What is the GSTAR Ecosystem all about?

Coming from the financial sector and seeing first hand, its digital transformation over the last decade, has broadened my perspective of trading. In this current era that we are in, simply being able to code out your trading idea to an automated system is not enough.

The fact of the matter is, how many traders actually know how to code? That’s where the GSTAR Ecosystem aims to plug the gap.

Firstly, for manual traders who don’t know how to code, we have Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities so that with an idea, you can type in plain English, and an automated trading system will be born. In our Ecosystem, we call this a Star. Of course, you can do back testing on the idea and further optimize it before setting it to run on real money. We have in-built AI capabilities to recommend tweaks or suggest improvements to your strategy as well.

Secondly, we will also help the retail traders who feel that they don’t know enough to create a proper trading strategy. As we expect the bulk of our users to fall in this category, there will be a wide range of support for you. As a user, you’ll be able to lease the trading systems (we call them Stars), of top performing traders, and benefit from their expertise. If you find it worth, you can even buy over their Stars, and evolve them.

In short, our GSTAR Ecosystem is pretty much suitable for anyone interested in trading, especially for those keen on the cryptocurrency space. We’re planning an Initial Token Sale to further develop our Ecosystem. The GSTAR tokens created will form the core of the Ecosystem, where all transactions made will be via this. Ultimately, our Ecosystem will connect to your selected exchange and trades will be carried out automatically. This also means that your funds are not in our control, and its safe.

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