Gravity Testnet Report 25.06.2018–11.07.2018

Hi everyone!

Last fortnight was filled with lots of events! Our team worked on desync issues, refined the Wallet and Block Explorer, and created a new design for the Block Explorer. For more information, read the report below.

The Gravity website moved to a new domen, all the old links now redirect users there. The Korean version of the website is also in progress.

The most recent version of our White Paper is on the website now, and everyone can have a look at it here

We are working on a new Roadmap. The old version included everything on one map, but the new one is more detailed and divided into sections: Business, IT, Go-To-Market and so on. You can have a look on it hereon our website.

All of the tutorials on the network are now on github. If you have any suggestions or questions, please let us know at our telegram dev-chat.

Statistics for 10.06.2018–24.06.2018

Number of accounts: 2619 (99 new)

Number of signed blocks: 3 827 600 (1,369,338 new)

Number of transactions: 784 881 (103,165 new)

Number of active witnesses: 13

Number of reserve witnesses: 45

Number of active committee members: 11

Number of reserve committee members: 29

Network Activity Index

Network Activity Index is calculated in the testnet once per week and its amount affects the size and availability of emission. Emission is released only if the Activity Index in the last week was greater than in any other previous week. This emission is distributed amongst all the accounts in the network according to their Gravity Index.

In the fifth week of testing, Network Activity Index was 67689, and as a result, 0 ZGV was created.

In the sixth week of testing, Network Activity Index was 26425, and as a result, 0 ZGV was created.

For the past two weeks, Network Activity Index was lower than it was on the first week (161469), and as a result, there was no emission in the blockchain those weeks.

Technical Updates

As described in the last Testnet Report, there were issues with nodes staying in sync while trying to calculate Activity Indexes and Emission. Over the past three or four weeks the development team has been working on performing those calculations asynchronously in order to keep the block interval down to one second. This update has passed our local tests and the updated nodes will be introduced into the testnet soon.

Another event that we wanted to share is that the testnet had a breakdown. The likely culprit was the Emission calculation event. This caused some nodes to become out of sync and go offline. Any nodes that were out of sync were voted out of active witness positions.

Tests still need to be performed on the Activity Index calculation (which happens daily) and the Emission event (which happens weekly). Making sure that the calculations function correctly on the testnet is an important step towards launching the main net. After these things have been tested, testnet participants can update their nodes and become active witnesses once again.

Node Update

This week an update of the nodes was released. Now the Activity Index and Emission are calculated asynchronously in three stages:

  1. Collecting the source data for calculations, waiting the fixed delay to make it irreversible (currently 1000 blocks)
  2. Starting the asynchronous calculations, waiting the fixed delay to complete the calculations for sure (currently 2000 blocks)
  3. Applying the calculation results

Now all the witness nodes are updated and function normally. Next Monday we plan to test the Emission, and after that we’ll add to the testnet everyone who wants to become a witness.


The Block Explorer

A brand new, completely redone version of the Block Explorer appeared this week. We fixed the Explorer’s mobile version display bugs and will continue working on it.

The Wallet

During past two weeks our team has been working on Stealth Transactions. It should be finished shortly.

A new memo-message function was added to the Wallet. You can now add a message to the token transaction.

Also, some small bugs in mobile version and design layout were fixed.

Future Plans

We plan to redraft the current version of the Wallet and refresh its design as well as refine the UI.

Media Publications About The Gravity Protocol

区块链研发公司 Gravity Solutions 致力为中小企开拓数十亿美元市场机遇

区块链研发公司 Gravity Solutions 致力为中小企开拓数十亿美元市场机遇

区块链研发公司 Gravity Solutions 致力为中小企开拓数十亿美元市场机遇

区块链研发公司 Gravity Solutions 致力为中小企开拓数十亿美元市场机遇

区块链研发公司 Gravity Solutions 致力为中小企开拓数十亿美元市场机遇

区块链研发公司 Gravity Solutions 致力为中小企开拓数十亿美元市场机遇

区块链研发公司 Gravity Solutions 致力为中小企开拓数十亿美元市场机遇

区块链研发公司 Gravity Solutions 致力为中小企开拓数十亿美元市场机遇