just a watchful wife but a caring future mother in her. 🙂

Finally, she asked me if I had any questions. But most of her questions answered most of my questions, what else could I ask!? I thought deeply and then came-up with this very important question, “Have you been to Wonder-la in Bangalore?” 🤦🏻‍

Winter Sun was just too soon to set, but I am not done yet. I wanted to speak more and more about everything under the sun. I couldn’t just leave, It felt like abandoning a part of myself in that place. What if I don’t get to see her again! I was watching her till the last second, as far as my eyes can see, till the road took a turn. 👀

To be Continued…Post Meet Trauma (The Arranged Love — Part 2)


Post Meet Trauma (The Arranged Love — Part 2)


The Arranged Love (Overture)

Originally published at on February 14, 2018.