If not now, when? If not us, who?

We are growing a green and responsible peer-to-peer Internet that is available everywhere and owned by everyone — across geographical and cultural borders, empowering people to be digitally independent and providing equal chances to learn, partake and succeed.

At ThreeFold, we are driven by three main values:

Equality is the foundation for a fair world where everyone is given the opportunity to be empowered and to achieve their full potential.

Freedom of thought, opinion, creativity and faith are fundamentals to achieve peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential.

Sustainability ensures the future of…

The ThreeFold Grid’s capacity is made available by farmers — entrepreneurs who provide capacity by connecting hardware to the ThreeFold Grid. They build a more sustainable Internet for generations to come. The ThreeFold Network is changing the Internet for the highest good of all, and you can play a big role in this by becoming a farmer.

Here’s how things play out on the ThreeFold Network:

It all starts with the ThreeFold Farmer.

  1. Farmers rent capacity to the ThreeFold Grid and get TFTs in return.
  2. Farmers exchange their TFTs for other crypto or fiat currencies. …

We’d entered Laos through Northern Vietnam a week or maybe ten days prior. Muang Ngoi, the town we arrived in was quiet, to say the least — home to several hundred locals & a “layover” for travelers. Tired from a month of constantly moving, we spent a few days there. In the mornings, we’d cross the narrow suspension bridge from our room to town, chow on some hand-made coconut pancakes and/or noodle soup colored bright red with chili, drink a beer or two, & head back over for some cards, journal-writing, & whatever else. No one spoke much english. …

Last June, my girlfriend & I took part in a week-long silent meditation retreat in Koh Samui, Thailand. It was simple. We slept in wooden cots with wooden pillows, situated in large open rooms. Two large geckos lived in mine. We woke up before the sun. We had two meals by noon each day, & then around sunset some tea & a banana or two. We did sitting meditation. We did walking meditation. We listened to Ben, the nun who led the week. We kept silent, apart from some afternoon chanting. We took cold showers. We hand-washed our clothes. …

Some number of years ago, the man awoke — not just from the night’s sleep, but from a deep, deep slumber that had lasted more than thirty years.

Some number of years ago, the man awoke — as he had done the morning before, and all the mornings before that. This morning was unlike the other mornings, though. Not just because he was heartbroken. This morning would be his last morning. The man was going to die.

That morning, the man called his friend. And he laid out his wishes, should something happen. And he went about his day.


It’s 6:22am. I’m sitting in San Francisco International Airport. I landed here seven & a half hours ago from New York, & I leave in five & a half hours for Shanghai. & then a short flight to Phnom Penh. & then a bus to Siem Reap. All in all, two & a half days of travel. A lot of sitting. A lot of waiting. But no big deal, when you have a one-way ticket.

A few months back, on my first visit to southeast asia, I came into the trip knowing when I’d be leaving. Almost immediately, it created…

I just did 30 days of guided meditation & chronicled each of my classes here. This is a series to share lessons learned. (First learnings.) (Getting There, Slowly.)

30 days. 18 classes. 9 hours & 15 minutes of meditation. Lots of silence. Lots of stillness. Occasional chanting. Good stuff.

So, what did I get out of it?

Meditation is a lengthy journey. Every now & then (not even every class), you have an “aha” moment. But enlightenment is a long way away.

Thoughts are normal. Let them pass.

Share with your teachers. They’ll often (if they’re good) ask questions at…

As a teacher of mine put it the other week, think of your mind as the peak of a mountain, that reaches into the clear, blue sky. & your thoughts & emotions are clouds, that are just passing by.

A flexible mind is one that is open to thoughts & emotions, without reacting to them or acting on them — at least not without giving them some space, first.

A flexible mind is as open as the sky. & let’s the clouds pass by without interference.

I think it’s fair to associate the mind with the brain, & to then…

Inhale. Exhale. Repeat, forever.

This is a little heady, but…

A remarkable companionship exists between us & our breath. From the moment (more or less) that we come into this world until the moment we leave it, the breath is with us. It’s our first friend, & our last.

There is truth in the breath.

& everything else is just a story — a perception of reality. What you think. The way you feel. What you think others feel. It’s all made up, really. The only real — the only truth — is now. & the breath is now. The breath is constant. It provides comfort. & it’s the only guarantee, really.

When I left Vayner four months ago, I had a vision for how things would go. I’d decompress, travel for a few months, come home to New York, & pick my life back up. I’d find the next career opportunity. Work hard. Play basketball in the mornings. Brunch on the weekends. It would be perfect.

Three weeks ago, that plan began to unfold before my eyes —I was offered a very early position at a super rad young company with a ton of upside. I’d get to help build a product — & a team. I’d have lots of control…

Sam Taggart (@gosam)

Nomadic heart. These are thoughts.

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