A glimpse into the longest rail journey in the world.

Instead of waiting at the airport — we hit Moscow for five hours on the way to Siberia.

My journey through the country that fights with its Kurdish minority, Gulenist coup-plotters and Daesh lunatics.

Enter Kurdistan

A deathmatch between two ancient wine-drinking civilizations that struggle with their neighbours and legacies of ancient conflicts.

1. History & historical sights

Nagorno-Karabakh Republic is not recognized by any UN member-states, it is in the permanent state of war and is only accessible through Armenian mountains.

Just befor the border with NKR / Azerbaijan. Nagorno means mountainous, not without reason.

In ancient Greek mythology, the Caucasus was one of the pillars supporting the world. When you see the mountains, you can see why.

The Caucasus mountains. The end of the world according to some, the pillars of the world according to the others.

Ancient monestaries, post-apocalyptic scenery, weird infrastructure

The town that makes Nutella possible, Turkish Romeo & Juliet, and some eye-candies.

Taking a highway to the post-coup Turkey

The guy called Dionisis cannot be sad.

The station called Wonderland.

Wealthy, Liberal, White

Marko Gregović

Professional anti-cynicism * Making good visible @ www.brodoto.com *

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