GSCP Joins ETC Labs Incubator Pilot, Pitches at Launch Event

Pictured Left to Right: Achyut Shrestha, GSCP Director of Blockchain Development, James Woo, Chairman & Founder DFG Group, Darcy Reno, ETC DevTeam Program Manager

The Genesis Supply Chain Platform Team is elated to announce that we have been chosen to participate in the ETC Labs Incubator Pilot program. GSCP was one of six startups out of over one hundred and twenty to apply to the program which provides office space, advice, support, investment and access to the rich Ethereum Classic development and entrepreneurial community. Projects were chosen based largely on “technical capabilities of the team and their ability to build on the ETC blockchain” according to ETC Labs Director of Operations and Programs, Elizabeth Kukka. Classic is a platform that has seen growth and investment recently and the formation of ETC Labs is a sign of the strength of the platform and its growth potential as a platform. Classic affords GSCP and its users all of the benefits of the Ethereum ecosystem with the added measure of enhanced immutability inherent with Classic.

GSC Platform

GSCP is an officially registered company in France and has team members that represent twelve different nationalities. The GSCP Founder/CEO has nearly ten years of experience as a professional purchaser in the aviation industry and he has witnessed firsthand the inefficiencies that purchasers deal with and how it affects business processes. The team is currently working toward a first-stage MVP for our ERP 3.0 product which is designed specifically with purchasers in mind and to fight against fraud in the spare market such as counterfeited parts in aviation which causes huge loss for companies and could cost human lives. GSCP will be an early token on the Classic platform and the first supply-chain on blockchain platform dedicated to purchasers and serving the aviation, shipping, rail, and similar markets.

Launch Event

Packed House at the ETC Labs Launch Event

Achyut Shrestha, the GSCP Blockchain Development Director, had the opportunity to present at the ETC Labs launch event this past Thursday. See his pitch here. He was also able to connect with other Classic developers and rub shoulders with some investors in the space. Achyut is already making use of the office space available to projects in the incubator. The ETC Labs space is located in San Francisco, one of the most vibrant and thriving hubs of technological innovation. Here, Achyut will collaborate closely with other ETC Classic developers and projects while also working with the other GSCP team members across the globe.

Achyut at ETC Labs in San Francisco

“We are so happy and grateful to be a part of the Ethereum Classic community and are excited to build a platform that will save companies so much time and effort currently burdening purchasers across the globe and improve trust around the origin of goods in industries. Now we have a strong technical partner to build our product faster and the best way possible to serve our users interest better.” -Maxime Legros, Founder/CEO GSC Platform SAS

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